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Customisation on Budgets

by cheeseworld101


Special thanks to The Neopets Closet (~Echoh)

One of the newest trends to hit Neopia is the idea of customisation, when one can buy wearables to accessorize his or her Neopet. Wearables consist of clothing, backgrounds, and miscellaneous accessories. There are two different ways to buy wearables: with Neopoints or with Neocash. The NC Mall holds all the wearables that can be bought with Neocash or Neocash cards. Wearables come at all prices; it solely depends on the item. Many Neopians enjoy customising their Neopets, as customising a pet can add to the pet’s personality or emphasis his or her species or colour. However, customisation can be quite costly. This article will explain different ways to save Neopoints buying wearables for your Neopet, so your Neopet can look great without making a dent in your bank account.

One of the cheapest groups of wearables that exists in Neopia is simply the more basic types of wearables. These items are generally simpler in their appearance, which is why they tend to be very cheap. If you want to customise your Neopet, but prefer to spend a very small amount of Neopoints, these items are for you. This group consists of items such as the Pile of Dung, the Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack, and the Starry Backgrounds (currently in Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green). These wearables were some of the first released when customisation started on April 26, 2007.

Another cheap group of wearables is a group that I call the Key Quest Wearables. As many Neopians know well, Key Quest is a board game in which one collects a certain number of keys, and at the end items and Neopoints are received as prizes. Key Quest tends to give out wearables as prizes extremely often, especially with silver key prizes. Because there is now a large number of these wearables in existence, they are inexpensive but nice. Some items in this group are the Veiled Autumn Hat, the Ghostkerscarf, the Raining Doughnuts Background, the Bone Vault Background, the Neohome background, the Moon and Stars background, and the Cloudy Sky background. Key Quest continues to give out these items regularly.

Yet another group of wearables that come at cheap prices are those that are awarded through special plots. Some recent plots and special events, such as the second Daily Dare and the third Altador Cup, have given out various wearables as prizes. Although inflation is causing the prices of these items to go up, many of them are still at a decent price. Some items given out by these events include the Stylish Volcano Run II Shoes, the Yooyu Mittens, the I Lost to Roothless Sign, the Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey, and the Vintage Haunted Woods Altador Cup Jersey.

One other group of inexpensive wearables is made up of wearables given out by the Advent Calendar. In December every year, various prizes are given out each day in honor of the holiday season. Last December (year 9), many wearables were given out this way. Like the Key Quest wearables, there is a large number of these wearables in circulation, so the price, although it is slowly inflating, is cheaper. Many of these items, although not all, fit a wintry theme, but they are witty and affordable. Some of the items in this group are the Snowager Cap, the Quilt Cape, the Directors Slate, the Fiery Marshmallow Hat, the Pant Devil Pants, the Tacky Lighted Holiday Shoes, the Branched Antlers, the Winter Shenkuu River Rush Board, the Seasonal Designer Purse, and the Holiday Home Background, to name a few. Make sure to buy these before the price inflates too much!

Now that I have listed some groups of especially inexpensive wearables, I will present a sample customisation of a Neopet and the overall expense to show you how easy it can be to customise your Neopet nicely without spending too many Neopoints. Our sample Neopet will be a Pink Uni.

1.) The first step when customising any Neopet is to choose a background. I want to emphasize this Uni’s colour, so a background that has a similar texture or colour would be good. So I choose a Faerie Painted Background, which consists of a light pinky purple mist. [1,200 Neopoints]

2.) Next I want to think about a suitable hat. The best wearable would be a Pretty Pink Flower Hat, as this both emphasizes the Uni’s colour and conveys a cheerful, sweet personality. [2,200 Neopoints]

3.) Now I am looking for something for this Uni’s neck. I want this wearable to match the background and hat, and so I choose an Usukicon Y9 Attendee Badge. [2,800 Neopoints]

4.) Lastly, I want to find something that the Uni can hold or have as an accessory. I still want to stay true to a girly, happy theme. I decide on a Flower Purse, which has a simple pink flower pattern. [4,000 Neopoints]

All together the Pink Uni’s personality is conveyed through her wearables, and the overall look is beautiful. The total cost comes to only 10,200 Neopoints for a full look! One can easily make 10,000+ Neopoints in one day; one day of playing games can buy you a complete matching outfit to customize your Neopet.

Using your creativity (and the Shop Wizard as well), you can find ways to personalize your pet without spending a ridiculous amount of Neopoints. Although many beautiful wearables come at very expensive prices, it is still possible to find a large amount of clothing without emptying your bank account. Also, chances are that after time more expensive wearables will deflate due to a larger amount of the item in circulation, so these items will eventually be more affordable for more Neopians.

Customisation is a great way to not only make a pet look beautiful, but to make your pet stand out. Customisation is a popular trend in Neopia, so take advantage of it! But don’t think that you have to spend hundreds of thousands of Neopoints to get that shiny gold customisation trophy, or that look you really want for your Neopet. There are so many items that are within your budget that can look as great as more expensive wearables!

Go ahead: search these wearables on the Shop Wizard. You won’t believe the prices until you see them.

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