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A Good Home

by shadow_sabre_


“Mom, it hurts,” said a small blue Kyrii, sniffling as Booville dabbed at a cut on her knee. A bicycle was lying on the ground next to them, and the Kyrii rubbed her eye.

      “You can’t go a single day without getting some sort of scrape, huh Naellie?” asked her owner lightly, smiling slightly at her pet’s antics.

      The Kyrii sniffled a little more, as if to emphasize the existence of the ‘horrible wound’. Booville finished dabbing and helped her stand up. Naellie had been learning how to ride her bike, and had wrecked. Booville was grateful it wasn’t too serious, and now her pet was skipping around as if nothing had happened at all, the only evidence of the experience being a small bandage on her knee.

      “Go put your bike away,” said Booville, randomly deciding to treat her pet. “Lets go get something to eat. I promise it won’t be at the soup kitchen either.”


      The Kyrii quickly put her bike next to the house, and rushed back to grab Booville’s hand. The girl smiled, and they headed towards Neopia Central together.


      “Leave me to die,” said Norion, twitching his tail as he watched his owner filling out the forms in front of Dr. Death. A small bag of neopoints sat on the counter, and it twisted his gut every time he looked at it.

      “I told you, Norion,” said the girl, running a hand through her hair. “I’m leaving for a while, and I don’t want you to suffer while I’m away.”

      “So you’re leaving me with him?” the starry Eyrie asked, glancing towards the Techo. “You could’ve left me at the Neolodge!”

      “I don’t have the neopoints to leave you there for a long amount of time,” the girl said, writing her signature at the bottom of the forms, “and I’m going to be gone for a long time.”

      Norion looked down at the ground, blinking away tears as his owner walked away. “But why?” he asked quietly, enough that only he heard.

      “Don’t worry, sweetie. Even if I’m not your owner, we’ll see each other again.”

      He swallowed hard, taking little comfort as he looked over to Dr. Death, who was waiting for him to follow. Then he stood up and quickly walked over to him in hopes that he’d get out of this place all that faster. His ‘ex’-owner’s words only broke his heart even more, making him wonder if he could ever find an owner to match up to her.

      The neopets in the random cages gave him looks of dislike as he walked by them. A lot of them were really thin, and looked as if they’d been there for weeks, and the addition of a painted pet must’ve filled them with a mixture of ambivalent emotions. Norion sighed, and wished that there were a way to make him plain as long as he were in there.

      Dr. Death led him deep into the pound, probably in an effort to five those pets a better chance of being adopted. The pound was much bigger than it looked on the outside, and despite its ugliness, Norion was still awed. The building was so small looking until you stepped in.

      “Here’s your cage, Norion,” said Dr. Death, opening the door for him. Norion slowly walked inside, and sat down as he locked the cage. Some disgusting food sat on the floor, but at least he had a window.

      The starry Eyrie lay down, and rested his head on his forepaws. Now he had to wait.


      “Hey, Naellie?” asked Booville, as they sat at a table in Pizzaroo. “Can I ask you something? I wanted to talk to you about it before it was too late.”

      The blue Kyrii, who was stuffing her face with a slice of whole cheese pizza, gave out a little mumble, too busy eating to give a real reply.

      “I was thinking about getting you a brother or a sister,” Booville said. “What do you think?”

      Naellie gazed at her owner, too shocked to do anything, and with cheese covering her mouth. She cut a very comical figure, and Booville had to fight very hard to keep herself from laughing.


      “You heard me,” said Booville, finally conquering the onset of the giggles. “I want to get you a sibling. Plus, it’s not like I’ll love you any less. I’ll love you just as much as I do now.”

      Naellie thought about it for a moment. She wasn’t the greedy type pet, and didn’t mind sharing her things. In fact, her teachers at school always complimented her about her non-greediness. So the Kyrii wasn’t too aghast at the idea of another pet in their home. In fact, she sort of welcomed the idea.


      “Can you get a girl?” she asked.

      Booville laughed. “We’ll see.”


      Norion stretched and rolled on his back, spreading out his wings as far as they could go. It’d been a few hours since he’d been put in here, and his hopes of being adopted that day were being diminished. He’d thought that despite where he’d been put in the pound, that some random owner would walk up and adopt him. Now his muscles were sore from sitting still too long, and as he stretched, he could feel the muscles relaxing, if painfully.

      He was alone. He didn’t count the invisible pet next to him, since the only things it did to prove its existence were to sigh every once in a while, or to drink from its bowl. Norion was busy trying to figure out what type of neopet it was, since he couldn’t see the tag on the outside of the cage.

      A boy came and walked down the hall, and Norion perked up. He was about to be adopted. What luck! He walked over to the door of his cage, and tried to look down the hallway, to see what the boy looked like.

      Only, the boy stopped at the cage to his right, and found the invisible pet. It was quickly adopted, and taken away. Norion’s spirits drooped. He then went into the furthest corner of his cage, and lay down again. Maybe somebody would see him soon.

      What seemed like hours passed by, and eventually his eyelids began to grow as low as a droopy maple bush. Moments later he was snoring.

      A girl walked down the hall, followed by a blue Kyrii, but Norion didn’t even notice. He was wrapped up in dreams of lemon sherbert candy canes and bubble gum. He smiled and licked his beak in his sleep.

      “Naellie, look!” said the girl, pressing her face against his cage. “A starry Eyrie!”

      “But it’s a boy,” said the Kyrii, still insisting that she get a sister.

      “And look! He has a good name! Let’s get him.”

      Norion woke up at the sound of voices, and blinked, beginning to fuzzily see the forms of the girl and her pet. He jumped up quickly, and settled down, not wishing to find out that this was an illusion.

      “Hello, Norion!” said the girl. “I’m Booville, and this is Naellie. Would you like to come home with us?”

      “Would I?” Norion said, excitement making his voice rise. This wasn’t an illusion at all. “Of course!”

      “Great!” said the girl. It seemed to him that in no time at all, the pink Uni showed up, and Norion was walking down the hall with his new owner. Naellie kept on poking and prodding him, and was busy counting the stars on his wings. Norion laughed. He’d fallen into a good home.

The End

A Good Home was originally part of a series, but I figured that this was good as a stand alone. I hope you enjoyed it!

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