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Why We Love the Neopian Times

by ummagine3284


The Neopian Times has been bringing joy to the hearts of millions for many issues now, 300 issues to be exact. Obviously, we love the Neopian Times a lot since it proudly reached its 300th issue, but why exactly do we love the Neopian Times? What makes us want to read it so much that our excitement causes many of us to check the news page frequently when Friday comes around?

So, after my tireless research of the Neopian Times and in celebration of its 300th issue, I’d like to point out the wonderful features that kept us writing, reading, drawing, and enjoying the Neopian Times for 300 great issues and thank those who made it possible.

Here are the reasons:


When we needed help with a game, articles were there. When we needed help choosing our pets’ future color or writing for the NT, articles were there. When we needed to know what the Meepits were up to, articles were there for us. Except the fact that reading about Meepits’ plans for world domination is rather useless, since Meepits are the most peaceful, friendly petpets on Neopia and we all know that, right? Anyways, I better get back on topic before I start taking about socks or something.

No matter what we wanted to learn, the article section has been proven helpful. They have always provided us endless entertainment and laughter, and who doesn’t like that? Most importantly, articles tell us NEWS! Without the article section, we would be limited to the New Features page to tell us what exactly is going on.


The editorial has always been a place where we could get those questions that never seem to leave you alone answered, from those serious to just plain strange. It’s great to have someone from TNT answer even our most insane questions and give us some extra, important information on the latest events that are going on.

Short Stories:

Short stories have been a great way to show others your talent in writing and to express your creativity to others! In addition to entertainment, they have brought about great morals that can improve someone’s personality for the better. The range of emotions in short stories vary in a good way, some short stories can be very touching, and others may cause you to fall over laughing (if you do fall over, make sure you fall on something soft. The Neopian Times is not responsible for laugher-related injuries).


Comics are one of the most read sections of the Neopian Times. They are a definite source of laughter, enough to cheer even the greyest of grey Neopets up. Because of comics, we know many successful (and unsuccessful) methods on how to steal from the Snowager. We have learned the downside to certain random events and have learned things about the lives of Neopian characters that they didn’t want us to know...

Thanks to the wonderful comic artists and creative minds to bring us endless panels of fun, bizarreness, and Meepits.

New and Continuing Series:

A series is like a short story, but longer! Longer doesn’t mean necessarily better, but series give us something to look forward to during each week. So no matter how bad your day may become, you’ll know that there will always be the next part of the story you’ll reading waiting for you in the next issue, which is a nice thing to know.

Endless Possibilities:

In the NT, possibilities are endless! You could have pirates vs. ninjas or deranged villains with unusual superpowers. You could make plot characters meet other plot characters, or create your own character! Who said you can’t make snorkles fly or make toast talk? Will your story take place on an existing place, or an entirely new one? Who could you interview? How will your characters act? What would [insert name for character afraid of socks here] do if they came across [insert character name for a sock collector here]? Only you can decide! If you let your imagination blossom, the NT can take you as far as the space station on an adventure, or maybe even further than that! From encounters with Dr. Sloth to that fanatical Altador Cup Techo, the NT has it all. Isn’t it wonderful that NT writers and comic artists are so creative?


Writing and comics aside, the most beautiful feature of the NT is the art! Thanks to the artists who take their time to draw us amazing images! Without images, the NT would look dull and would appear to be completely swamped in black-and-white text. But with images for every comic or story, the NT is brought to life gorgeously with colors and art! Users who draw their art for their story or comic also bring beauty into the NT. The layout of the Neopian Times itself is also a form of art. It’s very organized and welcoming, as well as easy to navigate through.

And lastly, we love the Neopian Times because...

There is only one Neopian Times!

It’s true. There’s only one NT, not two, not three. What other newspaper in Neopia do you know of that has articles, an editorial, short stories, comics, series, and a quote of the week all for Neopians? In fact, nothing in Neopia is, or ever will be, quite like how awesome the Neopian Times is today. Within the previous 299 issues, there has been hundreds—no, thousands—of works created by the Neopian community, for the Neopian community. Millions have read, millions have laughed, and millions have smiled at the hard work of others. The Neopian Times allows us to express who we are, our talents, and our interest in Neopets through writing like no other newspaper around. Because of the NT, we can inspire others to make their own creativity shine!

We love the Neopian Times because of all these things and much more. We love it because of the quality and effort put into it for the satisfaction of Neopians everywhere each and every week is amazing. Thanks to those who dedicated their time to putting the NT together for Neopia! And finally, thanks to the people of the Neopian community who contributed to the NT and helped make the Neopian Times astonishing!

Because we love the NT for these reasons, the Neopian Times has had a great 300 issues, and will have many, many more excellent issues in the future!

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