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Re-Designing a Room

by ahseenam


NEOPIA CENTRAL – The time comes when every owner feels at ease, relaxed, and at peace with the world. It seems that nothing could disturb this moment, perhaps reading a book in a Zen neogarden or floating in an unsuspecting neighbor’s pool. However, owners that have been with neopets can tell you this: your pets know exactly how to mess up this perfect moment. They know exactly how to request a new room in a way that will make your conscience ache for weeks. Your immediate reaction will be, of course, no, but is that really what you want to say? You will, for a long time after, every time you look at your pet's room wonder, is it true? Have they really grown out of this? Do they need a room makeover? If you have to think this, the answer is yes.

Even though you know you have to redo your pet’s room, the question is, how? I’m here to help with that.



This is your pet’s room, so hear what they have to say. Ask some questions about what they don’t like, and how they would like to have their rooms. Find out if they would like a themed room, like Zen, a colored room, like pink, or just any room with furniture they like. Also, see if they have already looked through and had some furniture pieces in mind. If they have, it could make the change hard, because what s/he wanted might not be in your price range. In addition, you should establish a budget at this time for how much you are willing to spend on the new room. Make sure to clarify to your pet about selling the current furniture and if that money is to go to you or your pet. Note: If you have two pets sharing a room, make sure that their opinions are the same or that they can agree on how the room should look.


If you have the basics down with your pet, it’s time to do some looking around. At this stage, you should not be ready to buy anything just yet. You want to go to the notice boards and go to a super-mall’s furniture store. Browse through some things and keep a list of things that both you AND your pet like. Don’t buy anything, just look, because malls are usually way overpriced. Some items you should look at are beds, dressers, tables, chairs, rugs, windows, and maybe some posters. Note: If you have two pets sharing a room, make sure that their opinions are the same or that they can agree on what furniture the room should have.


When you arrive back home, look at your pet’s living space again with them. See what would look nice where, and decide on your final shopping list. Note: It is a good idea to have two beds for two pets in one room. Make sure everyone is in agreement with what you have planned. For some inspiration, look through the neohome spotlights. This is also the time for over 13 users to give their room an interesting name. Plan it out with your pets. This is the only thing that is 100% under your pets' control.


If there was never furniture in your pet’s room, you can skip this stage. However, now is the time to ship the things out of the old room and make way for the new! Not everything has to go, though. If your pet wants to change the former office into a jungle, the green swivel chair can stay. Don’t sell anything yet. You don’t know if that particular piece of furniture will fit in to the room scheme.


Now is the time to break open that bank account and get some serious buying done! With the list of furniture at hand, run it through the shop wizard a few times. Remember, the cheapest price you see first will not always be the cheapest price! Make sure you know that you really are buying the cheapest thing. Never assume that just because one item was cheapest, that all of them will be. Shopkeepers do this, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. The shop wizard is your one and only friend right now. He is the only one you should trust with prices.

Remember, you don’t have to be just furniture shopping right now. Get a smoothie or an usuki play set for your pet. Make sure they remember this as a good experience, not a bad one. It helps the pet physiologically. I asked the pharmacy manager.


This is the most fun of all the stages, except for maybe the shopping. Load some of the furniture into the room. Notice I said some. If there is too much, it will be hard to move and see some different furniture pieces. In addition, no one will be sure if the bed looks better here or there, because there is clutter in the room. Even if you have your finished product and everyone thinks it looks nice that way, insist you try to rotate something or move a chair to a different place. You might like it better, and even if you don’t, you can always change it back, right?


This isn’t another major project, just a simple step. Look through the windows of your pet’s room. What do they see when they are up close? Far away? In their beds? Go fishing or visit a shop to get some easy kelp, or get some prettier and more expensive plants. Or you could simply rearrange the neogarden below them. There isn’t a neogarden? Well, what do they see? Could it be spiced up or prettied up a bit? If so, do it for your pet’s sake.


No, you aren’t done yet. When your pets are away, look through the attic or the rest of your home. Find some things that might look better in the new and improved room. Make sure you get some beanbag chairs. I find that bean bag chairs are a must in every non-formal room, and one will help your pets get settled into this new world of their new room.


Yes, you’re almost done. Now, there must be that special something that your pet has been coveting for months, maybe even years. Now might just be the time to give it to them, to bring in good memories with the new room. If it is a paint brush out of your price range, but a plushie of it. If whatever they want is unavailable, buy a toy or a little gadget. Keep your pet happy!


Now that your pet’s room is done, go back to that garden or pool, and float with a better conscience. If you have included your pet enough in this process, they should be satisfied and happy with their room, as you should be. Above all, your happiness should come mostly from the happiness that the pets you love feel. Happy redecorating!

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading, and I hope this guide is useful!

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