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Tea Time!

by 8311050



Er... sorry. Let me rephrase that.

I am pleased to share with you my delight in finding an abundance of tea and other tea items appearing in Neopia! (whooo!) And my hope someday that tea will rule the world... or at least rule out coffee, might actually come true! This article will help you learn where to buy tea/tea items and include some of my unique favorites!

First, a buying guide:

Since the finding of Shenkuu, thanks to the crew of the Cyodrake's Gaze (yay!), the discovery of tea as a medical use has widely spread. Although the tea from Remarkable Restoratives is of fine quality, some of their teas have a rather bland taste. The best place to buy tea is from Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe, yes, Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe. It is conveniently located in the Deep Catacombs a.k.a. the Art and Literature Centre. Despite the name –cough- -cough-, excellent tea is sold there. Ahhh ... nothing is quite as good as a hot cup of tea by the fire. Also, the best place to get tea related items is none other than the... Food Shop! You might be surprised at what you find there!

Many other shops also carry tea, although not quite the traditional way. There are tea foods, of course, but that is no substitute for the real thing, but I guess if you really wanted to...

Anyway, now here is some pwnful tea stuff:

 Islandberry Tea

Besides being pretty, this tea is a twist on juice and tea, making its flavor sweet and irresistible. The berry juice is squeezed out and mixed with tea leaves. After brewing them together, the remaining liquid is drained of tea leaves, poured into a glass cup, and the pink juice is separated from the purple juice with a layer of fluffy whipped cream in between them. Finally, the drink is delivered to the Tropical Food Shop. This drink would surely cheer you up on a bleak day. Would you like some Grilled Islandberry Slices to go with that? Wait!... I don’t think they would go together that well...

 Mystical Tea Caddy

I like my tea mystical. Do you? Even the description agrees: There is nothing quite so refreshing as a fresh pot o tea! Mystical Tea has a very cool, revitalizing taste that tingles the taste buds and makes you feel as if you have just woken up. This tea, as it is already packaged and ready to go, would be perfect to give to a relative or perhaps a cousin, or sister or brother or mother or father... yeah, you get the point.

 Steaming Green Tea

Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it... steaming? Yup! This piping hot tea gives off a warm steam that is perfect for those boring stay-at-home days. And, yes, I know it was in my other article, but I couldn’t resist describing it again! It is also said that this restorative tea can help cheer the spirits! So, if you see any of your friends or relatives looking sad, there’s nothing that can cheer them up like Steaming Green Tea! If it’s too hot, you can always leave it on your kitchen table to cool, but make sure no one steals the yummy tea!

 Jelly Green Tea

People must be crazy to drink jelly tea! That’s probably what you’re thinking right now, but let me assure you, this tea is just as delicious (and maybe even more tasty) than all the other teas in this article. This is one of the only teas you can bring out on a hot summer day that will cool you down. Bursting full of green tea flavor and the special jelly flavor that comes from a non-existent place called Jelly Wor–cough- , this tea is handy to bring along on picnics, seeing that you can also eat the cup! (Note: Do not bring this tea along during formal parties, meetings, and other places you want to impress people and show your good manners! This tea requires quite a lot of slurping!)

 Teraberry Tea

What’s mouth-watering, purple, blue, and glows in the dark? Teraberry Tea of course! Closely related to the Islandberry, the Teraberry is juicy and has a tangy taste, rather like an unripe tangerine. At first, it may taste rather bitter, but soon, all you will taste is the sweet, succulent flavor of the berries. When you look into the pools of blue and purple, you might think that it’s some kind of space food, but it actually is also from Mystery Island! The colors even swirl when you drink it - just make sure you don’t get dizzy!

These lovely examples of some of the exotic teas you will find in Neopia are affordable yet of excellent quality.

Now, I will show you some tea inspired foods for those people who are either afraid of liquids (yes, it’s not logical, but oh well) or people who simply are too addicted to coffee:

 Green Tea Shaved Ice

This is another must-have dessert/snack for the summer coming up! This shaved ice is infused with rich green tea (artificial) flavor! Although it melts fast, it is so yummy that you’ll probably gobble it up before it begins to drip. At the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, they blend the ice into little bits and swish it around with the green tea flavor until the ice nearly turns green. Then, they scoop up an enormous dollop of the treat and squish it all into a pink plastic cup. Then, a spoon is stuck into the dessert and sold to consumers like you and me. Usually, it's bought so fast that there is not enough time to make more, but be patient because you might find one soon!


Another summer goodie is the Teasicle! The bottom half is pure frozen tea – even the tea leaves are still inside! The top half is tea ice cream, which tastes creamy and exotic. The pure tea part is usually preferred over the ice cream, but if truth be told, it is quite hard to choose! Few have tasted this delicacy because of the price, but I urge you to buy one before the demand for them skyrockets! The look is already tempting enough, but the taste is mouth-watering from the buttery ice cream to the stimulating popsicle its self. Even the stick is of high-quality wood! The Teasicle is a must for all summer parties!

Thank you for reading my article and we can all wish that tea will be more popular! :D Thanks to the numerous random things that inspired me. Who doesn’t like a little bit of exotic in their life?

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