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Bumble Beams - Saving the Petpets

by bob70011


Have you ever wanted to save those poor robot petpets from the Recycle Centre before they get recycled and be used all across Neopia? Well, now is your chance to save them with the new game Bumble Beams.

Basic Information:

The object of the game is to guide the robot petpets into the bins at the bottom of the screen. Once they are there then they will be returned to the RoboPet Shop where they belong. You have to tilt the beams and balance the petpets so they don't fall off and be recycled.


The basic controls of the game is the left and right arrow key. Nothing else.


Make sure you collect the yellow and red stars. Be sure to collect the green and purple petpets. The yellow star is worth 3 points. The red stars are worth 10 points. The stars are very helpful for getting a trophy as it helps you boost your score. The green petpet helps you get one petpet added to your score for the round. For example, if you had 3/15 you would now have 4/15. The purple one gives you three petpets that are added to your score for the round, which can be very helpful for advancing to the next round.


There are four kinds of beams. The normal, green, long, and the exploding. The green one is tricky. You cannot control it really. If you are on the left side of the beam, hold the right arrow key until you can drop it in. If you are on the right side of the beam, hold the left arrow key until you can drop it in a bin. You can use the green beams to your advantage. The exploding beam is pretty self-explanatory. When you go on it, it explodes and sends your petpet flying high into the air. If you are lucky, it will land in a bin or a beam (that is what we want). The long beams are harder to control because it is hard to balance the petpet's weight all over a long beam. You have to be careful with them. If you are not careful, then you can easily lose a petpet.


There are 3 sets of levels: The Sorter, the Grinder, and the Incinerator. In the Sorter, the bins move pretty slow and you are able to put the petpets in the bin. You should have no problem of getting past it. In the Grinder level, the bins move faster and you have to be careful because you might drop the petpets. Also if you miss them, then the petpets are going to be reused in factories across Neopia. Now you wouldn't want that, right? If you do, then you are very evil just like Sloth. The Incinerator level is VERY hard. The petpets start to panic and it is hard to control them. The bins move just as the Grinder level and it is easy to put the petpets in the bin. The first level of the Incinerator is hard because it only has the green beams. It is hard to control them because it goes to the next green and you have to be fast. You have to create a strategy for the first level.


Level 1: 5/10 petpets needed to advance

Level 2: 5/10 petpets needed to advance

Level 3: 8/10 petpets needed to advance

Level 4: 8/15 petpets needed to advance

Level 5: 10/15 petpets needed to advance

Level 6: 12/15 petpets needed to advance


Level 7: 15/20 petpets needed to advance

Level 8: 15/20 petpets needed to advance

Level 9: 18/20 petpets needed to advance

Level 10: 20/25 petpets needed to advance

Level 11: 20/25 petpets needed to advance


Level 12: 22/25 petpets needed to advance


Try to be steady and try to put the petpets in the bin. You have to practice a whole lot so you can get used to the levels. When I played the games a few times I got used to the levels and I knew what I had to do. Remember that if a bin is out of your reach, do not go for it. It could cost you the game. If you want to drop your petpet straight down just press the opposite arrow key just before it drops. Last but not least always try to collect the bonus items so you can maximize your score. Never stop after you have reached your target. Keep on putting petpets in the bins so you can get a high score. So just Practice! Practice! Practice! and you will get a shiny trophy in your lookup.

During the Game:

You have to be relax and focus on the game. I like it when it is very quiet so I can concentrate on the game and nothing else. The whole point of the game is really to be patient and be steady with the beams. If you go too fast on the beams, then you will definitely lose a petpet. So just be slow and you will get a lot of points! It is very important not to panic. Once you panic, you can lose your confidence and lose the game.

To Earn a Trophy and Other Prizes:

By the end of the month you need at least 3000 points just to get a bronze trophy. So what I do is try to get at least 2200-2400 on the 1st day of the month. That is when you are most likely to get a trophy because at the end of the month that best players already got the highest scores which are very hard to reach. You can also win Virtupets Space Station world challenge pieces and then convert them into 2000 neopoints and a prize.

* I can only get up to the first level of the Incinerator. I'm not the best at the game, but I hope these tips help you score more points than me.

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