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If someone, say... buys up a lot of books with a rarity of 99 and then puts them on the Trading Post for really cheap, but never accepts an offer for them and then goes and buys up all the other ones that deflated because of their low price and THEN (after they've bought them all for cheap) raises the price, is this freezable? Seems like it should be to me. ~mandakitty12
We discussed this and agreed this type of deceitful trading is indeed freezable. Collecting items on your own so that the price increases is one thing. Intentionally lying about the price to trick others into thinking market value for an item is lower than it is is another. That's called scamming. That being said, it takes a lot of evidence to show this is someone's intent in trading, so please only report if you are certain the person is up to this particular behaviour.

What do you think is the stupidest question that a person playing Neopets has ever asked you? Please leave my username out. Thanks!
Congratulations! You made it into the Neopian Times!

Okay, okay... all teasing aside, we can't begin to express how many ludicrous questions we've received over the years. We'd LOVE to do a "Best of the Worst" editorial, but we're just too niceā€¦ for now.

If you have, hypothetically, a NON-CONVERTED Darigan Aisha on a side account, will it be converted in the pound or while transferring? I'd like to keep my Aisha how she is now, please! Oh, and nice work on all the new stuff! Some of it is pretty cool! ~8nlangen
Nope! The pound will not modify an "old school" Neopet in any way. Only an owner can convert the Neopet to the Customisation system.

Will you release clothes for Neopets on their pet day only? Because, if you do that, some owners will have to wait a long time before they can get clothes for their Neopets. ~pokefan_absol87
Oh no. :) We will definitely continue to release clothes on Pet days for specific species, but that's not the only time we will. Clothes released on other days tend to be wearable by more than one species, which takes a bit more time to create, that's all. We've got lots of clothes scheduled to be released. :)

First off, I would like to say that I am one of the few who actually likes the new layout. Thanks for that. As for the redraws, I have mixed feelings on this, depending on what species we're talking about. But I digress... this is a question concerning the "Sinister Neovian" line of clothing released on Krawk Day. Will it ever be wearable by any other species, or is it Krawk only? I ask because the other species-only clothing items say so in their name, and these particular items do not. So if it's Krawks only, would you be so kind as to say so either in the item name or description? Please, please, please! :) Oh, and by the way, making an option to return unused items out of your closet and back into your inventory would be much appreciated, too. Thanks. ~catcloud
Hey! You cheated and asked, like, three questions... pfft. We'll let it slide just this once.

We haven't yet made all the modifications across the site to flag wearable clothes, but we're working on it. When we're finished, you will be able to tell a wearable item at a glance wherever you see it in Neopia (aside from site shops). You will be able to see which species can wear the item, what zone the item goes in, what zones the item restricts, and try it on, all BEFORE you buy it. Buying clothes and then finding out your Neopet can't wear them is both annoying and frustrating, we know. We're working on it!

As for the closet, there is already a page that lets you remove items. :) On the inventory page, under the "Jump To:" menu, you'll see the first link is called "Closet." Click on this and you can remove items you've placed inside. Items that were granted via a Paint Brush cannot be removed.

The sinister wearables are Krawk-only at the moment, yes, but that doesn't mean they will be in the future. :)

My hat is an eeeevil hat!

On May 17th, a link was placed in the news pointing to a Moach that was attacking the adventurers in the plot. My question is: if we cannot/do not defeat this challenger in the Battledome, will it become impossible for someone to continue participating in the plot? I know myself I do not train my Neopets for Battledome usage and so far I've really enjoyed the plot and want to continue participating. Thanks for your help. ~x_silence_me_x
No, you do not need to beat any of the challengers to proceed in the plot. We understand various players enjoy different aspects of plots. Some like puzzles, while others enjoy the Battledome or just reading the comics, so we try to add a mixture to attempt to please as many as we can. So don't fret if you can't defeat any or all of the challengers, it may affect your score (depending on how we tally the final points), but will not stop you from completing the plot.

Umm... are closet items susceptible to Random Events that might make things go *POOF*? ~babydollgoddess
As long as they are in your closet, items cannot go *POOF* from Random Events. If you place a wearable item in your inventory, though, they are subject to the same risks as any other item.

I was wondering how come some stamps are worth millions of NP when you can't take them out of your album? ~agateshadow
Hehe. You answered your own question. ;) If players were able to place all the stamps in their album, get an avatar, then send the set off to a friend, the stamps would surely be worth much less, and the glamour of stamp avatars would diminish. :( One could say that a stamp loses it's economic "worth" when it is put into the album since it can never be sold, but the overall value is still there, and can be seen and admired by other Neopians, which is somewhat similar to gallery items that you honestly would never, ever sell, or your amazing Neopets that you would never abandon.

And why shouldn't I be expensive?!?

Hello! I often chat on the trade boards, and post the items I have for sale (already in the Trading Post), along with a price I would like to get for them. A lot of times, I will get offers from other users on the board, but then when I say that I would be willing to accept the amount they offered, they never bid on my trade! I was just wondering - is this a reportable offense, or just extremely rude? (Please remove my username - thanks!)
Hello! Alas, it seems that this falls under the category of extremely and annoyingly rude. Generally speaking, it's only if a transaction is midway through and they suddenly don't hold up their end of the bargain after they've received items or NP, etc. and run off that it's reportable.

The hats from Hat Day are only wearable for a few species. Is this permanent or do we just need to wait for more species to be able wear them? ~confiserie
Overall, some items will eventually be wearable by all species, some will be wearable by subset, and some will be wearable by one. So, just like with paint brushes (where we don't give away what species will be available in what colours in the future), we also won't give away what items will be wearable by which species. You can buy the hat now, in hopes that it will one day be usable on your favourite species, or you can also wait to purchase it until you're sure it's usable. However, the price of the item may have gone up by then. Your gamble could pay off or you could end up reselling the hat and losing NP on the deal. It's part of the game.

I think most of us users want to know what you meant with "Neopian Justice is Served." You mentioned that it would happen 1 week after the customization and it didn't.... ~crowprincess
In truth, we have a plan but it's hit a few snags. We won't spill the beans yet, because we're hoping to still be able to pull it off. Hopefully we can do it, and hopefully we can do it soon. :)

Whenever I put an item in my shop and click on the link that takes you to your shop, it's the wrong place! Can you change this so that it actually takes you to your shop? It's really getting annoying! ~luvkitties135
Whoops! Sorry about that. We've alerted our programmers to this issue and will try to get that fixed!

Hi TNT, I just finished the Altador plot but I haven't received the sidebar or the trophy that I was supposed to get. I did, however, get the Finneus avatar... is this a glitch? If so, could you fix it? I'd absolutely love to have the shiny trophy and the cool sidebar when I'm on the site. Thanks so much, you guys are awesome and keep up the great work! ~kittencuddles359
We're currently looking into this issue. We think we know what happened, but fixing those people who only got partial prizes will be tricky. We'll post an update in New Features when we know more!

I'll get to you soon! Sorry! :X

In Neovision are other users allowed to help you with your video as long as you give them credit in the video? ~dolgirl62
Yup, that's perfectly fine. However, there will likely be a video contest in the very near future, which means trophies and prizes may only go to the original submitter of the video. We're still working on this, but keep that in mind. ;)

TNT, why are you so evil to me? I play Coconut Shy every day and every day the coconut does not fall off... do I have terribly bad luck or is there some strategy? I want my avvie!!! ~kougratrainer32113
Sorry, it's mostly luck! And trust us, it's going to take a lot of it to get that avatar! There's a reason they're called *evil* coconuts....

How often are silly questions answered in the Editorial? ~fernandita_a
Quite often it seems!

We'd like to take this opportunity to reiterate something... answering a "silly" question does not take the place of a regular question. We don't decide to throw out a perfectly good question because we'd like to answer a silly one instead. We answer the silly ones to stay sane and to (hopefully) entertain those who read the Editorial. They are simply an added feature we insert when we come across them.

How come you can no longer view your amount of games played on your user lookup? I liked that ... now it's gone. :( please bring it back :D ~ daniesmiley
It's there... just above your game trophies in the "Games and Trophies" module. :)

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