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Editorial Questions You Never Knew About

by sunny_forever


Sad, though it's true, the Neopets Team deals with more than we give them credit for. Did you ever stop to think about the 131,197,611 Neopians that must be bombarding them with questions, complaints, and full out whining each and every day? No, I bet you didn't. In fact, I bet hardly any of you appreciate what TNT has to go through on a daily basis.

You're thinking, "Sorry? What did you say? I think I had some jelly in my ears." No, that's right, I said that the Neopets Team--the ones who ruin our fun by telling us that we cannot throw exploding snowballs at Mr. Lawyerbot, or that the Whack-A-Staff-Member mallets are NOT a toy--THEY are the ones that deserve our sympathy.

I happen to have recovered a list of some of the questions, complaints, and whining that DIDN'T get answered, which I've decided need to be revealed to the Neopian community. Here are a few of the more... interesting... editorial submissions that TNT has received in the past. Perhaps after reading, maybe you will give them the gratitude and appreciation that they deserve:

TNT, I sent you a message five seconds ago! Why aren't you replying? What is wrong with you? Are you ignoring me? *taps computer screen* I know you're in there!! -impatientneopian456

The Pant Devil stole all my 3,483,502,603,105 neopoints! Will you give them back, pretty please? -notsoinnocent38592

*crunch* Yummm... Would you like some cheese? A little moldy... but still good. :) -cheeselueese133355

Dear TNT, do you ever get tired of repeated questions? -questionquestion363636

Dear TNT, the letters on my keyboard are beginning to fade and I can't feel my fingers anymore. Is this bad? -neopetsaddict2929292

No contests? No raffles? No lotteries? THAT'S SO NOT FAIR! I'll have you know that I'll be writing you a very strong-worded letter about all this! Neomail your friends, go on strike, sign my petition!! -downwithtnt55555

Heheheh. Bugging TNT is fun. *poke* *poke* *poke* -easilyamused153622

The Turmaculus ate my petpet! And it's all your fault! I demand an apology! -allyourfault153111

Ruuuunnnn!!! The meepits are coming and they WON'T STOP STARING AT ME! -paranoidneopian105366

Dear TNT, do you ever get tired of repeated questions? -questionquestion363636

Heeheehee. I see you. -peekaboo463700

Dear TNT, can you please tell me where the Newspaper is? -lostandconfused4004

I was wondering... Ummm... Wait, what WAS I wondering? -hopelesslyforgetful20

Muahahaha! Follow me, Sloth Minions! WE SHALL RULE ALL NEOPIA! Muahahaha!! -brainwashed00000

How do I submit a question? -confuzzled15030303

TNT, you NEED to make an icecream sundae avatar! Pretty please with cherries and whipped cream on top? -sundaepun003322

Ooh, shiny. -easilydistracted23568

Neopets, we have a problem... -spacestationgrundo12342

OMG, TNT! I'M SO PWNFUL. JK! LOL! BTW I C U didn't ANSWR me B 4. PLZ ANSWR ASAP! TY. L8R. -chatspeakfreak62411

Dear TNT, do you ever get tired of repeated questions? -questionquestion363636

HA HA! HA HA HA! Neocola is soooo good!! Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! -nomoresugar4me4020203

TNT, I found ANOTHER glitch on the site AGAIN. Sheesh, what is wrong with you people? Let's get with the program! -ungratefulworm2020

When and where did Harry Poogle die? Hurry, I only have 59 minutes left!! -braintreeweakling999

Please, please, please, please, PLEEEEEASE will you give me another biscuit paint brush? My gelert ate the last one! -pbsarefriendsnotfood302

Whaa!! I heard a rumor that Neopets was going to shut down yesterday!! Is this true? -gullible1532

Dear TNT, I wasn't sure where the rubbish dump was, so I went ahead and sent you this old, smelly, rotten pair of shoes instead. I guess now would be a bad time to ask, but... Where is the rubbish dump? -smellyshoes483265

Dear TNT, I can't find the Hidden Tower!! -stillsearching16422

Heeeelllp!! The exploding muffins are attacking!! -runforit657

Dear TNT, do you ever get tired of repeated questions? -questionquestion363636

So... tired... Can't... stop... playing... Must... finish... plot!! -stuckonneopets23059

WHO ATE ALL THE CAKE? -iknowyoudidit56326

Dear TNT, the blahness of blinkerwinkels are befuzzling my adorkable gelert. He didn't eat his cheedles and he's in such a clammerwhirl I'm concerned over his flubdubbery goozywooze. What would you suggest I do? -saywhat020933

The meepits are watching. -beafraidbeveryafraid

Is the random event picked randomly? -redundant098098

Teehee. Annoying you makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. -milewidesmile0987

My socks are smellier that your socks! Hahahaha! I so pwn you! :D -smellysocksrockmysocks48972

TNT, I think there's something wrong with the shops! The items keep disappearing!!! -noobishhaggler54643

*wink* Dear TNT, *clap* could you please *wink* make more *LOL* smilies? I just *wink* *wink* LOVE *laugh* the ones you already have! -overzealoussmileyuser390285

Dear TNT, my avatar keeps blinking! It's driving me nuts!! -stoptheblinking2351

*gasps* Did you know there's no Neopet whose name starts with a W? -omg39302011


Dear TNT, please a-spare-us-the-gagus and get rid of these horrid vegetables! -antiasparagusguy393201

How much wood would a polarchuck chuck if a polarchuck could chuck wood? -tonguetwister4699

Dear TNT, there's an evil fuzzle hiding under your desk! HA! Made you look!! APRIL FOOLS! -aprilfool8421

TNT, you are, like, so totally not fair. I mean, like, what is it with all these... like... RULES? Like, what is wrong with you? This is, like, so not cool! -dramaqueenteen38910

Shhh... I'm trying to hear the voices in my head. They tell me things. -oooookay39002

Dear TNT, did you get my NT submission yet? ... How about now?... And now? -didyougetitnow30928

Is this where I'm supposed to ask my question? -clueless3902

Dear TNT, I DEMAND that you add more random events, and I DEMAND you make a Jelly avatar, and I DEMAND YOU GIVE ME PIE!!!! -rudemuch45092

Dear TNT, don't look now, but an angry mob of neopians are about to make your day a whole lot more difficult. -freecookieshelp777

Dear TNT, do you ever get tired of repeated questions? -questionquestion363636


Hmm... I wonder what this button does? -curiositykilledthecat4902

bump. bump bump. bump bump bump. -spammer393939

Dear TNT, last week I was playing Meerca Chase when all of a sudden... CHOCOLATE!!!!! Oops, sorry, momentary lapse of sanity there... -chocoholic490298

I didn't cheat!! I just didn't play by the rules!! -innocentgamer29853

Dear TNT, do you know what I like Neopets so much? 'Cause we get to blow things up! ASPLODE!!! Hahahaha! -tntisthebomb1321321

Yes, I'll have the Braised Turkey Cutlet with an Angel Hair Salad on the side. And for dessert I think I'll try the Octopi Souffle... Why are you all staring at me? -lostkelpcustomer53333

I am NOT a NOOB!! ...What is that, anyway? -noob494949

Shh. I'm hiding from the Neopets Team. -theywillneverfindmehere494911

!nuf si sdrawkcab gnitirw ,TNT raeD -sdrawkcab54321

TNT! TNT! *waves hand frantically* Pick me! Pick me! I have a question! -ihaveaquestion392011

and last, but not least:

Dear TNT, can we have an Editorial Submission Appreciation Day? -oxymoron123321

And there you have it. So, the next time you're nagging at the Neopets Team for putting too much dung in the Dung Cream Sandwiches, or whatever the case may be, just remember that being part of TNT isn't always all that and a bag of chips, either. And if you happen to come across one of the disgruntled staff members down at office, just stop and say "Thank You" sometime, would you?

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