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A Lesson in Thanks

by ozzy3190


Kate walked down the path towards her home on Cairn Close in Neopia. It looked like it was about to rain. Dark clouds were churning in the sky and they looked ready to open up and pour down sheets and sheets of cold rain. It was a perfect contrast from the usual weather in sunny Neopia. The small, blue Zafara began to walk faster until she was walking at a brisk pace. She could see her home just over the hill and down the path when it started to pour. Tucking her school books in her sweatshirt with one arm and holding her book bag over her head with the other, she began to run, splashing in puddles and slipping in the gooey mud. She slipped and slid up her walkway and threw the door open. The smell of fresh-baked cookies greeted her and she rushed in the door, slamming it behind her. She threw her books and soaked book bag down by the door and pulled off her sweatshirt. Then she followed the heavenly aroma into the kitchen. Her owner Ashley was just pulling out a cookie sheet laden with her infamous Chokato Biscuits.

      “Mmmm, those smell delicious!”

      “Thank you, thank you,” said Ashley taking a dramatic bow.

     Kate grabbed a plate and a glass of Kau Kau Farms Milk and seated herself at the table. Ashley got a Cooling Rack out of the cupboard and scooped the cookies on it with a Spatula.

      “These should cool in a second.”

      “Good, I am so hungry I could eat a Titanic Giant Squid!”

      “Wow, you are hungry.” Ashley giggled at her pet’s boast.

     After a few minutes of Kate telling Ashley about her day, the cookies had cooled off a little. Kate hungrily ate five cookies and Ashley had three. They put the rest of them in the Green Kacheek Biscuit Jar on the counter. Kate could not help but notice her owner had begun to look increasingly edgy and nervous.

      “Kate, there is something I have to tell you,” her owner began in a cautious voice.

      “What?” Kate frantically asked in a panicked voice.

      “Well, since Neopia is so crowded now and it takes a half hour to get to the front of the line in the grocery store, I figured we would move to Mystery Island where it won’t be so crowded.”

      Kate, who had just begun to grab another cookie from the Cookie Jar, spun around and gasped.

      “I know, I know, you have been living in Neopia ever since you were born and you would be leaving plenty of friends behind. But think, we have such a small area of land because of how many people live in Neopia; we can’t build any more rooms because we have no space! Think of how much you have always wanted a sister and a Puppyblew! In Mystery Island we could have a lot of space for a big house and we could get another pet and a Puppyblew!”

      “What about all my friends? I would have to go to a whole new school and make more friends! You know how shy I am! And what about my old ones?! I will never see them again,” she cried. Without warning hot tears began to spill from her eyes, matting her fur.

      “You could Neomail them! And we could visit them or they could visit us! Please give it chance! It will be wonderful in Mystery Island! We could buy a house on the beach and you could learn how to surf! You would love it,” Ashley said desperately.

      Without another word Kate stomped over to their Pink Coral Coat Rack. She pulled off her warmest coat and angrily put it on. She ran to the door and threw it open. She began to walk out the door but hesitated.

      “If you want to live in Mystery Island, you will have to leave without me!”

     Ashley ran to the door but the blue Zafara was way faster. She ran away from Ashley and down the street towards Neopia Central. Kate turned around to see her owner standing in the middle of the street sobbing but Kate didn’t care. She would never move to Mystery Island for as long as she lived. The only problem was where she could go. Pausing under a tree, she weighed the possibilities. She could go back to her house and move to Mystery Island, but that would only be used as her very last resort. She could go to her friend Violet’s house but her owner would probably take her back to Ashley. That would have to be used as her second-to-last resort. Standing there under the tree, Kate knew she would have to live on the streets of Neopia Central; but very carefully, because with no doubt that would be where her owner would be looking for her after she did not turn up at her friend’s house. Kate ran to the Central and looked around for shelter. She knew she would not be able to hide under the Money Tree because she would get trampled by all the people trying their luck at Item-snatching. But it was pretty empty because of the rain. She walked over the tree and found a nice big root to sit on. As she sat down, something caught her eye. It was a large, blue and very dirty tail. Cautiously she peered over the tree root and saw too big eyes staring up at her. The small, blue mass was shivering in the cold. Kate could see it was a tiny, blue Lupe.

      “Hi.” Kate broke the ice.

      “Hi,” the little Lupe said shyly.

      “My name is Kate, what is yours?”


      “Where is your owner? You look way younger than me and it could be dangerous for such a little Lupe out by herself.”

      “I don’t have one. Well, I guess I did a long time ago, but they abandoned me at the Pound and with me being so small, I slipped out of the bars on my cage. I have been living here since I was very small. I hate not having an owner,” said the Lupe, with a tear sliding down her face.

      “You poor thing. I am out here because my owner, Ashley wants me to move to Mystery Island with her and I don’t want to. I love it here.”

      “Well, at least you have someone that cares about you. I would move to the middle of the Haunted Woods if I had an owner that loved me.”

      “That’s true. I guess Mystery Island won’t be so bad. I love the beach. I would just miss my friends.”

      “At least you have friends; every day I am out here by myself. I don’t have a home to live in and I can’t even go to school. I have to get all my food and clothes from the people who donate them.”

      “I feel so selfish now after talking to you,” Kate muttered, embarrassed.

      “It’s alright. I just wish people would realize how lucky they are. Most pets don’t appreciate being able to eat whenever they felt like it or take a warm bath. But when I find an owner, if I do, I will always be grateful for what I have. Most pets’ biggest worries are if they will get painted or not.”

      “I never really stopped to think about how much stuff I have. I am going to go apologize to my owner right away.”

      “Bye then.”

     “Bye?! There is no way I would leave you here! My owner said if we moved to Mystery Island we would have enough space for a new pet! Now we don’t have to look for one! Come on!”

     The blue Lupe jumped up excitedly and ran over to Kate.


      “Really,” Kate smiled, “but put my jacket on, you must be freezing!”

     The two soon-to-be sisters ran all the way to Kate’s Neohome. Ashley was ecstatic to see them both and to hear that Kate was ready to move to Mystery Island. One week later they were settled in a new home on a sunny beach in Mystery Island. Lindsey, Kate, and Ashley were all perfect for each other. They all loved their new home!

The End

If you are reading this, I got in! ^___^

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