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Finding the Perfect Petpet for under 15,000

by scranamole


I'm sure you've thought about it before, and maybe even done it. What am I talking about? Buying a petpet, of course! Well, if you ever decided to get one, the first thing you wonder is, what petpet is right for my pet? Then you have to go further to wonder, which petpet is right for my pet and affordable? I was one of those many Neopians who was in search of the perfect and affordable petpet, so I decided to write this guide for you.

Probably the most famous petpet shops is 'Petpet Shop' where they sell basic petpets usually at reasonable prices. But that doesn't mean the quality here is low; all the petpets are in great condition. But which one is right for you?


Pros: Buzzers are amazingly friendly; they can keep your pet entertained all day long with their spectacular aerial stunts. They also get along well with other petpets.

Cons: These little petpets have wings, though; if your pet doesn't give enough attention to their buzzer, it might very well fly away.

Price: 2.5k - 3.5k


Pros: Hopsos are always active. They love to follow your pet on adventures and even can be taught to play lawn games and to do gymnastics.

Cons: It is very hard to get a hopso to quiet down when your pet wants to sleep or relax; if your pet isn't constantly active they start screeching and bouncing all over the furniture. They also do not behave in stores.

Price: 2.5k - 3.5k


Pros: A tigermouse has a great sense of humor; they can make any audience laugh. Their small size also helps them get things you drop under your sofa.

Cons: Tigermice are very feisty, though; they tug at ears, yank toes, and scratch all over. They can also play very unfriendly pranks. These petpets aren't good for your first petpet.

Price: 9k - 10k

A slightly less heard of petpet shop is the one on the Virtupets Space Station. The petpets sold here are either robots or space critters and can be a bit further on the pricey side.


Pros: Flipperbots can swim in water and walk on land, which makes them great companions for Flotsams or Jetsams. They can also do many tricks.

Cons: Like all robots, Flipperbots eventually blow a fuse or lose a screw; this is extremely annoying if they do so when they are in the water, seeing as they sink then...

Price: 10k - 11k

Stopngo 400

Pros: The Stopngo 400 is extremely helpful around the Neohome. It can fetch small items and bring them to you. They also know how to open doors and refrigerators so they can go into a closed room or get you a cold can of Neocola.

Cons: Stopngo 400s are very poor navigators. They constantly run into walls and you or your pet has to go straighten them out so they can go on the right track again.

Price: 14k - 15k

If you are looking for a slightly more menacing or haunting petpet the Haunted Woods petpet shop is a great place to look. They have all forms of creepy critters that live in the woods.


Pros: Although slorgs may look a tad scary or disgusting, they are great petpets. They are always very loving and friendly and will follow your pet almost anywhere. They are also very well behaved.

Cons: As you may guess, slorgs leave a nasty slime trail behind them wherever they go; this ooze will stick to anything and is quite hard to remove.

Price: 2.5k - 3.5k


Pros: These frightening little ghouls will stick up for your pet if treated properly. They can scare almost any bully away. They will also eat any rubbish you have lying around.

Cons: Grobrins do not get along well with other petpets; they always have to start a fight. Their rows of razor sharp teeth don't help the matter any. Also, if not taken care of properly, they will bite, and that hurts.

Price: 9.5k - 10.5k

Some of the sweetest, most angelic petpets can be found bouncing around Faerieland. There is a petpet shop there run by a faerie herself.


Pros: Magarals are happy-go-lucky little petpets who will fly around your pet's head, chirping excitedly. They can also help your pet sleep by flying above their bed and singing their magic song.

Cons: If you own a Magaral, you might find purple fluff lying around your house. This is because Magarals shed. Some pets might also be allergic to them.

Price: 2.5k - 3.5k


Pros: Shaped like a cloud, a cirrus is a great petpet. They can cheer up your pet's day. They can also play shape games with your pet by forming into a shape and having your pet guess what they are.

Cons: If a cirrus gets sad then they will turn into a rain cloud and leave large puddles throughout your Neohome. This can cause water damage on carpets and ruin some furniture.

Price: 6k - 7k

Petpets for the holiday lover can be found in the Happy Valley petpet shop on Terror Mountain. It is filled with jolly Christmas petpets who will love your pet.


Pros: Firs are very creative and intelligent. They enjoy making up songs and dancing in front of the blazing fireplace. They are also very friendly and can help your pet with their homework.

Cons: Although firs are kind and loveable, you never want to hug one. If your pet accidentally does, they will find many little pine needles stuck in their fur.

Price: 8.5k - 9.5k


Pros: Jinjahs are very athletic; they love to race against other petpets and are great at playing fetch with small balls. They are very loving and will stick by your pet's side for life.

Cons: A rather obvious downside to owning a Jinjah is that they look very appetizing. If you take them out in public you can guarantee pets will chase you around trying to eat your poor petpet.

Price: 3k - 4k

As you can see, once you find the price and a bit more information about petpets, it won't be long before you can find the perfect petpet for your pet!

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