and a bolt of fire zigzagged out of its mouth...

by skytearer

Journal of a Crossover

As it drew nearer, I saw it kind of transform.

by Harry_Potter_Fan234

Krick: The Legend of the Cybunnies

My skin crawled as I saw the look of fear...

by Laura Guthrie (grrrrpets)

The Generous Lupe

A branch fell from a tree filtering light...

by TomatoSoup

The Hunt For The Golden Aisha

...how dare you disturb me from my sleep.

by Pngn

Lost Kacheek

But when she got to the deck she felt so sick she passed out...

by oddishlover

Memories of a Monocerous

Suddenly, the Monocerous flicked its tail and flung Anna and Silver away!

by _ana_

Unhappy Fate

Whitelily had a whole list lined up including a guy they both liked...

by Stardust3586