The Editorial:

The Editorial section has changed. To make it more useful to everybody we have decided to take the most frequently asked questions we receive each week here so you can get a thorough answer straight away from one of the creators of NeoPets. Here are the most frequently asked questions NeoPets support recieved this week:

1 - How do I leave a guild?
If you don't want to be part of a guild anymore it is very easy to leave. Just go back to the main Guilds page and go to the guild you belong to. At the very bottom of the options (in the side bar of the guild) is a 'leave guild' button. Once you click that you are no longer a part of that guild.

2 - How do I delete a guild?
If you have accidentally created a guild you can delete it but first you need to remove all your members. To do this go back to your guild page and click on Guild Members. This will display a list of all the members. To remove someone click on their username and then select delete member. You need to do this for all your members and then the delete guild option will appear.

3 - How do we make guilds?
To start your own guild go to the Guilds page and press 'Create a New'. Remember you can only create or join one guild so choose wisely:)

4 - Can we activate challengers if we've already signed up with the sponsors?
Yes, you can. You will need to follow the directions on the Battledome Challengers page to activate your challenger.

5 - When is the Beauty Contest coming back?
The Beauty contest is currently being rewritten and will ba back on the site in time for Christmas.