Battledome: Part Three

...not knowing who would make a move first...

by booster_bunny

The Other Dimension: Part Two

She grinned down at him again, her teeth black and disgusting to look at.

by twilight_lover

Lost and Found: Part Three

...someone painted the Monocerous invisible...

by Mewthree12

The Land Of Noz: Part Three

...I heard Balthazar lived in these woods!

by fletcherdog

The Princely Pet Chronicles: Part 2

You have just enrolled to be in the Scary Army...

by prince_scorch

Sense of Fate: Part Two

...the Space Faerie is transformed into an ugly, angry beast.

by Ultima999

The Last Space Aisha Part IV: The Final Battle

So, you thought your puny little spells could defeat me...

by aishagirl104