Beta Release Notes

NC Pet Styles Release

What's New

NC Pet Styles

The release you've all been waiting for! NC Pet Styles are finally here!

A bit of information about this release:

Styling Studio

The Styling Studio is a brand new feature that it used to obtain NC Pet Styles for your pets!

Here is a short rundown of how it works:

Styling Chamber

Along with the Studio, the Styling Chamber is another new feature for managing your NC Pet Styles!

Purposes of this feature:

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Beta V0.5.15

What's New

A New Settings Page

It's finally here! The update that you didn't know you wanted! We've converted our "Preferences" pages to a new "Settings" area! We've moved a few things around, condensed some things, and even included Neoboard Settings as well! All of the previous versions of these pages should now redirect to the appropriate new area.

To assist you with adjusting to this new development, here is a small guide to help you find what you're looking for!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update has been in the works for a long while, but with our recent change in leadership, we have been working on reimagining some of these settings options, and there may be additional changes coming in the near future! We apologize for breaking your neck with continual reorganization, but we didn't want to hold back this update any longer! Thank you for your patience!

Account Activation Notice

A much smaller, but still valuable update - we have finally added the Account Activation Notice to our converted pages! Now newly created accounts will get the annoying fun reminder on every page!

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Beta V0.5.14

What's New

Ruffle Integration is Here!

So guess what? We've magically integrated Ruffle technology into Neopets! Now you can relive some of our Flash games from the past. Isn't that just fantastic? If you have any questions about how it all works - Ruffle Integration FAQ

Tutorial Conversion

We've finally tackled the first part of the Tutorial Conversion with an update to the sign-up launch page! You know, because we really love holding your hand through every little step. Don't worry. There's more to come!

Community Central Updates

Brace yourselves for the shiny new Community Central Updates. We spruced it up to make it extra fancy and put the calendar back in! You're welcome!

Spotlights & Contests Page Conversion

Spotlights just got a whole lot better looking. We've given them a design update that'll make your eyes pop. Prepare to be dazzled. Check it out here!

Inventory Improvements

The Inventory Update has arrived! We’ve given you a shiny new toolbar to navigate your spaces, and brand new toggle to unstack your items!

Pet Central Page Conversion

You asked for it, and we delivered. The Pet Central page has undergone a fabulous conversion. It's all shiny and new, ready to cater to your pet-loving needs.

Pronunciation Page Conversion

Have you been struggling to pronounce the names of your favorite Neopets and Heroes? Well struggle no more, because we've brought back the pronunciation page!

Neopian Times Submission Rule Change

We updated the NT Submissions Page rules with a brand new rule regarding collaborations. Because, you know, rules make the world go 'round. So get your submissions in order!

Neopia Globe Update

We've waved our magic wand and transformed the Neopia Globe Map. It's like a whole new world, or should we say, a whole new Neopia? Take a full spin and explore!

Bug Fixes

What's Next

Beta V0.5.0

What's New

The Neopian Globe is back!

Visit the Neopian Globe Today!

More Updated Maps

We've finally brought you all of the beautiful lands of Neopia! (As well as a couple of updates to some of the existing maps!)

Mystery Island Theme

The Mystery Island Theme has been added for use in our beta site! You can check it out now in your preferences!

Other Theme Updates

Our other themes have also received a bit of a face lift!

Test Your Strength

Test Your Strength has reopened in the Deserted Fairground! Why don't you head on over and give it a shot?

Quick Reference Updates

You may have noticed already that your lovely pets are now visible again on the Quick Ref page!

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Beta V0.4.9

What's New

Updated Maps

We have made updates to bring back the maps of Moltara, Faerieland, Haunted Woods, Krawk Island, Kreludor, and Meridell.

Neolodge Update

You now can book all of your pets at once in the Neolodge! Treat them all to a nice hotel stay.

Updated User Lookup

We added a little order to your pets in the user lookup to appear in alphabetical order.

Updated NC Collectible Case

The NC Collectible Case has been converted to HTML5!

Almost Abandoned Attic Returns!

The Almost Abandoned Attic is back on Neopets! If you have an account more than three years old, check out the link below before items get snatched up!

Other/Misc Updates

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Beta V0.4.8

What's New


After gathering feedback from a group of users and making fixes, we are finally releasing the next batch of HTML5 games! Check them out below:

Updated Maps

Drumroll please... Reintroducing the maps of Neopia Central, Kiko Lake, Altador, and Terror Mountain!

Random Events

Something has happened! Random events are back on the mobile-friendly pages of Neopia, where you can have a bank error in your favor or even get a visit from Dr. Sloth himself!

Bug Fixes

We've been squashing a few bugs since our last release! Here are some fixes you may have already noticed:

Known Issues

What's Next

Beta V0.4.7

What's New

Customisation Update

At long last, updates to Customisation are here that will drastically improve your experience with the feature! Loading times have been improved. An issue of Neopets not showing up in thumbnails is fixed. The only caveat to this is that UC Pets still need to undergo some fixes, but these issues will be addressed prior to the re-release of UC Pets.

If there are any further issues with Customisation (surrounding the page itself and not individual items), please reach out to our Customer Support with as much information as you can provide, including your username, number of pets, closet size, browser, and what you are experiencing.

Please note that our recommended closet size is 650 items! If you have more than 2,500 items in your closet, you may want to move some to your Safety Deposit Box in order to improve loading times in Customisation.

Mobile-Friendly Wheels

Over the last few updates, we've been converting the Wheels from Flash and with this next update, we've made sure they are mobile-friendly. Now you can spin Wheels easily on the go! May the odds be ever in your favor.

More Quests!

A bunch of new quests were released in our last update and we have two more for you from the Haunted Woods:

More Pages!

The Snowager awakes, looks straight at you... then moans and goes back to sleep. You were lucky! Newly converted pages await you!

Meridell Theme

In celebration of Discovery of Meridell Day, we have released a new mobile-friendly site theme. Visit your preferences to check it out.

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Message from TNT

It's been a while since there's been a new beta update and Altador Cup had a lot to do with that. We're making a lot of changes internally to ensure that we get more frequent updates in a more consistent pace. We will also be communicating more frequently with the community about upcoming releases and plans with the help of our new Community Manager, who we will be introducing soon. Thank you for all your continued support!

Beta V0.4.6

What's New

Site Search V1

You can now search for pets, items, users and more by clicking the magnifying class in the upper right of the top navigation bar. Further improvements to the search system will be coming in a future update.

Community Central

Test your knowledge with the Daily Puzzle, check out the latest spotlight winners, or find a new fansite on the now mobile-friendly Community Central page.

Create a Pet

Whether it's a pet day you've been looking forward to all year, or you just don't want to adopt, the Create a Pet page is now mobile-friendly, so you can add another adorable pet to your family while on the go. Newly created pets from this point forward will also come with a bandana in the colour of your choice.


Several quest-givers around Neopia have made the jump onto the mobile-friendly site template. They eagerly await your help, so go find them some junk, I mean stuff!

Gamesroom Content Update

You may notice few more games linked in the mobile-friendly gamesroom. These are classic games that don't rely on Flash, but aren't mobile-friendly yet either. We will continue to add these links to the gamesroom in small batches until all currently playable games are accessible from the page (yes, including Battledome). So far the games added are:

Additional Features

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Broader site updates and events will continue to be announced via the New Features page.

Beta V0.4.5

What's New

Valentine's Day Theme

We <3 the holidays, and we hope you do too! The Valentine's Day site theme is now available for use on mobile-friendly pages. Visit your preferences to check it out.

Although the mobile-friendly version of this theme is available to everyone for now, make sure to exchange Mysterious Valentines Cards with a Neofriend on the 14th if you don't have the classic version of the theme unlocked, so that you can keep this theme after the beta is over.

Additional Features

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Beta V0.4.4

What's New

More Wheels!

Two more wheels are now Flash free and ready to be played! Spend those neopoints wisely.

The Wheel of Monotony will be coming soon. Users spinning the wheels on smaller devices like phones in portrait mode will notice that the experience is less than optimal due to characters taking up a significant amount of screen real-estate. We wanted to get the wheels out and playable as quickly as possible, but additional layout changes will be coming in a future update.

Profile Menu

Phase 2 of the profile menu is now available if you tap the thumbnail of your pet in the upper left corner of the screen. You'll notice more links available than before, but organized hierarchically so as not to take up too much screen real-estate all at once. The link to Neohomes has been left out intentionally, as this feature is currently in flux with a V3 planned rather than a direct 1-to-1 conversion of Neohomes 1 or 2.

Additional Features

Bug Fix

Known Issues

Navigation FAQ

Confused about where to find something? Read this to learn more about some of the navigation features still in progress.

What's Next

Beta V0.4.3 - Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

Issues from previous releases are often not relisted every release. Even if an issue is not listed here, we may already be aware of the problem and are looking into it.

What's Next

A larger update with the following features will be released later this month:

Beta V0.4.2

What's New

As the year draws to a close, it has come time to say goodbye to Flash, but not goodbye to Neopets! We're excited to continue making the site better, more mobile-friendly and Flash-free in the new year.


We've begun converting the wheels found around Neopia so they'll still be playable when Flash is gone. The ones we haven't converted yet will be out real soon! Also keep in mind that what you're seeing now for the wheels is just a first version with basic functionality. They may not be perfectly mobile responsive, but an update to existing wheels will be coming in a future release.

Viewing Classic Pages

You may notice that the "View Classic" link is no longer available in the left-hand dropdown menu. As discussed previously, all pages that have been converted will be the default while all classic pages will be remain available for pages we have not yet converted.

Flash Messaging

You may also notice a message about Flash in place of a Flash element in place. If you are still able to access Flash, you just need to do the same thing you've usually done to allow Flash in your browser and it'll appear again. When the times comes that the browsers stop supporting Flash, you'll need to wait for that element to be converted before using it again.

Alternative URLs for Classic Features

Although you will no longer be able to switch between classic and beta for converted pages, there are a couple large features we'd still like to give you classic access to until their converted counterparts are more complete. Although most browsers and operating systems will no longer be supporting Flash player at the end of this month, if you are somehow able to use Flash, you can enjoy these classic features for a while longer.


Throughout the year, we've made a lot of progress on converting wearables to HTML5 but we've still got work to do going into 2021. This includes fixing the Customisation app so that everyone can use it. In this release, we've updated the NC Mall Try On feature to work without Flash for converting assets. You'll be informed whether an asset has been converted yet or not.

Additional Features

What's Next

The Winter Holiday theme is coming next in a smaller content update in January. Create A Pet was going to be part of this release, but thanks to our changes to the rules recently, we decided to make some additional changes. The remaining wheels will also be coming ASAP, as well as a new Community Central hub page!

Beta V0.4.1

What's New

Tis the Season Site Theme

'Twas the week before the Day of Giving, when all through the site, not a Petpet was stirring, not even a Tigermouse. The stockings were stufftacular and hung with great care, in hopes that a holiday theme would be near; when out in the preferences there arose such a clatter. So go take a look, to see what's the matter!

"Tis the Season" for all, and to all a good night!

Additional Features

What's Next

This is just a small update, serving primarily to give you access to the converted "Tis the Season" theme in time for the holidays. Another large end of the year update will be coming really soon!

Beta V0.4

What's New

Login & Registration Flow

We've begun bringing the site into a mobile-friendly layout when viewing the site without logging in. As part of this, the login and new account signup flows have been updated. Further steps in the signup process, like creating a pet and experiencing the tutorial will be included in a future release.

This is just an initial rollout of this flow, we already have additional features/improvements planned that will be coming in the future, including the possibility of two factor authentification.

For now, if you're not logged in, most pages will still show up as their classic version rather than the new mobile-responsive version. There is still page-specific work to be done for pages that contain account-specific information but are still visible to users without logging in. In the future, we want to make as much of the site accessible without logging in as possible.

New Logged Out Homepage

If you visit without logging in, you'll notice that the homepage looks quite different. As the Neopets franchise expands, we want to make sure that you can easily learn about all things Neopets. Check back to that page for all the latest brand news and updates. An additional section for brand news is coming soon.

Navigation Dropdowns

You'll notice that a couple dropdowns are now available in the navigation menu, one for "Community" and one for "Shop". These have been in our plans for quite some time, so we're excited to finally bring them to you to make your experience moving around the site a little easier.

This isn't the end of our ongoing navigation work, however. We also plan on overhauling the content you find in the left-hand-side profile menu.

Map Quick Links

Not all of the maps of Neopia will be fully HTML5 ready and in the beta by the end of the year. To make sure that you can still find your way around in the meantime, 38 map pages now include direct links to all regularly visible locations on the map. Seasonal/special map links will be added in a future update, and you'll have to access any secret links using the direct URL until its map has been brought over into the beta.


We're officially unveiling the first step on our overhaul of Neopets' support system. You'll find that all support links in the login and registration flow will now direct you to the V1 for a support page on We'll continue to develop this system in future updates.

Bug Fix

Known Issues

What's Next

Winter theme(s) will be converted soon for the holiday season. We've also been looking at features like Create-a-Pet, the NC Mall, the Safety Deposit Box and your Stock portfolio. However, our primary focus for the remainder of the year will be converting as many Flash elements on the site as possible.

Beta V0.3.2

What's New

The National Neopian Bank

In addition to making the bank page more mobile friendly, we've made the following adjustments:

Reminder: You can quickly access the bank from any page by clicking on your total Neopoints on hand in the upper righthand corner of the screen.

Site Themes

Space Faerie Premium

The Space Faerie Premium site theme is now available while in beta mode. Remember, you can change your beta site theme independently of your classic site theme via the classic preferences page.

This beta theme will only be available to Premium members.

Haunted Woods

We're making your beta experience a little bit spookier, just in time for Halloween! Enjoy the Haunted Woods theme, but remember that if you want to keep it after beta is over (and you don't already have this theme in classic) you'll need to visit the site on October 31st at 11:59pm NST.

Score Submission

We've been hard at work hammering away to tighten security on our HTML5 games, and we could use your help in checking for any holes in our work. We'll be re-enabling score submission on HTML5 games in the beta Gamesroom from October 29th to November 2nd, meaning you'll be able to earn Neopoints while playing on your phone! Once the two days are up, we'll pull score submission down again so that we can comb through our logs to make sure no cheaters got through. If everything's ship-shape, we'll bring back score submission permanently soon after.

Have fun!

Additional Features

The following changes were all made based on user suggestions.

Plus you can now take a tour of paradise in beta.

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

We're currently working on converting the login and registration experience, as well as continuing to make adjustments to existing features based on user feedback. We've also adjusted our strategy so that more maps will be converted to HTML5 faster in the future, and quick links to each map destination will be available on map pages in beta soon.

The default search criteria for the Shop Wizard will be updated from "Containing" to "Identical" in a future update.

Beta V0.3.1 - Inventory

What's New

No Neopian's adventuring kit is complete without their knapsack. Being able to quickly view and use items on the go is a must, and now its easier than ever. All inventory popups now open up in the same window as your main inventory, plus we've added a couple extra features as well.

If you have more than one copy of a particular item in your inventory, those items will now stack and display the total number of copies you have.

Categories! Now you can view groups of items based on their major use including:

Sorting! Does it bother you when things are in a seemingly random, chaotic order? Now you can sort your inventory alphabetically. We've also made it so you can switch between NP and NC items via a toggle instead of needing to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

For those of you frequently refreshing the page, your tab and filter settings will carry over on refresh as long as you don't navigate to a separate tab or window. As soon as you close the tab or browser, these settings will return to default.

Known Issues

What's Next

In addition to the upcoming features we've mentioned in previous releases, we've also been working on the National Neopian Bank. Among a streamlined look and visual flourishes to reward those working towards Ultimate Riches, we're hoping to make the withdrawal limit clearer when reached and add support for non-binary greetings.

Beta V0.3

What's New

The Shop Wizard has opened a rift between classic and beta, bringing with him a wealth of goodies old and new for premium users. Haven't checked out beta in a bit? Now might be the perfect time to switch back and make it a part of your regular routine for playing Neopets on the go.

Premium Portal

Those of you who have been premium members for a while may remember the premium portal, a page for premium users to call their home. As part of the mobile beta, we're introducing a spiritual successor to this feature, in order to house all of the premium links and features that you don't need immediate access to at all times. We may upgrade this page in the future based on your feedback to add more features and potentially more customisability.

The "Premium Bar" as you've come to know it simply won't fit on smaller devices, and although we've explored different menu options, we feel the premium portal offers the best of both worlds. However, the Super Shop Wizard will still be easily accessible on any page.

Super Shop Wizard

Although most of the Premium Bar has migrated over to the Premium Portal, we know how important it is that you have quick access to the Super Shop Wizard while restocking. Premium Members can find the icon to open the Super Shop Wizard popup in the upper left of the screen, just below the navigation bar and to the left of the Bookmark icons. You can toggle this popup by clicking this icon, or the red "X" in the popup itself.

Additionally, we've set the "Identical to my phrase" option as default, and added an error message if you attempt to search "Price Only" while having Galleries selected. We're working on a way to prevent you from accidentally having both options selected at the same time.

Shop Wizard

For those of you who aren't premium members, don't worry! We haven't forgotten about you! Along with the Super Shop Wizard, we've polished up and converted the Shop Wizard page as well. This feature used to be located at "/market.phtml" along with your user shop listings, but has now been moved out onto a separate page. If you get lost, you can always find the shop wizard at while in beta mode.

Site Themes

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad the basic theme isn't your only option anymore? That's right, site themes are back! Six classic site themes have now been converted to be used in the mobile beta, with more on the horizon.

To change your site theme in the beta, visit your classic preferences page or click the "Settings" icon in the beta profile menu. You'll see a new "Beta Theme" option just below your classic theme selection. This means that, for the moment, your theme selections will be set separately for classic and beta.

To allow all of our beta users to explore and give feedback on the converted themes, we've temporarily granted all beta themes to all users, even those you would typically need to earn on the site. In the future, we'll be restoring these themes to their rightful owners and if you haven't earned them yet, you'll have to get back on the grind. Enjoy this sneak preview while it lasts!

The site themes currently available in the beta are as follows:

We will continue to roll out converted themes on a more regular basis in the future, starting with the Space Faerie Premium theme.

The converted and upgraded preferences pages aren't ready for release quite yet, which is why you'll need to visit a classic page to change your beta theme. Rest assured this is only temporary.

Additional Features

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

Beta V0.2.4

What's New

This release we've focused on getting Trudy's Surprise onto mobile with an updated prize pool! (The prize pool is updated both in beta and classic.)

Bug Fixes

No updates here, but we are continuing to monitor the Mobile-Friendly Beta Neoboard for any bugs or suggestions you have and are working hard towards fixing those that have already been mentioned. Thanks for your continued patience as we advance towards the next big release in the beta.

What's Next

We are super excited to bring you some themes so you can see how mobile switches things up, including swapping out the homepage background. Also, as mentioned before, our next big update will include the return of some premium features.

Beta V0.2.3

What's New

Here's some more minor content and bug fixes as we work our way towards the next big feature release.

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

There are a few minor pages and features that didn't make it into this release that will be coming up soon, and we've made further progress on larger features as well.

Beta V0.2.2

What's New

After opening up the beta to all users, our top priorities have been fixing bugs and adjusting our roadmap for the future based on your feedback. Here is our first set of bug fixes along with some extra content as well. We will be releasing smaller updates like this more regularly between large feature releases to keep you up to date with our progress.

Mystery Island Map Update

In the last release, we shared a work-in-progress version of the beta Mystery Island map as we experimented to find the best way to experience site maps on smaller devices like phones. We will continue to make further tweaks in future releases, but wanted to get the latest updated version into your hands. Check it out!

Colouring Pages

We've all been spending a lot more time indoors lately, and sometimes you need a break from minigames or Nerkmid runs. So to help pass the time, we've made some improvements to the pages that host our Neopets colouring book pages and brought them into beta.Colouring pages are now available in beta for the following lands. Print and enjoy!


Previously in the beta, a set of converted pages were automatically bookmarked for all users. However, this system never fully worked the way we intended, so we have removed these automatic bookmarks to give you full control over which pages you deem most important. You can always reference these release notes to see what pages have been converted. Additionally, a number of pages in the last release were not made available to be bookmarked. We have updated our list of pages that can be bookmarked to include these, as well as some pages within the Neoboards.

Additional Features

We're slowing chipping away at the vast amount of content on the site, so here are a few more dailies and other pages you can now more easily visit on mobile devices.

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

What's Next

After reviewing user feedback, we've decided to prioritize the following larger features for future updates. As always, let us know what you'd like to see brought into the beta next!

In between these larger releases we'll be putting out smaller bundles of content, which may include things like sets of site themes, dailies and other smaller pages that only need a little touch-up to be mobile-friendly.

Open Beta V0.2

What's New


In a future update, we will be overhauling how you add html tags and smilies to your topics and replies (giving you direct access to the full smiley catalogue more easily). For now we hope you'll still enjoy using the boards on your mobile devices using the current system.

We will also be moving and combining the forum rules and Wall of Shame pages in a future update. We know how important it is that all users have easy access to the rules and guidelines of the entire site, not just the Neoboards.

For the time being, you won't be able to directly access your Neoboard preferences from the Neoboard pages. The Neoboard preferences page has not yet been made mobile-friendly, and will eventually be part of an overhauled and consolidated settings system accessible through the profile menu.

Before you even ask, we are aware of the new features you'd like to see added to the Neoboard system. We've been discussing some of these internally, but can't make any promises. These things are a lot more complicated/costly than you may think.

Mystery Island

Mystery Island is the first land to make the switch to being mobile-friendly! Not every feature on the island is ready quite yet, but a large portion are now available for testing. The following pages have been converted, along with the Mystery Island map itself, so checking it all out should be a breeze.

Additional Features

We've also got several non-Mystery Island pages that we couldn't resist sharing.

Bug Fixes

User Suggestions

We've been lurking on the boards to see what you think, and we've heard some great ideas! Here are a few things you're asking for that we're going to look into. (No promises!)

Known Issues

What's Next

What do you want to see make it into the beta next? Are you waiting on your favorite dailies, or a larger feature like Neomail? Let us know on the Mobile Beta Neoboards.

Altador Cup

The Altador Cup is coming up soon, and we're sure you're wondering if it will be mobile-friendly. The Altador Cup is one of our largest annual events, and although it will eventually be fully mobile-friendly, we just can't squeeze that in this year. Instead, we will have a page available within the beta to deliver important stats from the event. Have you decided what team you'll be joining this year?

Closed Beta V0.1

What's New


Now you can easily customise your pet from the comfort of your phone, or on your computer without using Flash! Please note that our Meepits are hard at work converting your customisation items out of Flash, but it's taking some time. Some of our items may not be converted yet, and thus not available for preview in the beta view.

The Presets feature will return in a future update.

Pet Care

Visiting the homepage is going to be a very different experience moving forward. No longer will you be bombarded with tons of banners and news items. Instead, we've made the homepage into a little home for your pets! Here you'll be able to quickly and easily feed & groom your pets on the go, as well as a few other quick-actions. Does this mean we're filtering your inventory natively now? Yes, so stay tuned for the new inventory page coming your way in a future update. Plus, don't be surprised if Petpets come to cozy up to their owners here soon as well!

News, Alerts & Site Events

Having trouble keeping track of everything going on on the site? Well we've got a few quality of life improvements to help with that. First, any time there's a major ongoing event happening (like Festival of Neggs ), we'll let you know straight on the homepage when a character comes to visit. Additionally, you can preview the latest news headlines right from the News & Alerts dropdown, and handle all of your alerts (like Trudy's Surprise, trade requests, etc) without leaving whatever page you're on.


The following minigames have been converted from Flash to HTML5 so that you can play them on any device:

We'll be regularly rolling out more converted games in the coming weeks.

Don't worry, all of the extra information you're used to seeing on games pages isn't gone forever. We're completely overhauling the layout of games pages so that all of that content is mobile friendly, as well as the Gamesroom itself, which you'll see in a future update. For now, we wanted to get you playing the games themselves as quickly as possible.

Additionally, score submission has been temporarily disabled for games within the beta. If you'd like to submit scores for a game, please switch over to classic view and play again.


Wouldn't you love to visit the Healing Springs while riding the bus, or donate to the Money Tree on the toilet? Well now you can! For now, you can easily visit the following dailies pages on any device, and we'll be rolling out more and more in the coming weeks!


104 Neopian shops are now available to peruse on any device. We can't list all 104 here, but if you're used to seeing "/objects.phtml?type=shop&obj_type=" in the URL for a shop, rest assured it's been converted. We've also set the "Shop" link in the navigation bar to temporarily send you to Neopian Fresh Foods to get a taste of these shop upgrades. Happy shopping!


You may have noticed the little flag and heart icons that are now in the upper left of your screen. Premium members may already be accustomed to the Dailies system of quick-links for easier navigation. We've expanded on that idea to allow all users to easily bookmark most pages (not just dailies) straight from those pages. Additional features surrounding bookmarks will be available in future updates.

Switching out of the Beta

If, for whatever reason, you no longer want to be looking at the beta version of any of the pages we've previously discussed, simply click on the "View Classic Site" button in the profile menu to return to the site as all non-beta viewers see it. To get back into the beta view, click the "View Beta" link that's now on the right side of the "Logout" button for you.

Known Issues

If you notice the following p3s, erm I mean bugs, no need to report them. We're already on the case!

Future Updates

There are a few links and items you'll see in this new layout that aren't fully functional quite yet. We're working hard to flesh these features out, but wanted to get you access to earlier versions in the meantime.

Additionally, we wanted to reassure you that site themes are not going anywhere! Those will be coming soon, with new mobile-friendly twists on all the classic themes rolled out in stages, as well as new mobile-only themes in the future.

What specific pages will we convert in the next release? Well that's a Mystery...