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Petpet Protection League

The PPL reward Neopets for owning their Petpet for a long amount of time (and never stopping playing with them!) Each week they select a Petpet and award the owner 10 NP for every day they have been owned, and for three years that could be up to ten thousand!

The colour of the Petpet does matter. If they select Pink Kadoatie, and you have a blue one, sorry no NP. However, you can earn the bonus once per Neopet - up to four times! The top petpets are shown here, but we have taken off the usernames / Neopet names because we don't want them to get scammed!

Most Popular Names : No Data Available

Week 940 - Starry Spyven

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Rank Petpet Name Age Trophy
1 Sternenstaub 4,983 days, 8 hours
2 Ivan 4,807 days, 6 hours
3 Sapo 4,756 days, 3 hours
4 Hopzazzle 4,566 days, 23 hours
5 Jumper 4,468 days, 0 hours
6 Chandrika 3,694 days, 23 hours
7 Milkyway 1,570 days, 11 hours
8 Van Gogh 1,311 days, 23 hours
9 fizzle 514 days, 22 hours
10 SIR ROB 298 days, 20 hours
11 Asteraki & Twinkle 244 days, 16 hours

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