Reporting live from Neopia Circulation: 196,894,046 Issue: 950 | 10th day of Celebrating, Y23
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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The first dream was of a forest. I drifted on sleep-light steps through thick trees that grew into mist overhead, dark and dense and still. The mist lifted and light dappled the ground and brush alike through sun-bright leaves that rustled in the breeze. Rain dripped through the leaves that were and perhaps had always been fired in autumn’s colours. Bare trees, their slender twigs twisting and reaching, snow-dusted fir needles, wildflowers in sunny glens, rich green ferns with fronds as long as my body. I moved through this forest, these forests, without edges or seams, led and surrounded by song. Haunting, beckoning, celebrating and lamenting and tearing at my heart until I wept. It was the song I couldn’t shake, and the song that followed me, as I would have to follow it.

How to Love Your Old Neopian Times Work Again

With nine hundred and fifty issues in circulation, that can only mean one thing aside from there being so many Neopian Times issues: there are also so many stories, articles, and comics from various eras in the Times’ illustrious history. And many of them, dare I say, can be considered “old” at this point, having been published years or even decades ago to grace the pages of our beloved fill-in-the-blanks news source. With more people having dabbled in contributing to the Neopian Times for some reason or another ranging from feelings of accomplishment and self-actualization to wanting a shiny new trophy, or a little pixel animation you can flaunt on the Neoboards or whatever, more people have previous work they have submitted to the Times which have, whether they like it or not, aged. Sometimes it’s nice and nostalgic to thumb back through those pieces which have aged gracefully, but other times...

Weewoos, a History: Told Through the Caption Contest

Welcome to this very special issue of the Neopian Times! Today I have decided to educate you on an only slightly obscure part of the history of the venerable Weewoo. You’ve seen articles about them, and how-tos, and care guides, but have you ever seen a historical chronicle of Weewoo appearances in the Caption Contest? We all know that Weewoos are very cute, small, fluffy, and make wonderful newspaper mascots, but have you considered that they are also very funny? To exhibit the Weewoo through a slightly more humorous lens, I present you with this article for the 950th issue of the Neopian Times. This collection was selected to offer unique insights into this rare species, and the mischief that they get up to, that you won’t find in any other publications. Weewoos are known to be quite camera shy and the images below capture candid moments, starting from when they were first noticed around Neopia, up to the present...

9 Essential Items for Reading the 950th NT Issue

Biweekly we receive a new issue of the Neopian Times. When it comes out, we are excited to read the new articles, get TNT's opinion on the questions sent to the editorial, have fun with the new comics, enjoy some entertaining short stories and start, or keep following, a series. And nothing better to enjoy the occasion than certain items that can make this experience even more special and enjoyable! In honour of the 950th issue of the Neopian Times, we decided to gather 9 items that we consider essential for a good reading and we believe that will improve your reading experience...

Other Stories
"950 Shades of Fire - A Party to Remember" by nice_collector
It’s December, finally! On this month, Neopians celebrate the Month of Celebrating. There are dozens of events to solemnize this occasion, such as places to gather friends and have a wonderful time. But, right now, all eyes are on one specific location: the Grand Neopian Neolodge. Since the seventh Day of Celebrating of Year 20, Neopians spread all over the world were waiting anxiously for the next big party arranged by the Neopian Times CEO, in memory of the awaited Neopian Times Edition #950. The hotel chosen to shelter the most prestigious event on Neopia, as expected, was the Presidential Palace. This magnificent hotel, located on Neopia’s High Street, the heart of Neopia Central, is conveniently situated on the cradle of the local economy. Its majestic rooms and salons are completely made of gold and marble, and delicately decorated with shiny diamonds and other precious stones on...

"Prisoner 950" by dudeiloled
From a distance, Darigan Citadel appears as ominous as ever. A floating fortress engulfed in dark clouds, what many consider a blight on the Meridellian skyline. It has been years - decades, even - since war between the two areas. And yet, visits between the nations are rare, and the guards never seem to relax. Meridell Castle remains under tight security, and no one knows why they are so frightened. Those brave enough to venture into Darigan Citadel's unpleasant welcome are met with an uncomfortable atmosphere, a sense that they are biding their time... Biding their time for what? This remains unclear. Lord Darigan himself is impossible to reach, only available through his General, and some have started to speculate that war is brewing once again. In the deepest depths of Darigan Citadel's dungeons, one has been more prepared than most for such a time. And he has been preparing his prisoners, Neopets who have become almost like family to him.

"The 950th Battle" by myncithemonkey
Mako, a name that strikes fear into the hearts of his many adversaries, is a stalwart Grarrl and seasoned Battledome veteran. Born into a long lineage of Neopian generals, Mako's ancestry hailed from the windswept plateaus of prehistoric Tyrannia, while later generations of his family settled in the turbulent waters of Maraqua during periods of strife and unrest. Mako's fighting prowess is not marked by typical brute strength, but rather his versatility in different fighting styles. Mako is a quick thinker and capable of adapting to his opponents and figuring out their weaknesses. Throughout his fighting career in many Battledome tournaments, Mako easily dispatched most foes, and conquered even the toughest opponents such as the Qasalan Mummy and the Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby. Since a young age, Mako studied at both the Swashbuckling Academy and the Mystery Island Training School. Captain Threelegs always fancied Mako's intuition and eagerly...

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