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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Though determined, Jay was anything but impractical. She knew that her chances were extremely slim. But she had to try – and her stubborn nature would allow no option other than exhausting, literally, all job possibilities in town. Jay was in the middle of crossing a particularly long stretch of one of the suspended wood plank and rope bridges that connected many of the strange mountaintops that held the buildings of the town. She leaned on the rope railing, the bridge swaying slightly with her weight. Below, three different waterfalls all met in a large, singular pool. Ferns grew in large tufts on the edges of the pool, and Hegelobs, small fish-like petpets, swam about in the pool. A flock of Quintilcs flew by, their paper-like wings fluttering lazily. Shenkuu is paradise, Jay thought. But I need more than paradise. I need meaning. Purpose.

10 Ways To Have Fun Without Flash

Hey there, Neopians! As you’re all aware, we’re in a bit of a transition period with Flash being discontinued and the beta and conversion to HTML5 still an ongoing process. As of the time of this writing, Flash isn't supported on the internet any more, leading to some placeholder images around the site. Lots of things on Neopets ran on Flash, most notably games, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do on the site as the conversion is underway. Here are 10 things you can still do around Neopia for fun that you don’t have to wait on an update for: Neoboards - There are 26 different public boards to post on, each with their own set of regular users and occasionally their own board culture. It’s a fun way to get to know your fellow Neopians, and you can give yourself a unique look with avatars and signatures.

Welcome to the Vegetable Patch

It is no secret that I have a soft spot for 'vegetable' Chias (the clue is in my user name) and my little ol' veggie garden is constantly watched over by reformed Chiavore and chia champion, Chiaholic, the glorious Ghost Lupe - who makes absolutely sure that my fabulous vegetable Chias (along with their Petpets and P3s) are free to frolic peacefully in their gorgeous garden, without any fear of being nibbled, sliced or steamed. You may very well have already noticed that some vegetable types are only found in and around certain Neopian lands whilst others are not always quite so easy to identify since a few fruits are really rather sneaky - shamelessly masquerading as veggies when they are not! Fruits which are often misclassified and/or mistakenly described as vegetables include: Aubergines, Peppers and Tomatoes.

Tonu Day: Hooray!

Limited edition does not mean limited fun! Tonu Day is fast approaching and there are so many fantastic ways to celebrate these playful, boisterous pets. Neopedia references that Tonu’s “hatched from the gigantic eggs of some unknown monster,” and while we may all be scratching our heads at what kind of monster could lay an egg with something so adorable as a Tonu breaking out, there are so many better ways to celebrate Tonu day than pondering the complexities of their origin! Grab your pet and Moony and I will...

Other Stories
"Daiki's Dummy" by littledifferent
“Mama, my mana mo moo meh mark,” Daiki exclaimed, running into the kitchen. The young woman standing in front of the sink looked down at the ball of teal fluff that was her baby Yurble. “What was that dear? You know I can’t understand you with your dummy in your mouth.” Daiki sighed, pulled the blue ducky dummy from his mouth, and tried again. “I wanna go to the park!” he said. “Oh the park, well all right then, go and fetch your siblings and we’ll go as soon as I’ve finished the dishes,” his mother Aria said. “M’kay!” Daiki said, plugging the dummy back into his mouth before running off again. Upstairs, he barged straight into his big brother Ashnel’s room. “Ashy, me’re moin’ moo meh mark!” he said. The blue Bori looked up from the pile of neodeck cards he was sorting. “What?” he asked. Daiki scowled, but pulled the dummy out again. “I said we’re goin’ to the park!” he repeated. “Oh, okay,” Ashnel said. “Y’know Dai, it’d be a lot easier to understand you...

"Eadey the Pest" by bramleyhedge
It was safe to say that Ayva hated Eadey. True, the Xweetoks were sisters, but there was nothing in the rule book that said you had to love or even especially like your sister. Ayva had good reason to hate Eadey; the little yellow Xweetok was that most cardinal of sins: annoying. Eadey was loud, and excitable, and gullible, and incendiary, and very, very stupid. Their mother never called her stupid of course, it was always “unique” or “special” or “learns differently”, but as far as Ayva was concerned, those were all just nice ways of saying her sister was as dumb as a bag of rocks. Indeed, at this moment, while Ayva stood in the bathroom with her forepaws on the countertop to see herself in the mirror, she could hear Eadey screaming the house down in her room. “No no no no no no! I won’t go I won’t! You can’t make me! I’m not going! No!” Ayva sighed as she combed out her silky green fur collar. It was like this every morning. Trying to get Eadey ready for school was like...

"The Little Voice" by fallingdaybreak
Snow swirled all around Aurora as she trekked through the icy forest, clutching her cape close to her body. It was a feeble attempt to stay warm, but she didn't have any other options. The sheer cold bit Aurora as it continuously hit her grey pelt, sending chills and shivers through her entire body. It was the third village she had come into in the hopes of letting her stay amidst the blizzard. She didn't want any trouble, it was just for one day. But just like the village before and the village before that one, the locals recognized her. It didn't take long for a riot to form and for said riot to chase her out, throwing rocks and sticks at Aurora all while crying out the infamous name - Peludonio. Peludonio. The Shadow Demon, as it was more commonly known. It was a name Aurora had since grown accustomed to being called. That's what she had always been known as. No one bothered to ask about her real name, no one wanted to know more about who she was as an individual.

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