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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The winter afternoon light trickles in from outside, shining around your home. You awake barely able to keep your eyes open, deeper bruised circles outlining them. You stumble down the stairs and past the kitchen. You don’t want and can’t think about last night. The article you were supposed to write is due in three days. You have little thought of food prep and cleaning your slightly messy house. Just as you’re about to reach your study room, you hear a knock on your door. Surprise morphs into slight annoyance. You told all your friends and family to leave you be for a while. You were just fine, thank you very much. Even though you had been lying.

The Best Advent Calendar Items

It's the most wonderful time of the year. With the most wonderful time, comes the most wonderful event - the Advent Calendar! 31 days of free gifts and fun story snippets with cute animation. How can it get better than this? Today we're looking back at the past, going through the best items that have been given out by the Advent Calendar. The Long Road Home Background This prize was given out in Y20 and is a beautiful background. Dress your Neopet so they're all bundled up and ready for the journey and it's a look that can't be beat. Not to mention this background is worth a fair bit, especially for a prize that was just given to you!

Celebrating Neopets Holidays!

Finally, it’s that time of the year – The month of Celebrating! In this Article I will explain all the amazing stuff that you can do during the month of Celebrating Y22. Make sure you read everything! You don’t want to miss all the amazing surprises that TNT have in store for us this year, right? Once again, I encourage everyone to join me and enjoy all the goodies and surprises available on this special month. Don’t forget that the Advent Calendar is here, and it gives lots of cool (and free!) prizes. It is even more special this year, as it is the last year of flash. To begin with this article, I will explain the most common things you can enjoy during...

10 Reasons to Spend the Holidays on Roo Island

10 Reasons why you should spend your Holidays in Roo Island. A Most Amazing Tourist Brochure by Mr. Regularoo Totallynotkingroo. As the spirit of the Holidays spreads all around Neopia, hundreds of neopets prepare to travel to spend the week of Borovan Day and the Day of Giving in a nice destination. As any tourist, you probably want to spend the Holidays in the Jolliest, Happiest, BESTEST place on Neopia. Which is OBVIOUSLY Roo Island. Surprisingly...

Other Stories
"‘‘Twas the Season"" by harvestmoon66
Whispers softly guide me Silver conversation that twists and turns around my frame Hushing and soothing, just like my mother’s lullabies I try to open my eyes but the promise of something great if I wait keeps them shut I grasp and reach up, up, as high as my hand will go But it still fails to reach the attention of the whispers How badly I want to be there ** You awake with a start and let out a surprised cry. The room slowly comes into focus and you put a hand over your pounding green Xweetok heart. What did you dream? Not really sure what to do, you flop back into your pillows. The winter winds howl and nip at your window. You go to turn away and head back to bed. To your surprise, you curl tighter into your blankets and let out a muffled sob. The winds pick up, almost like they are matching your broken cries.

"Illusen’s Holiday Kerfuffle" by cookiez101
It was the Month of Celebrating in Meridell at last, and the town was abuzz with townsfolk shopping for gifts, carolers singing in the square, beautifully decorated festive sweets at Merifoods, and general merriment. Illusen’s glade had been busier than usual, too, with regulars and new questees alike, filled with a holiday vigour to aid their local faerie. Illusen was pleased with this thoughtful attention and had no idea what to do with the excess of quest-given items she received. Though she loved giving quests (it is her main occupation, after all), even quest-giving faeries need breaks. Illusen had felt cracks in her noble, cheery exterior that she put on for the public beginning to form. She knew she needed a vacation of sorts, or else the saccharine exterior might break completely. Unfortunately for Illusen...

"The Holiday Letters" by parody_ham
The 1st Day of Celebrating, Year 21 Dear Kate, I hope this letter finds you well. I’ve been okay, I guess. Helping the family to set up the holiday decorations this year has kept me plenty busy. My mom and dad really enjoy putting up lights in the barn and stringing them up through the rafters. It looks nice when it’s done, but boy does it take a lot of work. I’ve spent hours up in the dusty lofts stringing greens and reds up everywhere. Those light-up snowflakes mom loves so much were my next project. I attached them to the barn door where they’ve been blinking merrily. It’s funny, really. I’ve never seen a flake of snow on the Island, yet we put up handmade snowflakes every year. I guess it’s from all of those popularized Times stories with frosty windowpanes and gently falling flurries. Neither of my parents have even seen snow...

Wintery Petpets

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