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The Best Advent Calendar Items

by imbitter


It's the most wonderful time of the year. With the most wonderful time, comes the most wonderful event - the Advent Calendar! 31 days of free gifts and fun story snippets with cute animation. How can it get better than this? Today we're looking back at the past, going through the best items that have been given out by the Advent Calendar.

     The Long Road Home Background

     This prize was given out in Y20 and is a beautiful background. Dress your Neopet so they're all bundled up and ready for the journey and it's a look that can't be beat. Not to mention this background is worth a fair bit, especially for a prize that was just given to you!

     Terror Mountain Blizzard Background

     This background was a prize in Y18. It's a gorgeous background with great winter colours and the falling snow is a great effect that makes any winter customization better. This background is animated, despite being a neopoint item.


     Without a doubt, one of the cutest petpets. Given out in year 4, Snowbunnies are quite old and have actually gained popularity in the last years. Have this fuzzy creature attached to your pet for 365+ days for a cool avatar! Also one of the more valuable prizes.

     Christmas Yooyu

     This petpet was also given as a prize in year 4. It's the cheapest option if you want a Yooyu as a petpet, however, it cannot be painted. Why would you want to, though? It's absolutely adorable. If you're a fan of the Altador Cup or just Yooyuball in general, this prize was particularly exciting.


     This is a prize from Y14. This unpaintable petpet has become a sensation with various items created since his release. Who wouldn't love a fat cat with a halo?

     White Ona

     The White Ona was a prize in year 5. Like most other petpetpets given by the Advent Calendar, you're not able to paint this one. It's still incredibly adorable. A great petpet to symbolize winter, it's definitely one of our favourites.

     Purple Gift Pouch

     This was an Advent Calendar prize in Y20. Filled with Nova and Nerkmid items, it's a gambler's dream. It's a free gift with a chance at some cool prizes if you're willing to open it up! It added more excitement and surprise to the Advent Calendar.

     Seasonable Evil Coconut

     Given as a prize in year 6, the Seasonable Evil Coconut is an album item collectable that belongs on the Evil Coconuts page of your Stamp Album. While its Santa hat attempts to be festive, the nature of an evil coconut is, of course, to be evil. It tries its best to be creepy, but we have to admit it's still kind of cute - in a creepy cute way.

     El Picklesaur Plushie

     This was a prize in year 4 and depicts a Neopets staff member. Meant to be used to help your whack-a-staff member skills, it's actually an adorable representation of Mister Pickles. Scary wrestler or adorable plushie?

     Storytime Kacheek Plushie

     An Advent Calendar prize in Y19, this is one adorable plushie. Labelled as a great companion for reading a book, there's no room to disagree. An Old Man Kacheek immersed in a book with his reading glasses falling off his nose. The perfect grandpa.

     Darigan Postal Weewoo Plushie

     This plushie is a prize from Y16's Advent Calendar. It definitely gave us a chuckle. While admittedly it can look a bit scary, he's really just an angry Weewoo mailman. Intimidation is just part of its charm because he definitely got all your packages delivered on time.

     Pant Devils Evil Twin Plushie

     As a prize in Y10, this plushie may look a bit funny with its goatee, but it's a great memorial to an honourable character. He may want to be remembered as Evil, Neopians everywhere wish to be visited by the Pant Devils Evil Twin and be gifted something he stole from his brother. Maybe the plushie version wasn't quite what anyone was thinking, but it's a fun prize regardless.

     Toy Rod of Supernova

     This prize was given out from the Advent Calendar in Y10. It's a great practice toy for when you finally get an actual Rod of Supernova. You wouldn't want to look silly with such a powerful weapon in your hand. Cause we'll all get one, right?

     Rod of Supernova!!

     One of the most powerful weapons in Neopia this prize is without a doubt the best - ARGGHHH, the Pant Devil has snatched away the most incredible prize! Bah humbug. Ahh well, there's always next year…

     Festive Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion

     This Neocash item was given out in Y20 and can be used to dye a cool Neocash item one of three colours. Dyeworks are so much fun and give people the opportunity to get an item they might not otherwise have a chance at, or a colour that matches a scheme a little better. Free Dyeworks are just that much more fun.

     Twinkle Toe Skating Shoes

     An Advent Calendar prize in Y20, this Neocash item is both fashionable and fun! The subtle sparkle makes everyone a winner when skating in these Ice Skates.

     Honorable Mentions

     These are not tangible items, but valued nonetheless.

     The Plastic Fir Avatar which is given out on the first day of the Advent Calendar and the Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar is given out on a random day. They are stellar prizes for an avatar collector. Or for anyone who wants to show their holiday spirit in the coming years.

     The Winter Site Theme is awarded to you if you collect your advent calendar prizes every day! Fear not if you miss a day or two (though shame on you! Who misses out on free items?) you can unlock the site theme randomly on Terror Mountain.

     There you go, folks! The best items the Advent Calendar has given out in years past. Hopefully this shows you the value of collecting your prizes, in addition to the pure joy of surprise every day! Happy Holidays!

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