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Celebrating Neopets Holidays!

by profebest


Finally, it’s that time of the year – The month of Celebrating!

     In this Article I will explain all the amazing stuff that you can do during the month of Celebrating Y22.

     Make sure you read everything! You don’t want to miss all the amazing surprises that TNT have in store for us this year, right? Once again, I encourage everyone to join me and enjoy all the goodies and surprises available on this special month. Don’t forget that the Advent Calendar is here, and it gives lots of cool (and free!) prizes. It is even more special this year, as it is the last year of flash.

     To begin with this article, I will explain the most common things you can enjoy during this month, starting from the bottom of Terror Mountain, then going through the Ice Caves, to finally climbing to the Top of the Mountain. I will go into details to make sure you won’t miss even a single day of this amazing holiday seasons, and this also includes the NC Mall events going on right as I speak.


     1. Happy Valley

      When you first come to Terror Mountain, Happy Valley is the first place you will see. It is a very animated valley, with lots of fun things to do!

     Rink Runner

      Enjoy ice skating and singing? Rink runner is the perfect game for you! You have to help a bruce win the Annual Happy Valley Skating Competition by collecting notes on stage to impress the three judges. But beware, as the competition goes, ice tends to melt!

      Advent Calendar

      Only available during the month of Celebrating, the Advent Calendar has a nice animated clip each day during the first to the last days of the month. You can collect some special items, Neopoints, and if you can find it, secret items each day! The Advent Calendar also gives two avatars: The first one, Plastic Fir, is awarded after collecting your prize on the first day of celebrating. The second one, Seasonal Attack Pea, is given randomly during the month, if you haven’t collected your prize each day before. Be sure to visit the Advent Calendar each day to not miss those!

     Snowball Fight

      Do you prefer to build a snowman, or splashing snow on your friends? The latter of course! Be sure to dodge the snowballs and aim well for precise snow throws, but do not, in any case, throw any snowballs at the Soup or Illusen Faerie. Those nice two faeries travelled respectively from Neopia Central and Meridell to Terror Mountain, and they are kind with Neopians, so be kind to them too.

     The Scratchcard Kiosk

      Once located in the Ice Caves, the Scratchcard Kiosk moved down to Happy Valley. A yellow Wocky will greet you, offering you to buy a scratchcard for 600 neopoints. If you already have a scratchcard in your inventory, you can kindly ask the wocky to let you play! Scratching three matching symbols will get you snowballs, a random pet level increase, neopoints, a random neopet artifact, or maybe the Jackpot! If it is the first time you win, you will also get a shiny new avatar.

     Wintery Petpet Shop

      This shop is full of goodies, especially those great petpets that restocks there. Among them are 2 rare ones, which are rarity 99, meaning that they don’t stock often: We’ll first talk about the famous Candychan. It is, to me, the most beautiful Petpet ever seen on wintery petpets. Sadly, it stocks once in a blue moon, so the Candychan is barely seen. An entire month can pass and you will only see it 1 or 2 times. Another point to take into account is that this wintery petpet roughly stocks at approximately 16,000 NP. So, if you want this Petpet, you need to be super-fast, because everyone wants this beautiful petpet. If you are lucky enough to get your precious Candychan, keep in mind that this little petpet is always excited about things happening around him, resulting on them wandering a bit far off their owner, and ending lost. Keep an eye on them! The other r99 Petpet is called Snowickle. It’s also a rare creature, similar to snowager but smaller. As it is also rare, be sure to have lots of NPs on hand. The Snowickle being a smaller (and less greedy!) Snowager makes this petpet very popular. This small ice worm is therefore one of the reasons why the Wintery Petpet Shop is often visited by Neopians, who want to get these elusive petpets.


     2. The Ice Caves

      One of the paths leading to the top of the mountain. Take care of where you step, as it can be a bit slippery.

     The Snowager's Cave

      Have you seen that giant Ice Worm guarding a pile of treasures? That’s him, the Snowager!

     On this month the Snowager is on hibernation, sleeping all day, unlike the other months of the year, where he only sleeps 3 times a day. As he isn’t awake during the month of Celebrating, you will be able to get a prize every single day of December. However, you will not be able to receive the super random avatar during this month. But do not fret! On January, the Snowager goes back to its normal schedule and the avatar will be obtainable again... If this giant worm blasts you with his ice breath!

     The Neggery

      Kari, the Negg Faerie, is located in the ice caves. If you can give her some neggs, she’ll reward you with negg points. Once you gained enough Negg points, you will be able to buy other special neggs, such as the Armoured Negg, which increases your pet’s defenses.

     Top of Terror Mountain

      Finally, we are at the Top of the Mountain, and what a beautiful view! There are lots of nice things to do at the Top of the Mountain:

     Play games!

      Did you like throwing snowballs in Happy Valley? If yes, you’ll enjoy Snow Wars! This snowball fight has taken huge proportions, and you have to protect your snowmen from Lupes and Snowbeasts. If you defend your snowmen long enough, you will be able to get a nice avatar.

     However, if you prefer something with less strategy and more action, you can splat, not a Sloth, but a Darblat! If you see a Darblat sliding down Terror Mountain, aim for a precise shot, and splat snow on them!

     Snow Faerie Quests

      Taelia the Snow Faerie makes her home high in the snows of Terror Mountain.

     This special Faerie gives quests, and asks usually for 2 to 4 items. She rewards you with another item, or sometimes some Ice Cream Machine Coupons. If you complete one of her quests for the first time, you can get her as a Battledome Challenger, and earn a cool avatar too!

     Special shops

      There are 2 special shops on the top of Terror Mountain. The first one is the Igloo Garage Sales. Mika and Carasa are two Chias that stock up items from every corner of Neopia, and now they decided to sell them all, so that they can one day move to a warmer land of Neopia. You might find Codestones at a super low price, which means cheap training from the Mystery Island Training School!

     The second special shop

      Tarla’s shop of Mystery. Tarla sells her mystery bags, for a random amount of NP. You can randomly (or not) choose one, and get a random item. Sometimes, Tarla also organizes giveaways, from which you can get cool items, such as the Cloud Paintbrush, or – who knows – one piece of the Secret Laboratory Map!


     And with this, you can experience the most for this winter and holiday, awesome, right? Now, what are you waiting for? Get on celebrating this amazing spirit of Christmas on Terror Mountain. Don’t forget to go visit the Snowager!

     One last thing, if you visit the advent calendar every single day until December 31 2020, you get the ‘Tis the Season sidebar, yes! Now you can use this nice site-theme during the holidays or even in summer. Enjoy the Advent Calendar, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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