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Can't be fooled easily.

by hamster_z
BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Holiday Edition

Two friends share their gifts...

by shellshocks
Neolodge Blues

It's good to be home!

by twiddle58
Winter in Neopia

Enjoy this wintery crossword puzzle. Answers will be revealed in the next issue! Collab with itaela and freehanded

by muddywater1
Oops...I Did it Again

Almost finished! collab with theofloppy4135

by verna_
Winter Restocking

My candychan... Collab with profebest

by plagne
Help!! Mom Shouldn't Know

Just a quick question...

by romina_r
A Holiday Reminder

Food is the best part of any holiday celebrations. And the worst comes right after. Collab with fishmas and silakbo

by acara_575
Unexpected Gift

Got you a Christmas present! Collab with crazy_mia and quigglebaby

by nepocci
An Ill-fitting Gift

I hope you kept the receipt... collab with crazy_mia and necromancer_6

by quigglebaby
Where Did My Neomail Go?

Didn't you get my letters? Collab with carmyyyyy and quigglebaby

by mimiweasley
Anything Is Possible On Christmas

What do you want for Christmas this year? Collab with crazy_mia and quigglebaby

by garrafa_de_plastico
No Gifts Required

Dear Santa... Collab with carmyyyyy and quigglebaby

by gamador
Shopping Is Not That Easy

Want me to help you carry those bags? Collab with carmyyyyy and emanuelle_rockgirl

by crazy_mia
Spoons - Last Minute Gifts

Merry Christmas!

by xixiwang242

Barking up the right tree! Idea by larkspurlane

by _razcalz_
The Best Seats in the Tyrannian Concert Hall

It’s Nutcracker season!

by greyorangegrey
Advent Calendar!

Spot 7 differences! Collab with guitdb12 and vicneo2

by diblila
Those Darn Filters!!


by ramotswe
Catching Snowflakes..

A little help here?

by freehanded
The 12 Differences of Christmas

Try to spot the 12 differences in this hectic holiday scene! Collab with rorylorelai333 and muddywater1

by itaela
The Runaway Gift

A Kadoatie opens a giant gift box, but her gift soon takes off. I hope you enjoy this GIF I finished in 2010!

by jaylahcat
Holiday Trees of Neopia

Happy Holidays!

by linnipooh
Neopian Snowglobe

I wonder what life would be like in a snowglobe...

by miraday
Holiday Crossword Puzzle

Happy Holidays!

by varshajoseph
You Better Watch Out

He's making a list and checking it twice... but naughty or nice there's going to be *something* coming on Christmas...

by baiuki
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"The Holiday Letters" by parody_ham
The 1st Day of Celebrating, Year 21 Dear Kate, I hope this letter finds you well. I’ve been okay, I guess. Helping the family to set up the holiday decorations this year has kept me plenty busy. My mom and dad really enjoy putting up lights in the barn and stringing them up through the rafters. It looks nice when it’s done, but boy does it take a lot of work. I’ve spent hours up in the dusty lofts stringing greens and reds up everywhere. Those light-up snowflakes mom loves so much were my next project. I attached them to the barn door where they’ve been blinking merrily. It’s funny, really. I’ve never seen a flake of snow on the Island, yet we put up handmade snowflakes every year. I guess it’s from all of those popularized Times stories with frosty windowpanes and gently falling flurries. Neither of my parents have even seen snow...

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The Holiday Letters
College roomates Kate and Melody keep in contact during the holiday as penpals!

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Sometimes you need to learn how to accept a helping hand...

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Happy Holiday's Neopia!

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All things Borovan from food to gifts.

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The Case of the Missing Acara
Ada and Edward chase a lead downstream... Collab with acara_575 and silakbo

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Hanso's Winter
Hanso joins Fyora and Brynn for trip to Fyora's Terror Mountain winter home.

by black_skull725

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