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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Dejectedly, you begin to slowly close the tabs you've opened. One by one. You start to accept that there might be no place left for you. Reaching the last one, as your mouse approaches the close button, a message fortuitously catches your eye— a response to the post you left on the Avatar Chat. “Welcome back!” it reads, from an absolute stranger. Below it, they’ve linked guides to modern inventions you know nothing of like Food Club. You refresh. More strangers have chimed in, updating with great fervour the losses and gains and mix-ups you've missed in the years you've been away from this beloved, nostalgic pet site that marked the very foundation of your child and teenage years. And then you realize—They, too, know the solitude of having returned as an unknown to a site they held dear for many years. You sigh a sigh of relief; You are not alone after all. Today will be a new beginning.

Great Grarrls: Grarrg!

Grarrls are a fantastic species. So great, in fact, that I thought it only appropriate that we talk about one of the greatest Grarrls in Neopian history. It's ironic; although Grarrls are one of Neopia's less popular species, they are in fact the oldest of all the species, having roamed the lands of Tyrannia (for which they have a strong affinity) since the earliest days of Neopia. During this time, they have earned themselves a well-deserved reputation of fierceness. They have protected their Tyrannian lands from intruders since the dawn of Neopian time, and several of their numbers have distinguished themselves in one way or another, particularly in combat. One Grarrl deserves special mention: Grarrg!

On Returning to Neopets

It’s been a year or two or maybe ten— you don’t really remember as you log in and admire the vintage charm of the mostly-unchanged front page of Neopets.com. The News box flashes by with games you’ve never heard of and spiffy new NC Mall items for customizations scroll by, a feat you’ve never even attempted. What you do know, at least, is that it’s been four, five, six, or a hundred attempts of guessing at the fake birthday you cursed yourself with by using it for registration when you were eight. To your left, your pets are crying, “dying of hunger”— a phrase that terrified your younger self. How did you solve this again? Tap tap at your temple— aha! A quick visit to the Neolodge...

The Best Underrated Premium Collectibles

Every month, Premium subscribers receive a special, exclusive Neocash item as one of their perks. They range from clothing and accessories to trinkets and backgrounds. Some were instant hits, becoming popular as soon as they were released. Premium Collectible: Blue Moon Field Background is a prime example of a favourite of many users. Sadly, most of the other Premium collectibles wind up in people's sales, often even at a value of two items for one...

Other Stories
"Hanso's Faerie Festival Lampoon" by black_skull725
It was the opening day of the Faerie Festival, and the atmosphere in Faerieland was jubilant. Most of Neopia's faeries had gathered in a large meadow on the outskirts of Faerieland. The field was grassy with a few trees but mostly wide open. Above the field was a low hanging cloud where some of the air faeries had gathered. Many food stalls were arranged in a circle, each doling out a hearty helping of Faerie pastries, cakes, and pies. The wonderful aroma of the desserts filled the air; it would most definitely make King Skarl envious. A long picnic table sat in the middle of the circle, where Neopians indulged in a pie-eating contest. The Soup Faerie was busy concocting a new recipe on the spot. She stared intently...

"Splash into Lutari Island!" by axomus
Hi there! I'm sure you know me, as I am one of the most notable Lutaris in Neopia but, let me introduce myself again… My name is R… *a big horde of Unis passes making noise*… but you probably recognize me as the “Happy Lutari” in the stamp! I must admit, it is such a great picture of me. I am here to share with you some stories and history about the best and the most amazing place ever in Neopia, also known as Lutari Island! This mysterious paradise floats from place to place, so we often interact with another mysterious island, Dacardia! Sometimes we trade supplies and goods with them so we have a pretty solid relationship. Sadly, there is a big large storm buffeting our Island and we cannot figure out yet how to stop it! So, unfortunately...

"The Haunting of Zios" by xghoul447
An unsettling creak can be heard during nightfall on a local family farm. It wakes up Jackson, a spotted Lupe and the owner of the farm. "What is that?" Jackson wonders and gets up to check. But first, he grabs the materials he needs. An out-of-shape flashlight and a brown-vintage coat. "Honey, where are you going at this time at night?" Asks half-asleep Martha, the Green Lupe. "I have been up all night, thanks to this noise," he replied. Martha sighed. "I think I know why this is happening." "What?" Jackson grasps. Jackson took a pause and asks. "What do you mean?" "This property... is not what you think it is." Martha tells him. "It's um... haunted by the old owner, and every year on September 29th, we are cursed by him in some way..." She grabs a book...

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