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Splash into Lutari Island!

by axomus


Hi there! I'm sure you know me, as I am one of the most notable Lutaris in Neopia but, let me introduce myself again… My name is R… *a big horde of Unis passes making noise*… but you probably recognize me as the “Happy Lutari” in the stamp! I must admit, it is such a great picture of me. I am here to share with you some stories and history about the best and the most amazing place ever in Neopia, also known as Lutari Island!

     This mysterious paradise floats from place to place, so we often interact with another mysterious island, Dacardia! Sometimes we trade supplies and goods with them so we have a pretty solid relationship. Sadly, there is a big large storm buffeting our Island and we cannot figure out yet how to stop it! So, unfortunately, it's not often we get visitors. The older Neopians say the storm began after a shooting star crashed in our Island and created a Fluorescent Pool that gave off magic powers and healed people… other Neopians say that one day they woke up and the storm was there…

     But, enough about the storm… As you can imagine, this magical Island is filled with Lutari. We have a Big Parade every Lutari Day (19th day of the month of Eating) that Lutaris come from far and wide to attend! This Big Parade is the best event here in the Island, even with the storm. On this day, all the residents come to the Wheel of Happiness to dance, eat, and celebrate the holiday with hugs and fireworks. Most people think there are only Lutari residents on the island, but that's not true! Several different Neopian species have been welcomed to our island! All newcomers are painted in a special ceremony as natives of our Island with the Lutari Paint Brush. New islanders are always amazed by the fluorescent colours and amazing costumes we create with colourful feathers and berries. However, so far we have only admitted a select few species to come live with us such as Kacheeks, Tonus, Unis and Grundos. Because of the storm, it is difficult to admit many newcomers. Perhaps you are wondering why you can’t paint your pets with this amazing Paint Brush? The fact is that only Neopians who on the Island can be painted with this. Even though many Lutari Paint Brushes have been pilfered by smugglers, they cease working as soon as they leave the island. We hope that someday when the storm ends, you will be able to visit us and enjoy this beautiful colour.

     Also, I want to talk about our typical foods in the region. Our diet includes many fruits including the native fruit known as Lutango, a fruit capable of making you laugh every time you consume it. 95% of our jungles are of Lutango fruit but also we have Krakuberries and Lutari Cocos on this Island, both are as delicious as the first one. We have several different places on the Island that you can visit when you are looking to have a lot of fun:

     1. The Island Market is where you can buy supplies and souvenirs (Yes! There is where you can buy my photograph and put it in your album). If someone is getting under your skin, or if you just want to try your battle skills, you can also purchase some weapons.

     2. The Wheel of Happiness, as explained above, this wheel is at the center of the Island and where the Lutari Big Parade is celebrated. However, you can also try your luck here and win some great prizes or neopoints to spend in the market.

     3. The Bog of Chance is where residents deposit the things that don’t use anymore and other residents can take whatever they need, such as food and other useful items.

     You can swim around the Island but be careful not to swim too far! Since the Island floats in the ocean and never is in the same place twice, you might lose track of it if you aren't careful! As you can see, there are plenty of exciting things to do on the Island, but there is someone else I want to talk about. She is not a Neopet, but an air faerie called Brianna. She left Faerieland when she was young, leaving behind all her sisters, and travelled around Neopia until reached Lutari Island where she decided to stay! She arrived during the first annual Lutari Day Parade and of course, decided she loved the island so much she wanted to stay with us. With her magic, Brianna helps everyone who approaches her and… *a flying green bird pass rapidly* Oh man! Did you see that? Those beautiful birds are native to this Island and called Floobix. After each week they lose their feathers, but they grow back incredibly fast! Of course, we use all the feathers in our costumes and furniture. Sadly, this petpet species can’t survive off of the Island, so they live here in the deep jungle. The old Neopians say that if you see one you should make a wish… Go ahead! Make a Wish!

     Have you ever heard about different colour Beads? All the Neopians on the island have access to a mysterious and gorgeous artefact called the Lutari Talisman! This trinket has magical powers and can make your life much easier. However, you must find the beads of each colour to fully charge it with magical power. I am not allowed to tell you where to find them, nor the exact effect of each colour, but I can assure you that it is well worth it if you are lucky enough to complete your Talisman… Only a small number of Neopians have been able to complete their Talismans, the chosen ones!

     I think that is enough for now, I don't want to overload you with too much information to process. I just wanted to share our Island's history and culture, especially for those who are new and getting involved in our world. Perhaps one day you will be able to visit us! Once we figure out how to stop that storm and guarantee the safety of all our visitors. I hope you have a great day! Maybe someday I will be back to tell you some more of the wonderful stories that have taken place on Lutari Island! Meanwhile, please help out our neighbours in Dacardia Island, I hear they could use it. And if you do ever manage to visit Lutari Island... don’t forget to buy my picture!

     The End.

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