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Great Grarrls: Grarrg!

by aephigaming


Grarrls are a fantastic species. So great, in fact, that I thought it only appropriate that we talk about one of the greatest Grarrls in Neopian history. It's ironic; although Grarrls are one of Neopia's less popular species, they are in fact the oldest of all the species, having roamed the lands of Tyrannia (for which they have a strong affinity) since the earliest days of Neopia. During this time, they have earned themselves a well-deserved reputation of fierceness. They have protected their Tyrannian lands from intruders since the dawn of Neopian time, and several of their numbers have distinguished themselves in one way or another, particularly in combat. One Grarrl deserves special mention: Grarrg!

     Who is Grarrg?

     Don't ask this question in Tyrannia, or the local citizenry will come after you with indignation. To them, Grarrg is the stuff of legend. He is the Grand Battle Master of the six Tyrannian elders, and during the Tyrannian Invasion of Year 3, Grarrg was the fearless Commander of the Tyrannian troops. He was born to fight; from his earliest youth, he loved to battle and honed his abilities relentlessly in order to make himself a better warrior. The resourceful young Grarrl would even save his teeth and fossilize them for later use as battle weapons.

     The Legend of Grarrg

     In Year 3 of Neopian history, a great earthquake exposed a hidden tunnel between Tyrannia and the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain. For the first time, Tyrannia was exposed to the world. As a precaution, Grarrg sent a Town Council member named Myncha out to scout the mudflats north of Tyrannia; the scout soon reported back to his commander with alarming news. Large creatures were travelling in the direction of Tyrannia! In preparation for a possible attack, Grarrg recruited troops enlisting them into his forces. His foresight paid off - an invasion did indeed occur. An army of Korbat scouts led by Feemix soon attacked and were quickly repelled. They were followed in short order by further waves of attack; the battle raged on for two months, and when the dust finally settled the Tyrannian Army emerged victorious. Grarrg's reputation as a revered Commander and protector of Tyrannia was secured, and only grew in the intervening years.

     Where is Grarrg now?

     Long since retired from active duty, this grizzled old warrior can still be seen once in a while in the Tyrannian Town Hall, meeting with the elders over a plate of strawberry stone cookies and discussing important news of the day. His exploits have not been forgotten; fans will sometimes knock on the door seeking an autograph, which he is generally reluctant to give. However, your chances will be slightly improved if you bring a stone or clay tablet with you instead of paper - he likes to put his teeth marks next to his signature as a personal touch!

     Does Grarrg still fight?

     Grarrg could never retire completely from a life of warring - it is too deeply ingrained in him to turn away from it completely. He can still be found in the Battledome, and he is always looking for a good sparring partner. Despite his daunting and fearsome appearance, he is actually quite approachable. He is always willing to advise other warriors looking to hone their own abilities in the arena. His abilities are formidable - along with some unique battle techniques, he also has a vast array of specialized weaponry at his disposal. To begin with, Grarrg has the ability to grow 40 times his normal size. This technique can freeze an opponent temporarily (and figuratively) with shock if they are not familiar with it, as it is frightening to behold! He specializes in shooting out a rare "Sharp Fire Disc" which will burn anything it touches to a cinder, and is equipped with several other fire-related attack techniques, some of which he used during the Great Invasion (so they have been battle-tested). In close combat, he is known to use an "Attack Fork" to slash through his foes and cause significant damage, and even his heavy wooden shield is equipped with spikes for effective defence and added offensive capabilities. He does have a "Feather Tickler" but doesn't really like to mention it and is liable to react very badly if you bring it up yourself. I would advise not mentioning the Feather Tickler. Seriously. Just don't.

     Where can I find Grarrg memorabilia?

     This old timer is a bit of a relic these days. As newer generations come along, his fan base subsequently grows a bit smaller. Consequently, there isn't exactly a plethora of Grarrg memorabilia to be had, but there are still some choice items to be found if you are willing and tenacious enough to look for them. Take a stroll over the main shops in Neopia; the Plushie shop in the Plaza stocks three different Grarrg plushies crafted with fine attention to detail. The Grarrg plushie is complete down to his various markings and includes him holding his signature Palm Staff. There are also the Grarrg Action Plushie and the Grarrg Battle Plushie: perfect for younger neopets who love action figures. In addition, the Collectable Card shop in the Bazaar stocks Grarrg cards from time to time, and the Bookstore in Neopia Central carries a tome written by the great Grarrl himself, entitled simply "Grarrg The Great." Last but not least, the great Grarrl himself has been memorialized on a postage stamp, which is highly sought after by ardent stamp collectors everywhere and is a very valuable addition to any album.

     The Lesser-Known Grarrg

     Off the battlefield this confident, imposing warrior is actually something of a homebody. He is quiet and retiring, and would much rather spend an evening at home tending his garden than spend it going out to raucous parties or gatherings. His strong persona and threatening demeanour are reserved for the battle arena. If you are interested in learning more about him try approaching him courteously and with sufficient respect: he may tell you daring stories of his exploits on the battlefields of Neopia!


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