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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The dewy grass was cold and wet beneath her aching body. She was shivering uncontrollably from the crisp autumn wind. Her feet were blistered from the long distances she had been running, and she could go no further. She was at the end of the line. As she lay there trying to catch her breath, she closed her eyes and went over what had happened in her mind. She had done it. After all these years, she had finally done it. It wasn't planned, but she had dreamed it would happen one day and it did. She finally escaped.

A Techo-tastic Guide to Techo Toys and Trinkets!

Ah, the Techo – despite what the seriousness of the Buzzer Game would have you believe, Techos are the jesters of Neopia – just read their official description! Despite their goofiness, Techos are often mistaken as grumps, and only come in a measly 35th place in the official Neopet Popularity rankings due to this dire misunderstanding. But our amphibious friends are truly sweet at heart: just take the Techo Master as an example...

Poogle Day: Top Eight Poogle Colours Ranked

Happy Poogle Day Neopians! In honour of Poogle Day, we will be talking about the infamous Poogle that was first released all the way back in Y2. Every Neopian knows them for being cute and cuddly, but also for having razor-sharp teeth! This article was written to rank the eight must-have Poogle colours that you can get your hands on this Poogle Day. We will delve into some of the most loved, popular, unique...

What Kind of Chocolate are You?

Chocolate is a huge part of the lives of many of us; it helps us celebrate, it helps us relax, and it helps get us through some tough times. In honour of the Annual Chocolate Ball this year, why not take some time to find out which Neopian chocolate you're most like? In the personality department, that is. When it comes to what you taste like, we might have to ask the Monoceraptor about that one. Before we begin, you'll want to break out a pencil and paper or a text doc of some sort to record your answers - tally up how many times your answer corresponds with each given letter, and you're all set!

Other Stories
"Yerik's New Friend" by drgnswor
It was good to be back on land again after several months out on the high seas over Maraqua with his pirate crew. Having landed in Smugglers Cove just yesterday morning, Yerik had a couple of plans for his time on Krawk Island. He had always enjoyed his time on the water – it had been his passion since childhood – but he could not deny that he was rather looking forward to getting land legs. Despite his love for it, life on the high seas was very hard work. Even though he only had a limited amount of time here, he wanted to make the most of his time on Krawk Island and that usually meant eating and making merriment at his favourite (and the only) restaurant on the island – The Golden Dubloon.

"4l UFT For Anything" by alli_draggy
My name is Cuvi, and I'm so excited! I'm meeting my new owner today, and I've heard that she's great. My owner is leaving, so she wanted me to go to a good home before she left. I'm going to be adopted by some nice Neopian called Kayla, and she's going to train me for the Battledome and enter me in contests and feed me gourmet foods and paint me Stealthy! This is going to be so cool, I know she's going to keep me forever. I'm having so much fun! Kayla’s had me for several months now, and I'm having a great time! She painted me Stealthy and we did some Faerie Quests, even one for the Fountain Faerie! I haven't been in the Rainbow Fountain yet though, she wants to save it...

"The Wise King and The Wise Guy Wocky" by aracro
Some odd years ago, in the lush, prehistoric jungles of Tyrannia. There was a wocky who could beat any other Tyrannian pet in a contest of brains. This Wocky could speak very fluent Neopian and could read almost any book. But the other Tyrannian pets hated this gifted Wocky. They were jealous of his brains and looked down on him for his lack of brawn. They would call him; “Ugga Ugh Argh!” A nickname that the Wocky grew to resent. The Wocky began to resent his Intelligence like the others did. So he would hide his genius and only let his wit show through biting sarcasm and an apathetic attitude. Until one very peculiar night. “Uggah flood Uggah!!” The village leader shouted...


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