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Yerik's New Friend

by drgnswor


It was good to be back on land again after several months out on the high seas over Maraqua with his pirate crew. Having landed in Smugglers Cove just yesterday morning, Yerik had a couple of plans for his time on Krawk Island.

     He had always enjoyed his time on the water – it had been his passion since childhood – but he could not deny that he was rather looking forward to getting land legs. Despite his love for it, life on the high seas was very hard work. Even though he only had a limited amount of time here, he wanted to make the most of his time on Krawk Island and that usually meant eating and making merriment at his favourite (and the only) restaurant on the island – The Golden Dubloon.

     Yerik wiped his beard with a sleeve after taking a swig of Krakuberry Grog, emptying the mug.

     “One more, Cap’n.”

     “Ye fought off any more wild Plathydons lately, ‘Rik?” Captain Hackett, the owner of The Golden Dubloon, grinned at his fellow Lupe as he came over with a fresh new mug of Krakuberry Grog.

     “Hah! One a week. Two if I get lucky,” Yerik roared with sarcastic laughter as he grabbed the grog from Captain Hackett’s golden hook with great enthusiasm.

     “If ye can bring me a live one – over 200 lbs – ye next meal’s on me, matey,” Captain Hackett shot Yerik a cheeky wink with his one good eye. The other was covered by a black eye patch.

     Wild giant Plathydons were usually nuisances of the sea as they had a tendency to tamper with ships in an attempt to overturn them. Yerik famously fought off the largest giant Plathydon in recorded history – or so he claims – last year and the residents of Krawk Island had not forgotten.

     Yerik held up his mug in cheers. “Aye, drinks included too or no dice!”

     “Deal,” Captain Hackett chuckled and shook the Pirate Lupe’s paw, tipping his black hat before moving on to serve another customer. Yerik tapped his white polka dot red bandana in response – a deal was made.

     With his belly full and system sufficiently hydrated, Yerik left the restaurant for an evening stroll around the wharf to walk off the hearty food and drinks. There was always something to see at the Warf Wharf. Excitement and loud chanting were constantly erupting from the Krawps and Krawk Cup games. Islanders also came in and out of the Food Club frequently to cast their bets and cheer on the professional eaters. Gooblah was usually a good bet but upsets happen so sometimes it got a tad rowdy but it was all in good nature.

     “Get yer lil nippers ‘ere,” the Blue Kyrii shopkeeper called out. He noticed Yerik passing by and was quick to make his pitch. “Petpet for ye today, mister?”

     The Kyrii shoved a Pawkeet, a Krikket, and a Blibble into Yerik’s arms before he could say no. “What’re ye after, sir?”

     Yerik’s head bobbed in surprise as a Pirakeet flew right out from behind the Kyrri and hopped on his head before settling down on his left shoulder. The Pirakeet on his shoulder and the Pawkeet in his arms immediately began pecking and squawking at each other, feathers flying everywhere. The hapless Blibble just sat tight, smiling and oblivious while the Krikket tried to join in on the fuss.

     “Cute one? Loyal one? Something for ye shoulder? What do ye want, I got everythin’,” the Kyrii started to bring out more Petpets and Yerik had to stop him.

     “Aye, I ain’t in the market for a Petpet, I’m ‘fraid,” Yerik handed the Petpets carefully one by one back to the shopkeeper.

     “How ‘bout a Swabby? Good companion and useful too,” the Kyrii made one last attempt. ‘E can mop the floors of ye ship while ye sleep.”

     Yerik politely refused and went on his way. He paused outside the eerily quiet Bilge Dice. Once upon a time, there was also a big commotion at the Bilge Dice game too but it has been closed for renovation for quite some time now. Yerik wondered if it would ever be up and running again as he loved popping in for a game whenever he was on Krawk Island.

     As he stood there deep in thought, he felt something rub against his ankle. He glanced down and a blue bird-like creature was pecking intensely at his trousers. Its beak was small but sharp and opened the stitches of a patch on the fabric of the pant leg.

     “Argh, what ye doin’,” Yerik scolded the stray creature, moving it away slightly with his hind leg. “Stop right now!”

     It tried to come back for his ankle so Yerik hastily picked it up with one paw and held it by the scruff of its neck at a safe distance. It flapped and swished its tree-like tail wildly in protest.

     “Ye a Palmplat,” Yerik looked the Petpet straight in the eye. “What’re ye doing by yeself out here?”

     Yerik set it down on a nearby barrel and glanced at the flap of patching on his pants that had been undone by the mischievous thing. His trousers were already tattered and patched up beyond recognizability after years of wear but this was the last straw. It was on its last legs. He had to go to local tailor at Krawk Fashions for a new pair.

     “Aight, you stay here and wait for ye owner,” Yerik gave the Palmplat one last wary look before heading off.

     The Palmplat was still, staring at the Lupe with wide eyes as he left.

     An hour passed and with his brand new pants in hand, Yerik realized he had to head back to his ship. The crew was due to set sail once again before nightfall so he must hurry. As he approached the dock, he paused for a second to find his ship. That was when he heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet behind him. He turned around and looked down, and to his disbelief, he saw the very same Palmplat from before approaching him, its leafy tail wagging happily behind it. He must have walked for at least two miles – how could this little Petpet have followed him all the way here?!

     “What are ye doing ‘ere. Don’t ye have an owner?” Yerik asked but, of course, the Petpet did not understand his words. It only chirped merrily.

     “Go home,” Yerik waved the bird away but that only caused it to flap and flutter towards him.

     “What am I going to do with you?” Yerik furrowed his brow at the bird that had now firmly planted itself comfortably into its resting place on his shoulder.

     The Palmplat nibbled his ear in response.

     Yerik was at a loss as to what to do about the Palmplat. As he said to the Little Nippers shopkeeper before, he was not in the market for a Petpet yet he could hardly leave this helpless little Petpet to roam by itself around the busy wharf…

     “Welp, I guess that decides it,” he scooped up the silly bird in his paws. “Ye coming with me.”

     With that, Yerik climbed up the ladder to his ship with his new little friend in tow.

     The End.

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