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What Kind of Chocolate are You?

by skatabo


Chocolate is a huge part of the lives of many of us; it helps us celebrate, it helps us relax, and it helps get us through some tough times. In honour of the Annual Chocolate Ball this year, why not take some time to find out which Neopian chocolate you're most like?

     In the personality department, that is. When it comes to what you taste like, we might have to ask the Monoceraptor about that one.

     Before we begin, you'll want to break out a pencil and paper or a text doc of some sort to record your answers - tally up how many times your answer corresponds with each given letter, and you're all set!

     1. What's your studying style?

     A) I try to do it whenever my friends can be there with me.

     B) I make a habit out of doing it consistently.

     C) I do it if I feel like it.

     D) I cover what I need to and leave it at that.


      2. When you go outside, you like to dress:

     A) To look your best.

     B) To be comfortable.

     C) To show your style.

     D) You just wear whatever's clean.


      3. A little boy is crying on the sidewalk alone. What is your first reaction?

     A) Check if he's hurt.

     B) Find out who made him cry.

     C) Try to make him laugh.

     D) Ask him where his parents are.


      4. You're at the cinema. What kind of movie catches your eye the most?

     A) A romance.

     B) An action movie.

     C) A comedy.

     D) I'm actually at home, watching movies in my bed.


      5. You're eating at a fancy restaurant with your friends. What will you order?

     A) I'll ask the waitress what she recommends.

     B) Something hearty and flavourful to tickle my tastebuds.

     C) Something that I haven't tried before, but looks good.

     D) Something healthy that won't fill me to bursting.


      6. Your friend has made a meal. Unfortunately, you don't think it's very good. She asks, "How is it?" You say:

     A) "It's good!"

     B) "It... could be better."

     C) "I really like the plates!"

     D) Just smile.


      7. You're going on your dream vacation. Which description fits it best?

     A) A get-together with my friends in a safe place with lovely weather.

     B) I'd want to see the most famous places in the world for myself.

     C) Somewhere interesting neither me nor my friends have ever been so I can bring back a great story.

     D) A quiet getaway in a beautiful location, where I can explore at my own pace.


      8. Do you prefer to be busy, or have lots of free time?

     A) Lots of free time to relax!

     B) I like to keep myself occupied.

     C) Only if it's something I'm passionate about.

     D) A healthy mix of both.


      9. How do you primarily use Neopets?

     A) I mostly use it as a way to chat with friends.

     B) I like to improve my account and pets.

     C) I do whatever seems fun at the time.

     D) It's complicated.


      10. You encounter a person who has just called you a rude name. You:

     A) Say nothing and move past them.

     B) Confront them.

     C) Insult them back.

     D) Throw a witty remark their way.


      11. In a similar vein, which of these insults would bother you the most?

     A) Selfish

     B) Lazy

     C) Boring

     D) Stupid

     Finally, if any of the letter categories are tied (or just for fun), answer this bonus question!


      12. For your good deeds, the Oracle decides to bestow one special boon upon you. Which do you choose?

     A) You get one chance to go back in time and change something in your past.

     B) You no longer need to sleep, but you still can if you wish.

     C) You can transform your body once in any way you like. This change is permanent.

     D) You will acquire a photographic memory.


     Now, onto the results!

      If you got mostly A's...

     You're a Chocolate Coated Marshmallow!

     You're compassionate, and you have a good sense of humour, even if you don't realise it. You're always making others around you feel at ease. You have a sunny, positive outlook, and you have a vitality that raises the lowest spirits with your natural magnetism. Yet, for all your great cheer, criticism can hurt you deeply. Don't forget that remembering the good things people say is at least as important as remembering the bad, if not more so!

     If you got mostly B's...

     You're a White Chocolate Nova!

     You're an individual with a strong sense of justice. People may look to you for stability. You usually get what you want in time, whether that's through a silver tongue or sheer determination. People respect your fortitude, although they may feel intimidated by you, or maybe even a little jealous. . You recognise that the greatest victory of all is proving your detractors wrong. Don't forget, though, that sometimes moderation is key. Appreciating the little things is just as important as the big picture!

     If you got mostly C's...

     You're a bowl of Chocolate Soup!

     You're not much for conformity. You're a little rebellious and defying the status quo comes naturally to you. You like to keep your distance from unified groups and forge your own path in life. Some folks may find you disagreeable, even selfish, but others respect and admire your inner strength. Remember, though - sometimes things are the way they are for a reason! Fight your battles wisely, and with conviction!

     If you got mostly D's...

     You're a Chocolate Ixi Leaf!

     You're very calm indeed! You're great with facts, and you carefully evaluate the information you have before making decisions. People may find you a touch cold at times. They may think you don't like them, but that's often not true - you're just more hands-off than most. Not that leaves have hands or anything. Still, it may be good to be more open about your thoughts and intentions around the people you care about, just so they know how much you really appreciate them!

      I hope you enjoyed taking the quiz! If you're curious about my own results, I got the Chocolate Ixi Leaf.

     If you have any tips or suggestions for future content, please let me know!


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