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A Techo-tastic Guide to Techo Toys and Trinkets!

by aliiwa


Ah, the Techo – despite what the seriousness of the Buzzer Game would have you believe, Techos are the jesters of Neopia – just read their official description! Despite their goofiness, Techos are often mistaken as grumps, and only come in a measly 35th place in the official Neopet Popularity rankings due to this dire misunderstanding. But our amphibious friends are truly sweet at heart: just take the Techo Master as an example. Despite his icy veneer, his inner goofball is revealed every time he sticks his tongue out at you while you desperately try to concentrate on the buzzer (we all know we’ve spent more time than we’d wish hunting for that game avatar!).

     We can overcome this smear campaign against our goofy friends by stocking our plushie and toy galleries full of their merchandise to show the world that Techos are just here to have a good time! Here, I’ve created a handy guide to those seeking to fill their galleries with Techo-themed toys and trinkets. We begin our deep dive into the most fun-filled Techo items of Neopia in a price range that can be achieved by playing some of our favourite Techo-themed games, and end with a survey of the most epically rare Techo items that only the most devoted fanatic may be able to find.

     Entry-level Techo Fanatic

     These items can be acquired for less than 1,000 NP each. If we round each item to 1,000 NP, this section comes out to 18,000 NP total, meaning that all of these items can be yours if you manage to get through NeoQuest II twice on Normal or once on Evil! (Let’s be honest: we all know that Velm carries the team with his Healing and Group Shielding skills.) These items are appropriate for even the most frugal Neopian, and will make an excellent foundation for your Techo Toys and Trinkets gallery. At this price range, you’ll find that toys outnumber plushies: this works to your advantage, as you won’t need to compete with the plushie-collectors of Neopia to acquire these items.

     Plushies: Faerie Techo Plushie, Island Native Techo Plushie, Blue Techo Plushie, Disco Techo Plushie

     Toys: Techo Master Hand Puppet, Drinking Techo Toy, Techo Says Ball, Techo Says Home Version, Techo Says Top, Wind-up Techo Thief, Glowing Techo Puzzle, Clockwork Techo, Plastic Techo Figures, Techo Boomerang, Techo Kite, Reject Techo Toy, Techo Says Bobblehead, Techo Fan Sticker

     True Techo Fanatic

     These items can usually be acquired for between 1,000 and 10,000 NP each. If we average them out to 5,000 NP each, all 11 items will set you back by 55,000 NP. But never fear! Simply score 100 points or more in The Buzzer Game three times a day and this goal will only take you a few weeks to achieve. This strategy is certain to please our Techo friends, as they believe that the true joy of Techo collecting is the fun you have along the way! At this price range, you’ll notice plushies start to become over-represented. As we work up the price ranks, you’ll need to compete with more and more plushie collectors, but we won’t need to worry about competing for our Techo treasures on the Trading Post or Auctions until much later.

     Plushies: Fire Techo Plushie, Glowing Techo Plushie, Plushie Techo Plushie, Techo Master Plushie, Shadow Techo Plushie, Techo Mummy Monster Plushie, Green Techo Gnome Plushie, Wraith Techo Plushie, Halloween Techo Plushie

     Toys: Simple Techo Slingshot, Sticky Techo

     Ultra Techo Fanatic

     These items will cost you 10,000 to 100,000 NP per item: we’re entering ultra-fan territory here. As you can see, competition with plushie collectors will now start to become fierce: but stay true! Perhaps you can spend some time restocking at the otherwise abandoned Chesterdrawers’ Antiques – Alabaster could use the company.

     Plushies: New Years Techo Plushie, Darigan Techo Plushie, Pirate Techo Plushie, Mutant Techo Plushie, Baby Techo Plushie, Maraquan Techo Plushie, Red Techo Plushie

     Toys: Techo Says Game Table, Angry Techo Garden Gnome

     Devoted Techo Fanatic

     A mere 6 items appear in this tier for the most devoted Techo fans. These items will cost you between 100,000 and 1,000,000 NP each. One strategy for this category is simply patience: by consistently participating in Trudy’s Surprise and Food Club, you should be able to steadily reach your Techo milestones within a few months’ time. For those with Premium, battling Jetsam Ace and selling your daily Nerkmid hauls can be a lucrative source of funding for your new Techo addiction.

     Plushies: Yellow Techo Plushie, Angry Techo Plushie, Green Techo Gnome, Green Techo Plushie, Rainbow Techo Plushie

     Toys: Techo Fanatic Action Figure

     Radiant Techo Fanatic

     These 3 items will cost you more than one MILLION NP a piece. But think of it this way: if you had been playing Techo Says three times a day since it was released at the dawn of Neopets, you could have had 22 million Neopoints by now!

     Plushies: Magical Starry Techo Plushie, Baby Techo Bobblehead, Tyrannian Techo Plushie

     Obsessive Techo Fanatic

     These items include the rarest of the rare Techo toys and trinkets. Four of these plushies were released during an exclusive promotion in 2001, and are only sporadically sighted on the Trading Post: the Silver Techo Plushie, the Starry Techo Plushie, the Striped Techo Plushie, and the White Techo Plushie. To obtain these rare plushies, you’ll need to remain vigilant and scour the Trading Post and Auctions daily to find a good deal.

     And finally, the rarest of the rare: the one, the only, the Techo Says Gravestone Plushie! This exclusive plushie was briefly sighted in the Neopets News back in 2005, but has never been sighted on the Trading Post, Auctions, or Shop Wizard since. This plushie pays homage to an important piece of Techo history: Techo Says was the first game ever added to Neopia, and was eventually retired to the Games Graveyard. After an uprising from Neopia’s various Techo fanatics, TNT kindly reinstated the game to its former glory in the Games Room, where it’s still available to play today! Will you become the ultimate Techo fan by unearthing this plushie from its unknown depths?

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