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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Harker now found himself on his way to the Meridell Dungeons, far below the Castle of King Skarl. He passed the King’ treasurer – tossing large silver coins into the air with a toothy grin – and several magicians gathered around a bubbling beaker. One particularly handsome Lupe – an apprentice judging by his youthful looks – leaned too close to the beaker and inhaled some of the steam up his nose, which promptly grew treble its ordinary size. The Lupe gave a loud shriek and the red Draik beside him hooted with laughter, nearly knocking over the beaker in his amusement. Their teachers – one Zafara that Harker vaguely recognised as the potion-maker called Kayla, and the other a yellow Aisha – simultaneously gave their apprentices each a hefty whack on the upside of their heads.

The Secrets TNT Doesn't Want Us to Know

Many of us are aware that behind Neopia there’s a team of hardworking people bringing us stability and moderation whenever it’s needed, along with a bunch of mischievous Meepits waiting for a chance to submerge everything into chaos and bugs… a lot of bugs. However, there’s also a lot of stuff TNT is hiding for us, so users don’t get an advantage over other players. That’s why I, a veteran, decided to uncover some of the most-sheltered secrets TNT never speaks about...

The Fyora Question: Lesser-Known Scandals

FAERIELAND—Fyora has faced an onslaught of opposition in recent weeks, with growing calls for her to step down and pass her collection of pink-orbed staves to a more worthwhile governess. In the wake of the so-called “Mr. Krawley incident”, everyone from King Altador to Queen Amira – once allies of the Faerieland monarch in the Council of Neopian Nations – have written scathing op-eds on the Faerie Queen; even Brynnso is calling for her resignation. Fyora has been marred in many scandals during her...

BREAKING NEWS: Queen Fyora Steps Down from Throne

[FAERIELAND, 1st of Eating Y22] Queen Fyora has stepped down from the throne to pursue a career in making sculptures out of food. She plans to work with cheese, chocolate, and more. Because of this, she is moving to Neopia Central, where lots of food shops are close by. Residents of Faerieland are quite surprised by the decision, and say they “miss her already.” One Neopet said that “she should be pursuing a career in modelling, not edible arrangements...

Other Stories
"The Greatest Prank of All" by mystie06
The Greatest Prank of All To: Jhudora and Illusen From: Queen Fyora Dear Illusen and Jhudora, The month of Eating is fast approaching, and with it, April Fool's Day. Given your behaviour over the last couple of years, I realize that asking the two of you not to play pranks on each other is a waste of time, so I am merely asking you not to do anything that would cause a diplomatic incident between Meridell and Faerieland.

"Stolen Crown Chronicles" by devotedly
Fyora sat on her throne and gazed out of the window of her castle. She had just answered thirty-odd questions regarding Faerieland and the upcoming Faerie Festival and she was exhausted. She pulled her crown off her head and placed it into her lap. “Oh, I wish I could just have some time off to myself and someone else could rule over Faerieland for a while,” she sighed. As soon as the words left her mouth, Jhudora appeared!

"Queen Lyra: The Beginning" by precious_katuch14
“Hello, Lyra. Thank you for coming.” The dark faerie with cropped hair walked into the Faerie Palace throne room slowly, her echoing footsteps the only sound for a few moments until Lyra stopped in front of the raised dais leading to the throne and curtseyed perfectly. “What did you need, Your Majesty?” Fyora looked at Lyra with a fond smile, and Lyra was suddenly aware of the lines on Fyora’s face...

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A Royal Send Off: Fyora's Bucket List
With Queen Fyora's sudden announcement of her retirement, one has to wonder how she would fill the voids in her day that were previously dominated by government and royal functions. In collaboration with Black_Skull725.

by parody_ham


BREAKING NEWS: Queen Fyora Steps Down from Throne
Queen Fyora has stepped down from the throne to pursue a career in making sculptures out of food. She plans to work with cheese, chocolate, and more. Because of this, she is moving to Neopia Central, where lots of food shops are close by.

by _brainchild_


Fyora's Plan
Wait... It's who?Drawn by tifnkittygrundler.

by 1337_masta


Interview with the Happiness Faerie
A tall, slender faerie with olive-green skin nervously stared into a mirror. She was quickly swaying back and forth, trying to keep herself from pacing the stuffy reception area. With Fyora abdicating, interviews were being held to find her successor.

by rocksysmom


Oh, like YOU immediately knew what it meant
Words can be tricky...

by alphachicky

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