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Hi Team! Any chance we can remove stamps from our album like the neodeck current set up? I'd like to remove my Coltzan stamp and sell it to someone who would love the avatar more than me. This will bring back retired stamps back into circulation for everyone to enjoy as well. ~5tar
Although we can't say never, because you never know, this is extremely unlikely. Stamps were set up that way so that once they are used in your stamp album they are "stuck".

Hello! Soooo, I know certain Petpets are rare. But as a VERY avid petpet collector trying to 'catch them all' I feel like certain ones just do not get restocked in the shops. Do R99 Petpets get restocked less than other R99 items in the game? Thanks! *Runs off to be the best, the best there ever was* ~happy_dog_1995
Hi! All R99 would have the same restock rates as all other R99s do, so R99 petpets would not be more rare than say a R99 weapon when it comes to restocking, however both would be considered rare on the site. So all Petpets (other than retired petpets or ones that came from events, plots, advent calendar, contests or in other limited ways that we might have given out, should restock pretty much the same way as anything else on the site. Good luck with your collection!!

Hi TNT. I recently started playing Neopets again because I missed it. At first, I couldn't remember my old account information, so I made a new one. Now that I remember my old account and have access to it again, I wish to make it my side account. Is it okay to transfer all of my old items and Neopoints to my new account somehow? Or perhaps donate everything? Thank you. ~ bellechanterelle
That is fantastic you were able to get into your old account. Since it is your old main account (from the sounds of it), that would be perfectly fine to move your items from your old account to your new main account.

I just recreated a Neopets account after many years away, but it seems as if most games, the maps, and the pound are not working! Am I confused, or is it on my end??? ~ hillaryhilton
Hi, this is because in December 2020 flash will no longer be supported so a lot of browsers are actually disabling it by default so make sure you go into your preferences and enable flash for Neopets. If that still does not work, try a different browser. You can also click the little "i"/”Not secure” on the left in the URL bar and allow flash (you might want to try this even if you have flash enabled on the browser).

Hey you guys, you answered the question of renaming pets recently - please address the question of "unconverted pets" now - is there any chance we will be seeing an unconverted paint brush released in the NC mall at any point? How about a premium item that people can buy with NC and sell for NP? Do you guys have any interest in releasing an item like that? ~justanotherperson1
Here is a quote from Scrappy on this: I was asked why they don't work in our system. As I clarified, it has nothing to do with making them customizable (they'd never be able to be, even if the pets themselves did work in our system, due to the different poses). The clothing references were for pet's actual paint brush colours, from the full Royal ensembles to Aisha collars, we'd have to make those work too. Now, saying they won't work in our system is definitely true (trust me, I use this system setting up paintbrush colours all of the time). As I said before, we have to manually tell the system to ignore the way it should be done and pull up the static image instead for that particular pet. It's not something we can just put out a paintbrush for and have you be able to do it, it just doesn't work that way. As for why we won't make it work in the system, if we even could do it, it would take a LOT of time and resources, for something that we no longer support. That decision was made a long time ago, and it hasn't changed - officially, UC pets are retired. The ones that exist, exist and will stay that way until they are converted, but new or already converted pets will stay converted. I know many of you want them back, and I'm sorry, but our stance on them hasn't changed. All I was doing with the previous question was providing more information on a specific aspect of how they work.

I've been refreshing at the Meridell dump for hours -- is there a glitch with the current system or is the avatar still working as expected? Is there any way to make the items a little more common, if so? :c Thank you so much! You all rock! ~creambiskit
Hi! After consulting with our lead programmers we can confirm the Meridell dump is working as expected and users have in fact been awarded the avatar. Good luck!

Hi team! What's up with "King Hagan’s Crown"? No, really, that's what it's called now. Fix? ~lil_jen_aside
Thank you for bringing that to our attention! Those darn Meepits must be at it again. All fixed now!

Hi TNT. April is here and Lutari Day just ahead and also you know what? A Maraquan Lutari. Right!? Please TNT, create a Maraquan Lutari for this year. Please! Thanks in advance! ~paco_39
hmmm that is a great idea I'll definitely see what I can do... but no promises!

Is there any chance that the Altador Cup might come a little sooner? Since we're all inside for a while, some AC games would just hit the spot. Thanks and stay well! ~neohomeninja
Hahah I know just how you feel I love AC too! Unfortunately, we already have quite a few events to prepare for at the moment. Since the Altador Cup is one of our biggest and most difficult events to set up, we can't release it any sooner.

*gives 12 identical and beautifully decorated Vandagyre cookies* Dear Aesop, Scrappy, kikocat and the whole editorial team, thank you so much for the latest Dyeworks items! Such lovely items arriving right when we need a little morale boost. :) In particular, as a vandagyre fan, I am so grateful for the new versions of Spring Teal Sandals and Garden Tea Parasol. Since vandas cannot wear the originals, it's such a treat to get nicely fitted and thoughtfully colored versions that are wearable. *smiley face, tears of joy, jazz hands* However, can it be that when making the Dyeworks of Star Dust Wig vandagyres were overlooked? *sobs, flips table, shouts WHYYY?!?* Sadly, after excitedly dyeing my Star Dust Wig, it appears that the wig does not appear in the customization window for any of my many (very many, but never enough) vandas. Please, to you, Donnie, the art team, Queen Fyora, can this be remedied? Thank you. ~skuria99
Hello there! Yes, we sadly realized this as well, we are hoping to get this fixed soon!

Can we get more pet slots because of the quarantine? Pretty please? ^__^ ~erica_xi
Haha I wish! Unfortunately, adding pet slots is not as simple and easy as one may think. It actually requires A LOT of work. However, it is definitely in our mind's eye as something we may add in the future. Currently, most of our focus is on keeping the site going with events, continuing to release new content, and building the mobile site.

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