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"The Greatest Prank of All" by mystie06
The Greatest Prank of All To: Jhudora and Illusen From: Queen Fyora Dear Illusen and Jhudora, The month of Eating is fast approaching, and with it, April Fool's Day. Given your behaviour over the last couple of years, I realize that asking the two of you not to play pranks on each other is a waste of time, so I am merely asking you not to do anything that would cause a diplomatic incident between Meridell and Faerieland.

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Queen Lyra: The Beginning
“Hello, Lyra. Thank you for coming.” The dark faerie with cropped hair walked into the Faerie Palace throne room slowly, her echoing footsteps the only sound for a few moments until Lyra stopped in front of the raised dais leading to the throne and curtseyed perfectly.

by precious_katuch14


The Greatest Prank of All
Queen Fyora has had enough of Jhudora and Illusen's pranks...

by mystie06


Who Knows The Next Faerie Queen?
NEWS FLASH! Fyora is abdicating! And after checking the dictionary to see what that means, it’s even BIGGER news! Fyora has decided to no longer be the Faerie Queen and queen of Faerieland!

by pikachu315111


BREAKING NEWS: Queen Fyora Steps Down from Throne
Queen Fyora has stepped down from the throne to pursue a career in making sculptures out of food. She plans to work with cheese, chocolate, and more. Because of this, she is moving to Neopia Central, where lots of food shops are close by.

by _brainchild_


The Coronation
We're lucky that the new ruler of Faerieland is ever so kind and just! (Full size on my petpage)

by anastole


Dinner with the Scarlets: Abdication Aggravation
Being a reporter in Neopia isn’t all that straightforward.

by june_scarlet

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