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BREAKING NEWS: Queen Fyora Steps Down from Throne

by _brainchild_


[FAERIELAND, 1st of Eating Y22]

      Queen Fyora has stepped down from the throne to pursue a career in making sculptures out of food. She plans to work with cheese, chocolate, and more. Because of this, she is moving to Neopia Central, where lots of food shops are close by. Residents of Faerieland are quite surprised by the decision, and say they “miss her already.” One Neopet said that “she should be pursuing a career in modelling, not edible arrangements since she’s so beautiful.”

     Fyora has chosen a Gelert named Celandra to be her replacement. Celandra was formerly Fyora’s maid but is now the queen of Faerieland. Residents are “cautiously optimistic” about the replacement. One Neopet said that he “trusts Fyora’s judgement.”

     [FAERIELAND, 3rd of Eating Y22]

      Queen Celandra has quit after only two days. She says that being a queen is “much more work than she had anticipated,” and that the job is “overwhelming.” Residents are “unimpressed” by Celandra’s decision to quit her job after so little time. “Some work ethic,” commented one.

     Celandra has chosen her friend, a Gelert named Influir, to replace her as the queen of Faerieland. Rumour has it that Influir is “snobby and spoiled,” so residents are feeling uneasy about her arrival. “I want Fyora back instead of some brat hoarding more Neopoints for herself than all of the residents of the city combined,” commented one Neopet.

      [FAERIELAND, 5th of Eating Y22]

      Queen Influir is reportedly turning out to be the spoiled brat that everyone was afraid of. She is doing absolutely no work, rudely orders her “servants” around, and talks down to them all the time. Therefore, several of her employees have quit. When a castle employee accidentally brought back the wrong item from Faerie Foods, she yelled, “You imbecile! I wanted a Veggie Faerie Burger! Mistakes like this are why YOU are stuck working for ME!!!” Then she threw the food at the poor employee and stormed out of the room.

     Influir insists upon eating only gourmet food and wants nothing but Veggie Faerie Burgers every single day. She claims that her diet of veggie burgers is her secret to “staying skinny.” As a result, the supply of Veggie Faerie Burgers in Faerieland is very low. One day, a staffer could not find any more for her and got screamed at when he brought back the bad news. “I WANT A VEGGIE FAERIE BURGER!!!” she insisted. “Go back over to Faerie Foods THIS INSTANT and tell that lazy Earth Faerie to make MORE for the all-important ruler of Faerieland, Queen Influir!”

      [FAERIELAND, 9th of Eating Y22]

      Reports have come in that Queen Influir has been embezzling massive amounts of Neopoints from the city treasury to fund her personal expenses. So far, she has spent 10 million Neopoints on travel expenses (including a trip to Mystery Island to see the Hikalakas perform), 2 million Neopoints on hair extensions, 1 million Neopoints on a spa day, and 500,000 Neopoints for red lipstick. She also stole a Royal Paint Brush from the Hidden Tower just to get the paint brush clothes, and, when the tailor messed up her Royal Girl Gelert Skirt, she threw a tantrum at him and stole another Royal Paint Brush to get a replacement skirt. She barged her way into the Rainbow Fountain twice for cross-painting purposes, rudely pushing Naia out of the way and disregarding Neopians who had actually taken the time to complete quests to get a reward from Naia. “I’m the queen of Faerieland, so I can paint myself whenever I WANT, and YOU can’t stop me!” she yelled. Now Influir is a Pastel Gelert with Royal Girl clothes and Lost Desert Gelert earrings.

     As a result of Influir’s corruption and entitled attitude, there are currently massive protests in the streets right now. Thousands of angry Faerieland residents are chanting, “Bring back Fyora!” while waving homemade signs and wearing purple to stand in solidarity with their former queen. Of course, Influir couldn’t stand the noise outside her castle, so she ordered her guards to each grab a Focus of Imminent Destruction from the Hidden Tower and “deal with the protesters.” They refused because they didn’t want to injure the citizens, so she screamed at them for “insubordinate behaviour,” then grabbed a Focus herself and sent the protesters packing. Meanwhile, the Gelert Doctor in Neopia Central has been overwhelmed by patients who have sustained injuries from Influir’s wrath.

      [FAERIELAND, 11th of Eating Y22]

      Queen Influir couldn’t stand the unrest from the “disobedient” citizens. Therefore, she went looking for a magical artefact she could use to subdue them. She found an item, which she named the “Hypnotic Pendulum,” and used it to hypnotize all of the citizens into believing that Fyora never existed and that Influir is their “supreme ruler.” Therefore, the protests have ceased while everyone waits on Influir hand and foot.

     One day, when Influir was gone on another one of her expensive vacations, Jhudora broke into the palace and stole the Hypnotic Pendulum. Then she used it to hypnotize Neopians into bringing her ingredients for her spells. No one knows exactly what the spells are for, but most of Faerieland’s residents are in agreement that Jhudora’s magic is “questionable at best.”

      [FAERIELAND, 15th of Eating Y22]

      Jhudora and Queen Influir got into a public quarrel about the recent break-in. Following ten minutes of screaming on both sides, Influir tried to hypnotize Jhudora, but her efforts failed due to the power of Jhudora’s dark magic. Then Jhudora used her Wand of the Dark Faerie to attack Influir. Influir’s guards tried to arrest Jhudora but were also overwhelmed by the wand.

      [FAERIELAND, 16th of Eating Y22]

      Fyora had been reading the Neopian Times, and had had enough. She returned to Faerieland with her legendary Fyora’s Rod in hand. She used the power of the artefact to undo the hypnosis. Residents of Faerieland were thrilled to see her once the spell was undone. Then Fyora confiscated the Hypnotic Pendulum and re-assumed the throne in Influir’s place.

     Per the orders of Fyora, Jhudora must complete 1000 hours of community service for “abuse of a magical artefact.” Fyora is humiliating her by making her pick up trash around Faerieland while wearing a shirt which says “PRISONER” on both sides. Residents of Faerieland are laughing and making messes just so she has to clean them up, but Fyora has called this practice “counterproductive,” and is asking residents to stop doing it,

     Per the orders of Fyora, Influir must spend five years at the Faerieland Correctional Facility for “gross abuse of power, disrespect of castle employees, gross embezzlement of city funds, theft of magical powers from the Rainbow Fountain, aggravated assault of city residents, and abuse of a magical artefact.” Influir is not handling her sentence very well and is complaining about the “bare-bones” aspect of prison life. She can’t stand her orange jumpsuit, the gruel served for all three meals, boredom, and the lack of luxury in general. Nevertheless, none of the residents of Faerieland feels sorry for her, and all are glad that she “got what she deserved.”

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