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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

This filled me with hope. I felt, for the first time in months, safe. I had a place to stay and people who were willing to help me. I had technology to occupy my time, things to learn about this planet, and a goal to help my people. It seemed that, even though my entire life had been uprooted, I would still be okay, and eventually, so would my people.

A Renewed Call to Arms in the Wraith War

My Fellow Neopians, It would appear that we have stemmed the tide against our Wraith foes. At first, they had confounded us by breaching the Faeries’ magical barrier. As time went on, our work in fighting the Wraiths one by one, in conjunction with Faerie ingenuity, led to development of a cure for the possessed Neopians. Even Malum, one of the Wraiths’ leaders, was defeated and apprehended — we may yet learn what he knows. It would seem that the only thing left to do is to allow the Faeries, under the superb leadership of General Aethia, to maneuver their forces and deal the final blow to our foe.

5 Gross Foods That Are Borderline Delicious

There is a certain stigma surrounding items in the category of Gross Food here in the world of Neopia – that they’re, well, gross. Although some meals within the category certainly do fit the description (I’m looking at you, Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake!), others are grotesquely misunderstood. Some, in reality, are actually quite delectable! If your pet has ever been curious about the strange world of Gross Foods or would like to safely ease their way into the taste-testing process, I recommend you feed them some of the more taste bud pleasing Gross Foods - AKA, the following:

So You Just Returned From a [X-Amount] Year Hiatus

I recently returned to Neopets from an almost 6 year long hiatus. Within this 6 year hiatus, I graduated highschool, graduated university, and now I'm 'adulting,' and all that Jazz. I've come to escape my responsibilities by diving back into Neopia. My account is currently 14 years old, which is over half of my age in real life. I've logged on occasionally throughout the years to ensure my account didn't fall under the 'purge' category.

Other Stories
"A Journey To Faerieland" by emberfusion
Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a blue Kacheek. Now, this Kacheek, she had a dream. It was her dream to work hard enough to one day be able to have the Neopoints needed to journey to the Hidden Tower and buy herself a Royal Paint Brush. She knew she would never be royalty, but she loved nothing more than the thought of looking like royalty. She was a little afraid, of course, of leaving her home to journey to a place she had never been, but the time to go was fast approaching. The time soon came when she had finally earned enough Neopoints to not only buy a royal paint brush, but to journey across the lands to the Hidden Tower. So, she packed up her things, said her goodbyes, and started on a journey she would never forget. Two days into her journey she came upon a strange little town settled around a pond with water so clear you could see all the way to the bottom. She was tired and, to be honest, not used to camping outside on the cold hard ground, so she decided to spend a little time here to see if this town had an inn she could stay in for the night. "Glass bottom tours," she muttered to herself, "I wonder what…" "Hello there Miss! Welcome to Kiko Lake!"

"Ylana Skyfire: Protector of Spring" by cosmicfire918
Neopia, for all Ylana Skyfire disliked it, was a great place to go when one didn't want to be found. For added measure, she'd chosen a land where one would least expect to meet an interstellar bounty hunter: Meridell. Well, there was also Tyrannia, but they at least didn't eat rocks in Meridell. So here she was on a particularly snowy day in mid-Running, huddled in the corner of an inn's ground floor, sipping her mug of borovan and half-listening to the inane chatter and singing of everyone else who'd gathered for breakfast. The other half of her mind was running through logistics, trying to figure out when it would be safe to venture back out into the stars. But at least, she thought smugly, no one would ever recognize her here. "Ylana Skyfire!" someone said. A pair of green paws slammed down on the table in front of her, and she jumped, spilling her borovan on her travelling dress. Staring at her with a goofy grin was a portly green Lupe wearing a rucksack and a thick winter coat. "What—I have no idea who that is, peasant," she sniffed in her best attempt at a sophisticated Meridellian accent, dabbing at the hot borovan with her napkin and hoping the stain would come out.

"Before the Fall: An Air Faerie Story" by darigankat
I like to reminisce sometimes, about my life before the tragedy, when I was Baelia, the air faerie with the bright future. I'd been doing so well. I was one of the youngest faeries to be recommended to the Faerieland Elevator System (or FES). It wasn't so much that I thought weather and quest duties were beneath me—I just found the idea of floating the clouds that allowed faeries access to Neopia intriguing. The Elevator System had been around for over ten years, after a very young faerie almost plummeted into the Maraquan Sea trying to reach Neopia using only her underdeveloped wings. Since then, the Elevator had been running, getting faeries to and from Neopia daily. It was one of the few faerie duties that was exclusive to a certain type of faerie. I felt so proud every time I saw the posters of the air faeries raising the clouds. The Elevator System Training application requirements had two courses that I was not looking forward to. Advanced Weather Control and Advanced Air Magic were both taught by the same air faerie, Professor Avaray. I remember showing up to my first day of Advanced Air Magic, shyly sitting near the back, not talking to any of my fellow students.

Go. Fight. Win!

This week's issue is brought to you by: The Battledome
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Before the Fall: An Air Faerie Story
I like to reminisce sometimes, about my life before the tragedy, when I was Baelia, the air faerie with the bright future. I’d been doing so well.

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