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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Ladies and gentlemen, beauty is many things. It is love in all forms, it is happiness, and it is, above all things, defiance. I think we could all learn that today.

Spend Brightvale Day Like a Pro

Brightvale is a city of extravagance and knowledge. Ruled by the sophisticated and astute King Hagan, it is home to many great scholars and intellectuals. Though, to most, Brightvale seems a bit uptight, perhaps a bit intimidating. As Brightvale Day corners us again, here is a list on how to spend Brightvale Day like a pro. This way, you won’t stand out—you might even enjoy it!

Not All Blumaroos Are Nice

Blumaroos are seen as a loving and fun species. They live on the bright and colorful Roo Island, full of playful games and a circus-like feel, the weather is always perfect and the beach and boardwalk are just around the corner! Blumaroos have been bouncing around charming Neopians for as long as anyone can remember, is there anything not to love about them?

The Scrivener Returns

Greetings, Neopian bookworms! It is I, that madcap literary marauder, the Scrivener! Once again, I have ventured into the pages of the Neopian Times to tell you of my latest exploits! This last month saw me in my homeland of Altador, in the heart of its great capital city, where I had the audacity to leave book reviews in the marketplace for all to see!

Other Stories
"They Call Him Insidious" by faeriemelly
The early morning silence inside of the toy factory was deafening. The metallic machines that stitched together each piece of fabric for the toys sat dormant. Darkness cloaked the room in a black blanket of nothingness. Large wooden shelves lined the interior walls of the large room. Upon the shelves sat thousands of soft plushies in every pet style imaginable. In the light, a rainbow of color would burst forth from these shelves, making the factory bright and lighthearted. However, when the lights were off, things were not so pleasant. Hidden in the shadows among the cheerful toys was a malevolent presence. This presence had been haunting the factory for many years. No one had actually seen the sinister being, but evidence of its existence was apparent each morning when the factory began its daily operation. Fluffy white stuffing from the belly of hundreds of plushies littered the concrete floor. Plastic eyes were ripped from the faces of the ever smiling toys, and crushed into obliteration. The cold floor of this immense room had threatening grafitti spray painted on it, with ominous sayings like, "Soon you will meet your doom", and "I'm going to get you". Several staff members were so frightened by these evil words they ended up quitting their job. This amused the wicked presence to no end. This was exactly what the presence wanted. Little do the workers know, this being they are so frightened by is of their own making. It had been 5 years since the night of the long forgotten storm had taken place. Tired workers were at the factory that night, working a double shift to catch up on a massive order when it was created. From a box of mismatched plushie parts came a plushie that was not like the others. As the storm raged outside, one of the workers saw the decimated pieces of the useless plushies, and decided to create a special toy. The employee had no idea how special this plushie would be. At the exact moment the machine stitched the last thread of the patchwork plushie, lightening struck the factory. The lights immediately went out, and the factory was enveloped in an inky blackness. Some of the workers groaned deeply in the frustration, but had there been silence, they would have heard a malicious giggle. When the lights finally came back on, the unique plushie had vanished from the machine, never to be seen, again.

"Thief on the Run" by sandyposs
I wandered around the market aimlessly, thinking about my most recent thefts. Past voices of angry police echoed through my mind. “Stop, thief!” “A reward of 10,000 NP for this Zafara.” “She’s the most cunning devil I ever saw!” I chuckled; remembering the look of bafflement on the chia policemen’s faces when they found out I escaped yet again. They’ll never catch me! I thought happily to myself, and continued my walking. The market was full of activity. I strolled inconspicuously past a stall with a blue kacheek in an apron selling pastries. I dragged my hand lazily over the stall, and passed it over a doughnut. In a second, it was gone, and nobody noticed me quickly putting it in my pocket. When I was about ten meters away, I looked back and smiled. That kacheek was always an easy target. I took the doughnut out and munched on it happily, looking around at other shops and stalls. I passed by several stalls, until something caught my eye. Lying unguarded sitting on a table, was what I had always wanted - a spotted paint brush. I couldn’t believe my luck! It was practically begging to be taken! In my mind, I could almost hear it calling to me. Come and steal me! No one will ever know! I needed no further invitation. I glanced about nonchalantly, checking my surroundings. Running the shop was a huge disco painted moehog in a large blue dress. She seemed to be busy with a troublesome scorchio, who was trying to haggle a 654 NP item for 236 NP. I swiftly snatched the paintbrush, quickly but casually walked to the back of the stall where I knew she couldn’t see me, looked back and started to run. Unfortunately, I didn’t see where I was going, and crashed right into someone. I rubbed my head, looked up to see who I had run into, and froze. It was a chia policeman. No, two chia policemen! “Oi, what do you think you’re doing, charging about the market place like that?” one asked gruffly. “Sorry, sir,” I mumbled quickly, and started to hurry off. “Not so fast,” the other one said, as he grabbed my arm. “Did you buy that paintbrush you seemed to be running off with?” he asked. “Yes, of course I did!” I lied, with little beads of sweat running down my forehead. They exchanged glances. “Well, then I’m sure you won’t mind us checking with the shopkeeper then. Come on.”

"After Gwyl's Great Escape" by mehohara
Shaking the dust of its clothes, Gwyl whistled in relief. He could not be more excited than now, more relieved and glad. The balloon he used to escape from the horrifying mine has fallen to the ground, full with dust and small holes caused by the spikes he had hit. He escaped just in time; some seconds after and he would have fallen all the way down, with an empty balloon and a heart full of sorrow and despair... He couldn't believe his luck, and he was never a lucky guy. "Somebody over there may be looking after me", he wondered, looking at the starry sky. He smiled at this thought. "Who up there could care about me this way? Is my life that worthy?", he asked himself after. But he shook his head quickly. Those were bad thoughts, and he didn't want them in his head. Not after the greatest escape ever. "Not bad for a tiny little Symol and a brave Lightmite, eh?", he asks his Lightmite, his valuable companion, who gave him light and support during his entire journey; a gift from his most lovable sister, who was his best friend. The petpetpet flown happily around its owner, but had quickly fallen into the ground, tired from the extended exercise he had to make to prevent his new owner from falling. Gwyl grabbed him from the ground and felt the warmth of his companion in his hand. The Lightmite was breathing rapidly and with difficulty. "We both need some rest. Let's go home, my dear friend. And then we are free. Then we really go back to our true home, far from here, where we belong". He grabbed the bag, full of the jewels he could find in his way up the mine, and started his journey. The balloon was left behind; he doesn't want to remember that day ever again. Gwyl walked as fast as his tired body allowed him. He was going home, or at least to the tiny, scary and suspicious house he was living, the closest from the mine he could find and afford. With a sick mother and little brothers and sisters to take care of, Gwyl found his job in the mine by a miracle. His mother feared deeply for the eldest and most beloved child, but he knew he had to do it. He knew he had to leave his home for a while, so he could provide his family in the future. It was his first day of work and he already missed home deeply. He knew, however, that his sacrifice would be worth it.

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