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Not All Blumaroos Are Nice

by lefaii


Blumaroos are seen as a loving and fun species. They live on the bright and colorful Roo Island, full of playful games and a circus-like feel, the weather is always perfect and the beach and boardwalk are just around the corner! They have a kind and benevolent leader, King Roo, who is adored far and wide even if he has caused many new players frustration with Dice-A-Roo! Blumaroos have been bouncing around charming Neopians for as long as anyone can remember, is there anything not to love about them?


A lot of people have the notion that Blumaroos are just silly long eared creatures, the worst thing they are capable of are a few pranks here and there. But that is not the case, some pure evil lurks deep in their hearts. Not every Blumaroo lets this evil run rampant but there are two specific Blumaroos that have struck so much evil into Neopia that I find myself unable to fully trust the whole species.

Count Von Roo

Count Von Roo was born a few thousand years ago and was almost immediately banished from society because of how evil he was. The exact details of what he did to warrant this have never come to light but it is commonly thought it has something to do with how he behaves when his hunger strikes.

Once he was outcast from the world he spent his time wandering Neopia, looking for a place to call his home, when he came across a deserted island (which would later become Roo Island). He took up shelter in a decaying castle that was left for ruin, and he turned this into his home. Weary from his travels he slept for 200 years, before rising again to wreak havoc on Neopia.

One of his most terrible deeds is that he stole a diary that was home to a spell, a spell that would eradicate Neopia of all vampires and make it a much safer place to reside. Obviously, the vampire Count Von Roo could not allow this to happen so it is thought that he completely destroyed the records, making it so the Ghoul Catchers could not use to spell to save the world.

He also appears in Neoquest 2, and it is unknown if the character behaves exactly like him because of the fact it is a digital simulation. He does attempt to lock the sun out of the sky, since vampires can only wander around at night.

What he is most famous for now is a "game" called Deadly Dice. Every night he wakes up and challenges Neopians in a game of dice, with their hard-trained levels on the line. If you beat him, your pet will gain a level, but if you lose he will steal a level away. This power alone frightens many, many people. He has shown himself to have the ability to steal the power of others, who knows how he could use this if he were to wage war on Neopia. He also has a wide range of skills like being able to transform himself into a bat to fly around without drawing much attention to himself, he is also able to turn others into vampires to join his army. Partial immortality, a mastery of hypnosis, and an insane breadth of knowledge are just a few more thing on his roster.

You can now see my fear of Blumaroos isn't unfounded. If Count Von Roo wasn't scary enough, there is someone worse.

Commander Garoo

Once you look at Commander Garoo you will understand exactly what true evil looks like. He is Dr. Sloth's chief commander, able to shoot his way up through the ranks to the top position within just three years. He has a sharp temper and a complete and total hatred of other Neopets. He obeys Dr. Sloth's every command without a second thought and does not fear any consequence. Most of Sloth's minions are brainwashed or acting with other motives, but Garoo has nothing but hatred and loathing in his soul just like the evil Sloth does.

He first appeared in The Return Of Dr. Sloth plot and had his soldiers rounding up civilians on the Space Station. He was in constant communication with Sloth to ensure the success of the mission, taking back control of the Virtupets Space Station, and enslaving all those on board.

He is one of the few entrants in the Gallery Of Evil that he REPLACED a previous entrant: the Monoceraptor. Very few vile beings have been so bad they could literally re-write history and prove a previous villain to not be as bad as once thought.

He has been out of the spotlight for a few years, no one has heard from him and there hasn't been much of a peep about him from Sloth. Someone so loyal and hardworking is not going to be cast aside, so he must be working hard behind the scenes on something very terrible and I fear that we will be hearing from him soon. A lot of Neopians have been trying to put him in the past and forget him, even discontinuing a rare stamp with his face on it, but evil has a way of showing up again. He can be found in the Battledome still to this day, and many Neopians practice battling him in case he does decide to try some funny business down the line, just to make sure they can take him out.

You can never be too careful around Blumaroos. While many are nice and just enjoying a good life, just like any species there are some truly evil ones lurking in the shadows, waiting for their moment to strike or come to power. It is important to celebrate the Blumaroo heroes though, to show the young that the villains don't have all the power, and to inspire them to be one of the good guys. The moral of this story is that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, just because a type of pet looks kind and fun doesn't mean that is all there is to it. The same way that a terrifying mutant pet can be the sweetest hero you'll ever meet.

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