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How to Spend Brightvale Day Like a Pro

by sherlockpwns


Brightvale is a city of extravagance and knowledge. Ruled by the sophisticated and astute King Hagan, it is home to many great scholars and intellectuals. Though, to most, Brightvale seems a bit uptight, perhaps a bit intimidating. As Brightvale Day corners us again, here is a list on how to spend Brightvale Day like a pro. This way, you won’t stand out—you might even enjoy it!

1. Learn the history of Brightvale.

If you want to fit in with the crafty and brilliant people of Brightvale, you must think like them! Each child born in Brightvale is drilled with the knowledge of Brightvale’s origins and how it came to be. Unaware of the history and afraid you’ll stick out like a sore thumb? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Brightvale was discovered in Y6 on The Month of Hiding, day 11. Every year proceeding Y6 on The Month of Hiding day 11, has been known as Brightvale Day. On this day, the people of Brightvale celebrate the discovery of their kingdom. They share knowledge with one another, eat items such as Cackleberry Jam, Furanga Fruit, and Flaming Blooble Fruit (which are Brightvale originals). They celebrate their king, King Hagan, who opens up his private library to the public for a day. The public flood into his library in masses, seeking and soaking up any new knowledge they can find. You may find the people of Brightvale snobbish, but they don’t seem to mind.

2. Teach King Hagan some of your wisdom.

King Hagan looks like he knows all, and he may tell you so, but that is simply untrue! Even though his library is so gigantic that the Virtupets Space Station can fit in it, he is always seeking more wisdom. Want to tell him some wisdom that he has never heard before? Simply head over to the Brightvale castle and tell him! Make sure you pick your words carefully since thousands come to his castle every day just to tell him a tidbit of their wisdom. Chances are, he might already know what you told him! Make sure you catch him during the correct hours since he’s off in his library studying between the times of 8-9 AM NST, 1-2 PM NST, and 7-8 PM NST. If you do well enough, you might even get a spiffy new avatar!

3. Spin the Wheel of Knowledge.

The Wheel of Knowledge is a wonderful wheel you can spin daily, and it’s especially important to do so on Brightvale Day. You can get a variety of prizes from the Wheel of Knowledge, including a Brightvale Job Coupon, a random book, a random fact about a game, a Brightvale Usuki Doll, and maybe even an avatar! Legend has it that the chance of getting the rare avatar actually increases on Brightvale day! The grand prize, though, is wisdom from King Hagan himself. If you get this prize, you’re considered one of the luckiest Neopians of all, according to the people of Brightvale, that is.

4. Celebrate the Altador Cup.

The Altador Cup has come and gone but that doesn’t stop the people of Brightvale from supporting their team all year long. Perhaps you could purchase a Brightvale Team Beanie or a Brightvale Team Water Bottle to show your never ending support!

5. Take a stroll through Brightvale Books.

King Hagan has so many books that, sometimes, he can’t keep track of them all. Every day, King Hagan’s assistants rummage through his gigantic library in search for doubles of books. This way, King Hagan will have more room for new books and the public can enjoy a snippet of King Hagan’s library. To appease the people in his kingdom, King Hagan set up a shop called Brightvale Books. There, an elderly Ixi spends his days reading. Come in, pick a book, take a sip of Borovan, and enjoy what Brightvale has to offer.

6. Color a few pictures of Brightvale.

Are you more creatively inclined rather than book-inclined? Don’t worry, the people of Brightvale acknowledge that being creative is another form of wisdom. If you’d rather color or draw than read endless amounts of books, then you can scurry your way over to Colouring Pages. While you aren’t completely free from the wrath of a good book, you’ll be able to showcase your coloring skills to the mass of Brightvale. Hang up these pictures in your room, even show them to King Hagan, if you’re so inclined. Any support on Brightvale day is good support.

7. Stock up items for the Battledome.

Only behind their love for books, the people of Brightvale love the Battledome. Brightvale boasts several different locations that can provide you with Battledome-related items. Firstly, there is the Brightvale Motery. Motes are mostly circle-shaped objects with little smiley faces on them to confuse your opponent. While they may seem kind and friendly, motes will squash your opponent in your favor. Secondly, there is the Brightvale Armoury. These magical robes and armor can protect you during a heated battle with an opponent. They offer items such as Red Suede Boots and Buckled Leather Tunic. Thirdly, there is the Brightvale Potionery. The Brightvale Potionery offers a variety of potions you can use in the Battledome which can deal plenty of damage or they heal you, as well. The Leaded Elemental Vial is a highly sought-after potion that practically heals your pet completely during battle. Other potions that you might see in the Brightvale Potionery are Woodland Brew, Voidberry Potion, and Leaded Earth Vial. Lastly, there is the Brightvale Scrollery. Brightvale Scrolls can be used for healing, like the Greater Healing Scroll, or for damage, like the Scroll of the Battlefield. Other scrolls you might find in the Brightvale Scrollery are the Scroll of Despair, the Scroll of the Western Winds, and the Lesser Healing Scroll.

8. Admire the fantastic stained-glass-windows.

If there is one thing Brightvale is known for other than books and the Battledome, it definitely is their stained-glass-windows. Located in Brightvale is a small shop called Brightvale Glaziers where a blue Draik spends his days fixing and making intricate glass windows for the public and for King Hagan himself. In there, you might find a variety of windows like the cheap—yet beautiful—Brightvale Berry Stained Glass Window, or the expensive—yet extravagant—Whinny Stained Glass Window.

9. Savor the wonderful fruits of Brightvale.

Lastly, but not least, Brightvale offers a variety of fruits that everyone can savor. While some can poke your tongue, like the Prickly Merato, and others may be hard to pronounce, like Seedless Skeem (try to say that ten times fast), the people of Brightvale pride themselves on fresh fruit for everyone.

Using this guide, you’ll fit perfectly in Brightvale like any other commoner. What will you do? Will you spend the day restocking items for the Battledome, or will you immerse yourself in the history and understanding of the magnificent, and complex, kingdom of Brightvale?

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