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Hi Scrappy! Will we ever have a Celebrity Edition editorial, guest starring: Hanso, the roguish hero, and his trusty sidekick, Jazan, answering some questions?~bwgreen13
That's funny you mention it! I heard for the "In The Sky" collab issue next week, we might have two special guest stars that have a special interest in this particular theme running the editorial! That's right, folks. Don't send in Scrappy questions next week! They can all be directed towards Queen Fyora & Xarthab (talk about an interesting duo....)

I recently read somewhere that TNT has stopped purging inactive accounts. Is this true? and if it isn't when will the next purge be?
I find that odd that you recently read that. I recently hinted at a possible purge....can't give you specifics yet but I wouldn't quite count them out!

Will we have a warning in the news before any NC games are retired for new ones or should we be stocking up now on current items from wonderclaw/patapult/shenanigifts?
Absolutely not. One day those items will just be gone forever, never to be seen again. EVERRRRRR!!!!!
Just kidding friends! Scrappy isn't that mean. I will give ya about a week or so heads up before retiring anything!

Hi Scrappy! I was wondering if there is an approximate date set for when we will be receiving the new pet slots? Thank you!
I don't know if you know this about TNT, but we reallyyyyy aren't about dates and schedules and working and such. We like fun and games...and pizza, we love pizza!

*lays out a trail of cupcakes* Hey, Scrappy!! Now that I have your attention... Last week, I was counting down the days that my userlookup shield would change to 16 years (has it really been THAT long?!). When my neo-versary came and went without a shield change I did some digging and found that the shields stop at 15.5 years-- what gives?? Any chance we can get some awesome new shields for us oldies still playing? Pretty please? ^__^~umbreon133
Actually, it's been decided once you reach the 15.5 year mark, you're officially just old. There's no more. You're just old. This is basically you:

Sorry buddies! But you know what, I'll think it over and look into adding some more shields just for you oldies!!

Hey there, Scrappy! I was wonderin' why Invisible pets are not allowed entry into the Cusomization Spotlight? In my (not so humble) opinion, some of the VERY best customizations are on invisible pets! If it is a bug, would you please whisper in the right someone's ear and get the bug squished? :D Thank you for lookin' into it! Cheers!
Hey! Don't look at me! There is a certain TNTer that has a slight fear of those invisible pets and refuses to include them! We're working on that fear though...

The Bountiful Banana Split: Got it from the NC Mall .. isnt it suppose to be wearable.... I had wanted to put it with a pet in the ice dream shop background... sigh....
Well, I don't know about you but Scrappy likes to eat Banana Splits! A lot!!! Like a lot, a lot! I'm guessing you should probably try that...

Hi Scrappy! Right to the point: do you see a GBC sale in the near future? Please say you do. I'll write things like burgers and cookies in the future if you do. ~brenda_bbm
I like it, don't beat around the bush. Well, see I've heard about this day that is just like really dark for some weird reason. Well, I was thinking of brightening it up with one of these!!

Hello! A while back in an editorial, there was a mention of moving away from Flash and going to HTML5? I was wondering whether that was still in the works, a lot of users no longer have Flash supported on their devices and therefore cant access a lot of games or even customization! It makes us sad. ~swimvixx
It makes me sad too. It is MOST DEFINITELY still in the works!!! It's a big project so it won't happen overnight but it WILL happen!

Hi Scrappy! Question about the 800th issue. How will we know if our story is chosen to appear? I submitted an article requesting that it appears in the 800th issue, and it's being held over for a future edition of the NT. But since it's not specified which issue it will be in, I'm not sure whether I should be working on a new story or not. Is there a special message we get or anything letting us know we made it? Thank you!!
ALRIGHT EVERYONE LISTEN UP I got lotssss of neomails and questions about this! Sorry to say but you're about to get a little cold, hard truth from Scraps.

I have 4562958 submissions for the 800th issue. Yes, I counted that exact amount. If yours got held over, that is not a definite you will be in the issue but you are being considered. No, you should not submit something else. Unless I have specifically said it's okay or you have been rushing to finish something, I'm pretty much done accepting submissions for it!

Sorry guys, but I got lotsssss on my plate (and I'm not just talking about pizza) so I would love to read all your stories and articles but I gotta put my foot down here. I love you all and your stories! Please don't hate me I'm only a normal Neopian like you! Sadly, even I don't have super powers, even though it seems like I do because I'm so awesome! (but I am working on attaining some) *evil grin*

Hello Neopets Team, I was recently chatting with a friend over neomail and we were talking about a show we watched. Unfortunately, I forgot about what isn't appropriate to mention on Neopets and got a warning. I was wondering how many times after a warning does my account get frozen or if after a certain amount of time the "strike" of the warning doesn't count anymore. It was an honest mistake and I feel legitimately bad that I broke such an easy to follow rule. Can I be forgiven? And can this be anonymous to hide my shame? Thanks in advance!
That's okay! Mistakes happen! They happen to us all (especially me)! We totally get it, don't fret! If you stay chill and don't go robbing the National Neopian for a few weeks then all will be forgotten!!

I've heard from someone that this round on Caption Contest will give the avatar for only 15 first users that made into the contest, instead of 25, is that true?
No it is not.

Hey crew! A couple of announcements for ya! First and foremost, the Premium Sale is finallyyyyy hereeeee!!!!! WOOOOOOOO
Not gonna lie, we had a 15 minute party when it went live! So sorry for the delay, dear friends! Right now, I'm thinking of keeping it until August 31st just to give ya'll a heads up! Thanks for being the most awesomest and fantastical friends ever and being so patient!

Next, I want to issue a formal apology/explanation for my lack of interaction this week! There is so much we are trying to do for you guys I've been running around Neopia all week!! Sadly, that left little time for fun (or ya know, breathing). So, if you did not receive a reply from me this week, I am deeply sorry and no, I am not shunning you! I wish I could spend all my time talking to you guys but annoyingly, I have to do this stupid thing called work. *rolls eyes* BUTTTTT I love it so it's all good!! Well, that's all from Scraps!

Stay cool, my friends!

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