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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

We should’ve known better than to erase the gods. A civilization full of pride and arrogance could only end in disaster. There were warnings, oh so many warnings, all ignored with laughs and scoffs. But one doesn’t anger the spirits without repercussions. It was sadly inevitable.

Summer Treats

As we come into the hottest part of the summer, a good way to cool down is by having a frozen treat. As someone who has tried a good amount chia pops, brucicles, and the other snacks that are mentioned in this article, it has become my goal to prevent others from making the same mistakes that I have. (Note: Plain Shaved Ice is not what I expected and PLEASE never actually try a Magical Tomato Chia Pop unless you are a chia who wants to look like a tomato. Believe me.)

Battleground Leaders

I wanted to turn to the experts, those who know the heat of battle better than anyone else, the leaders of these Battleground factions. I scheduled a meeting with each of them individually where they could tell me about their preferred weapons in the battledome and I took their advice to curate a list that, if you hit the Neopian Lottery three hundred times in a row, that you too can own for the upcoming war! No one said being the greatest was cheap.

My Week in Avatars

No, no… it’s not what you’re thinking. You don’t expect me to only write about the Top 10 somethings in Neopia? I’ll save that for another day. For now, however, let me introduce you to my week in avatars! Yes, you read that correctly. I have tried to pick just one avatar to correspond to each day of the week. Tried being the operative term. I have included 2-3 avatars for each of the other days. Don’t look at me like that! There are so many avatars to choose from so it’s hard to narrow them down to 7. Stick around - I would like to share with you my life in avatars… maybe you can relate?

Other Stories
"The Story of Broth-Boy" by pikapi20
Inside her cauldron-shaped home, the brunette chef was busy tidying up after the crowds and making mental preparations for the next mealtime. Mop in her hand, she was trying to work out just how many carrots she would need for her next batch whilst cleaning the floor at the same time. Multitasking as always. It was whilst reminding herself just how many slushies she needed to ask for the next time she decided to send Pets out for quests that she heard a faint knocking at her closed wooden door. "Come in!" the Soup Faerie called out with a friendly smile before putting her mop to one side. Turning around, the cook was greeted by a small group of young Pets dressed in ever so slightly ripped clothing. They looked a little awkward, clearly realising that they had seemingly missed their opportunity for breakfast that day, but otherwise seemed in good spirits. The eldest one, a Red Scorchio, had a cheeky glint in his eye. It was something that made the brunette's smile even wider. He spoke, "I... know we've missed the usual... breakfast batch but we've travelled an awful long way to get here and..." The youngster put on the biggest Baby Scorchio eyes that he could muster but it wasn't necessary. The Soup Faerie wasn't in the business of turning anypet away, let alone children. "Stop, stop," she laughed gently, waving her hands slowly in front of her light blue apron, "I give up!" The youngsters broke out in cheers, their leader looking somewhat pleased with himself. Rolling up her pink sleeves, the Soup Faerie elaborated, "I'll have to make a new batch from scratch though, so it may take a little time." Pausing, she thought for a moment. Before grinning. "Why don't all of you have a sit down and I'll tell you a story while I cook." The children began to gleefully whisper amongst themselves as they got down to sit cross-legged on the floor. Getting out her ingredients from her inbuilt cupboards, she mused, "How about the story of Broth-Boy..."

"Geraptiku: The Lost Chapter" by mucka33
I saw it. I witnessed it all. From the most innocent of days to the deadliest of nights. The downfall of the most prosperous civilization of the islands. And the spirits…I saw them! It frightens me to this very moment. I need to record what I have witnessed. I need to write it down before the spirits come for me too, to silence my work. We should’ve known better than to erase the gods. A civilization full of pride and arrogance could only end in disaster. There were warnings, oh so many warnings, all ignored with laughs and scoffs. But one doesn’t anger the spirits without repercussions. It was sadly inevitable. I’m getting ahead of myself. I need to paint a picture of Geraptiku life prior to last night’s events, for it will surely fade over time. In the beginning, we were grateful guests. It’s no secret that the islands belong to the spirits, and that any so-called “inhabitants” are merely long-term visitors. It is with good grace and kindness that we can stay here, to live out our lives in such a gorgeous and bountiful landscape. But, at the end of the day, we are still guests to the home of the spirits. This is their land, and we must respect that. In the image of the gods we erected temples and monuments. The largest of these was a tomb, built to house the remains of the first king of Geraptiku, and to honour his memory. As well, it served as a gift to the spirits, a symbol of respect for allowing us use of their land. Atop it sat a large stone ring, shaped like an eye in reminder that the spirits are always watching and we must be cognizant of that. We must remain humble. Over time, Geraptiku grew. It turned from a small town into a veritable metropolis. It expanded further into the jungle, thrived with life, and became a place of joy. The inhabitants adored their city and the land. It was said to be the greatest paradise on the planet. Rare visitors would come and be taken aback by the beauty of such an empire. How had we created such a jewel, they wondered? The spirits had guided us, allowed us to prosper.

"HThe Impetuous Princess" by faeriemelly
Her real name is Princess Lyndette of Qasala, but she doesn't go by that name anymore. She is now simply known as Lyndi, the desert draik. The young princess she once was is gone forever. She gave it all up to live a life of happiness and solitude. Lyndi is of royal descent, but she never wanted that life. Always in the spotlight, the princess was never allowed to do any of the things she enjoyed. She was always surrounded by royal guards, and kept in all the latest fineries. She was being prepped to become queen someday, so her itinerary was filled with council meetings, grand balls, and being present at royal court. None of these things appealed to Lyndi. She wanted to be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and nature. She wanted to paint landscapes, and learn about botany. The exotic flora and fauna of other lands had always intrigued her. Lyndi wished she could play amongst the outdoor foliage, but her father forbid that sort of activity. He felt it was a waste of her precious time. Plus, there wasn't much growing out in the middle of the desert, anyway. All of that changed during a life altering trip to Faerieland. Lyndi's father was set to meet with Queen Fyora, to discuss an important matter regarding whispers of an upcoming war. The prospect of a trip excited Lyndi. She put on her most radiant princess smile, and tried to convince her father to take her along. "Father, I think I should go on this important trip. You're always telling me I need to be present for matters concerning this land. I'd say that a war would definitely affect Qasala and our citizens." The king looked at his daughter, and wondered what she was up to. She never wanted to take part in royal business. He narrowed his eyes a bit as he replied. "Lyndette, this isn't a pleasure trip. War is coming, and we need to be prepared. I don't have time to escort you around Faerieland. I'm going there to speak to the queen about where we stand, and then I'm returning home. This is no time to be away from our city. We have to maintain a peaceful position as long as possible."

Why Don't You Come On By and Join the Army Party!

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