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Every Pet Deserves a Home

by nobodys_kitten


I was inspired to write this article by a discussion on the boards about the unpopularity of Neohomes. In the spirit of rooting for the underdog, I wanted to share some thoughts on why I love Neohomes along with a few practical tips for building and decorating one of your own.

Please don’t let glitches get in the way of building your pet his or her dream home. Limitations can actually spark creativity, whether that comes in the way of glitchiness or being limited in what you have available to spend on items. Persevere and you won’t be sorry. Your pet deserves it! Once you decide to take the leap, you have a few options:

Neohomes 2.0

Choosing a style for your Neohome 2.0

Be sure to choose your style of home wisely. In Neohomes 2.0, you can’t change your mind once you select the type of home to build!

Choosing a home for my pets was easy. My first pet, Tambalyn, is a Meridellian through and through. The Meridell style Neohome 2.0 also looks like an adorable, friendly little castle. So, that was a no-brainer. You may want to choose a style based on the look or personalities of your pets, some connection you already feel to a specific Neopian land or it may simply be a matter of preference for the look or versatility of one style over another.


Before you go on your home shopping spree, have a plan of attack to help you focus on what to buy. Decide on a style of furnishings, colour scheme, or theme of some sort and stick to that. Your home can be a peaceful refuge just for your pets, a destination that welcomes all weary travellers or even a year-long celebration of your favorite holiday. Definitely take a look at guides that list glitched items. There are some great-looking furnishings out there that will tempt you, but some are glitched and cannot be placed in your home or garden! Then have fun shopping.

Putting it all together

This is the fun part. You can keep things really simple or go hog wild if you have the time, inclination and neopoints to burn. You can take inspiration from so many sources: historical periods, architectural styles, literature, etc. You can make a space you could envision yourself really inhabiting or something completely preposterous that just makes you happy. Basically, anything goes! Posters make great separators, or “walls”, for your Neohome 2.0, but so do some pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that you can flip posters and other objects around and even combine them with other furniture to create the look of various appliances, televisions, etc. In your garden you can use certain items, like the humble Simple Blue Rug and Bubble Bean Bag, to create the look of large swimming pools or bubbling brooks. Check out past spotlight winners or swing by the Neohome boards if you need to get some inspiration.

Sometimes the smallest thing can inspire you and send you off in a completely different direction. When I was checking out the different styles of homes, to make sure Meridell was really the one for me, I remember seeing a Meridell style 2.0 home where someone had placed a lantern on the roof. At that time I did not yet have a clear idea of how I was going to decorate the home. That one little lantern immediately suggested the idea of a rooftop garden, which led to me viewing the whole project from the perspective of creating a home and garden where I would really want to live.

You may be so happy with the final results that you never want to change a thing. But, you can always switch things up if you just want a new look. Some people like to change the decor of their homes and gardens with the changing seasons or to celebrate the holidays.

Glitchiness when decorating

You will probably encounter some difficulties if you try to get fancy with “layering” items in Neohomes 2.0. I had some trouble with this myself, but with a quick visit to the Neohome boards for some advice I was back in business. The suggested method of taking the items in question out of my storage shed, then putting them back in starting with items I wanted to appear lower and ending with those I wanted to appear higher did the trick. Whatever issues you may run into, even if you feel it is hopeless, be sure to check in at the Neohome boards, which are now found under “Customisation.” I don’t think you’ll find a friendlier, more helpful group of people on the site.

Classic Neohomes

Of course an even easier way to avoid the headache of these glitches is to build a Classic Neohome. The “view from above” aspect of the Classic option allows for a world of possibilities when layering furnishings to create some really unique and beautiful rooms. They are also one of the features of the site that always make me feel nostalgia for the “olden days” of Neopets.

Classic Neohomes are not in my area of expertise, so I hope some die-hard Classic Neohomer out there will consider submitting an article sharing some of their secrets. I have seen some really ingenious and amazing Classic Neohome rooms that inspired me to be a bit more creative when making my humble 2.0 castle.

While other aspects of the site will always be more popular, making a home can be another great way to express yourself, have fun and give your imagination free reign.

Just like in real life, every pet deserves a home.

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