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Summer Treats: A Definitive Ranking

by goldie11147


As we come into the hottest part of the summer, a good way to cool down is by having a frozen treat. As someone who has tried a good amount chia pops, brucicles, and the other snacks that are mentioned in this article, it has become my goal to prevent others from making the same mistakes that I have. (Note: Plain Shaved Ice is not what I expected and PLEASE never actually try a Magical Tomato Chia Pop unless you are a chia who wants to look like a tomato. Believe me.)

Our first category of frozen treats, is a classic -- ice cream. Ice cream is, admittedly, one of my favorite foods, but it is also a summer staple. Here are some of the best flavors to try, in my opinion:

Blue Shoyru Ice Cream Pop

This ice cream isn’t just for Shoyru lovers. This blueberry-flavored ice cream bar is a refreshing way to enjoy a break in between pricing your shop, customizing your pets, or even relaxing while taking a day trip to Kiko Lake. One of my favorite parts is the eyes -- they’re made of bubblegum!

Ice Cream Sundae

The Ice Cream Sundae is one of the more elaborate ice creams that you can get in Neopia, but it is definitely one of the best. With at least two flavors of ice cream, this snack comes with a banana, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry. This is a perfect treat for those who want to indulge, and is large enough to be shared with a friend. :)

Lavender Ice Cream

While lavender isn’t one of the most traditional flavors, that doesn’t stop Lavender Ice Cream from making the list. Lavender is a lighter, more refreshing option if you don’t want to go with something heavy (like the sundae). In addition, it’s a nice purple color and comes with a set of distinguished Altadorian laurels.

Strawberry Ice Cream

I decided to add this to the list because sometimes it’s best to go traditional. Even though strawberry is a simple flavor, it is still just as amazing as any of the other flavors listed above. Strawberry Ice Cream will always be a good go-to flavor for someone who wants something that’s timeless and classic.

Our next category of frozen treats comes in the form of chia pops. Chia pops are a good snack for those who have more adventurous tastes, especially since some have magical properties that can change the form of, you guessed it, any chia who eats it! I decided to leave the magical pops off of this list, but I’ve heard that they taste a little bit different from their normal counterparts…

Blueberry Chia Pop

Probably one of the most underestimated flavors of chia pops, blueberry isn’t very “traditional”, but it still tastes amazing. Sometimes the simplest flavors are the best (like with Strawberry Ice Cream).

Candy Floss Chia Pop

This is for all of the candy floss lovers in Neopia. Instead of your typical snack of candy floss, why not try something new with the Candy Floss Chia Pop? You’ll be able to cool off without missing any of the sweet flavor.

Banana Split Chia Pop

The Banana Split Chia Pop is one of the most adventurous flavors, in my opinion. This chia pop has four flavors in its small package -- strawberry, chocolate, banana, and cream! The Banana Split Chia Pop is for anyone looking for a more complex snack.

Rainbow Chia Pop

The Rainbow Chia Pop is the best option for anyone who can’t decide on what flavor they want to try, because it contains all of them! Strangely, despite there being many odd flavors, they all blend together pretty well.

The next category that we will be covering in this article is also probably one of the cutest foods in Neopia -- Brucicles. With their adorable Bruce shape and variety of flavors, this is a favorite of everyone.

Tchea Brucicle

A Tchea Brucicle is a perfect option for anyone looking for something with a light, refreshing flavor. Tchea’s themselves come from the Lost Desert, and are said to taste like bananas and blueberries combined!

Chocolate Brucicle

Who could go wrong with chocolate? A Chocolate Brucicle is just like chocolate ice cream, but the happy Bruce shape makes it even better.

Orange Cream Brucicle

The Orange Cream Brucicle isn’t one of the more well-known flavors, but that doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked. The combination of tangy orange and vanilla ice cream is amazing and everyone should try it at least once!

Shaved Ice is our next category, and is a great snack for anyone who isn’t looking for something that comes in a cone, on a stick, or in plastic wrapping. This food comes in a colorful cup that corresponds with it’s flavor, with a small wooden stick to help you eat it.

Starberry Shaved Ice

Starberry is probably the prettiest flavor of shaved ice, with a deep blue ice color and yellow stars on top. The flavor of starberries are very unique and refreshing! This flavor is enjoyed best in the evening.

Watermelon Shaved Ice

Although the Watermelon Shaved Ice comes with seeds, they’re only really for decoration and should not discourage anyone from trying this flavor. There’s nothing better than a Watermelon Shaved Ice in the summer -- it’s the perfect summer fruit and the perfect flavor for a shaved ice!

Our final category is something that is less well-known than Chia Pops or Brucicles, but deserves just as much credit! Rocketpops come in four interesting flavors -- Loveberry, Snowberry, Purblare, and Conkerberry. They also come with two sticks, so they’re easier to share with a friend if you’d like!

Loveberry Rocketpop

The Loveberry Rocketpop is an item described as being “so flavorful it will send you two the moon”, and it isn’t wrong. This Rocketpop has probably the strongest flavor out of the bunch, and works really well with the usual subdued flavor that the Loveberry has.

Snowberry Rocketpop

I had to add this flavor because it’s probably the most classic out of the Rocketpops (which is, in fact, classified as a Snow Food). Snowberry Rocketpops are a timeless flavor that you can never go wrong with.

I hope that this article will be helpful to you in deciding what kind of frozen snack you want to try next!

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