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Tips From The Battleground Leaders

by lefaii


For many months now players have been tackling opponents in the Battleground Of The Obelisk. The battleground is an on-going mini war between different factions. Every couple weeks a new battle breaks out between three of the six factions. The leader of each faction spends a few days recruiting users to battle on their side, promising rewards and "boons" for the victorious. After the recruiting there is a period of battling to see who can defeat the most of the opposing factions' troops.

With a great plot and war on the horizon, a battle that is could be greater than anything we have seen before, it is important to be prepared. I wanted to turn to the experts, those who know the heat of battle better than anyone else, the leaders of these Battleground factions. I scheduled a meeting with each of them individually where they could tell me about their preferred weapons in the battledome and I took their advice to curate a list that, if you hit the Neopian Lottery three hundred times in a row, that you too can own for the upcoming war! No one said being the greatest was cheap.

Lanie and Lillie - Awakened

Chosen Weapon: Kings Lens

We use a set of weapons that hits in a large variety of "icons". Icons are the amount of damage a weapon deals or blocks and each icon is associated with an element. We use items that deal damage in multiple elements, we don't use a single weapon that specializes in just one element. Some of the highlights are Shrunken Skull Marbles, which randomly deal damage over a set of different elements, and also the Strange Marking Stone Necklace which does three icons each of air, earth, and light. But the highlight of our set that we wanted to share with you is the Kings Lens. Since we specialize in dealing damage of different elements, we chose a defense item that will defend against many different elements. The Kings Lens blocks half the damage from earth, light, and dark icons, while also reflecting that damage back onto your opponent.

Commander Flint - Brute Squad

Chosen Weapon: Jade Scorchstone

Har har, you want to beat the best you gotta have the best!! Hmph, who needs a bunch of magic dust and faerie wands when you've got ROCKS!! All my weapons are high in physical and earth icons because I want to POUND those LOSERS into the GROUND!! My Uncomfortably Large Rock of Pain will inflict so much damage on those SQUIRMY LITTLE VERMIN that dare challenge BRUTE SQUAD. Axes and a big Skarls Hasty Mace will wreck anyone who comes too close to me. Har, but I have learned a thing or two from my years battling...those magic wielding wenches that cast spells do a LOT of damage from far away...too scared to get close I see. For that I use a Jade Scorchstone, it's no weak willy-nilly healer, it heals 100% of my health in an INSTANT. It gives me the power to charge right up to those casters and crush them under my Oversized Maractite Rune Sword!!!

Rasala The Bright - Order of the Red Erisim

Chosen Weapon: Freezing Potion

Why hello, hello!! My name is Rasala and I'm the queen of battle magic over here!! I leader the Order of the Red Erisim, a group devoted to the mastery of magic, casting spells to defeat our opponents. I use a series of staves and wands to cast debilitating spells that also protect me from damage! My Laced Wooden Staff and Ancient Gnarled Wand do some heavy damage and prevent me from taking some, and my Thyoras Tear will block every single bit of damage my enemy can try to cause. But that isn't what I wanted to share with you, you see there is a magical item beyond your wildest dreams...the Freezing Potion!! This potion was perfectly crafted to freeze your opponent in their tracks and stop them from attacking for one turn!! This allows you the time necessary to cast your most debilitating magic and destroy them before they can even take a swing!!

Professor Lambert - Seekers

Chosen Weapon: Altador Cup Throwing Star

Ahem, I see my colleagues have been recommending some very nice weapons that will trick your opponent..but it seems as thought none of them do a lick of damage. While I also keep a Jade Scorchstone in my battle set, it won't do me one bit of good to heal myself over and over if I'm not chipping away at the enemy's health!! So silly. And I can freeze all I want with my Sleep Ray, but a frozen opponent still has hit good! Don't neglect the actual WEAPONS in your set, I much prefer the Altador Cup Throwing Star because it consistently delivers a sharp punch of 13 icons of damage. No worrying about variables or partial percentages or any of that nonsense, just direct damage straight to your enemy's guts. Aha!!

The Duchess - The Sway

Chosen Weapon: Jhudoras Bewitched Ring

Hello peasant. Of course you would come and ask me for battling advice, I am the best there is after all.'ve asked all the leaders?'m glad you saved me for last, the best for last after all...what? I'm not last...okay, listen you little worm, I'm going to give you the best advice so take it and shut your mouth. These other plebeians think they have the best weapons but they all only serve one purpose, my weapons all have multiple jobs. The best of which is my Jhudoras Bewitched Ring, once it is equipped it can never be unequipped, but that is fine since there is no weapon I'd replace it with! Not only does it do a bunch of damage, it also blocks 100% of all light damage. Let's see those stupid other leaders try to give you better advice! Ha!

Kanrik, Master Thief - Thieves Guild

Chosen Weapon: Rainbow Sticky Hand

You sit here and ask the Master Thief what is the best weapon he has and you thought I'd say anything other than the Rainbow Sticky Hand? Don't be silly. The sticky hand allows me to steal a weapon from my enemy and use it in my own arsenal. Why I would need one of their petty weapons, I don't know, I already have the best of the best. My Moehog Skull freezes the opponent while doing a massive bomb of damage, my Pirate captains Cutlass slices away their life, and my Thyoras Tear blocks their lackluster attacks. But what can I say, more than winning I want what is theirs, I want to the thrill of taking what was once someone else's weapon. The blood of a thief runs deep.

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