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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

A voice, as deep and inviting as a still pond in the dark woods, begins. A benevolent woodland hamlet where the skies are dark, the moon is beautiful, and glowing motes pass overhead while we all study when we should be sleeping. Welcome to Darkvale.

Interview with a Faerie's Ruin Survivor

“They say that history is defined by the winners,” the wraith, whom we shall call ‘Mist’ for the purpose of anonymity, said to me as he nursed a cup of borovan. His façade was flickering between deep midnight and a rich purple. “The veterans of the Wraith Conflict know this very well.” I had to apologize, Wraith Conflict? I asked him. “Oh right, the Neopian side calls it the Faerie’s Ruin… but on the Aipoen side, it was our last stand against Faerieland’s enslavement of our children.”

Essentials to Survive the Wraith Apocalypse

HIDING BEHIND A ROCK SOMEWHERE - So you've probably heard that Neopia is being invaded! Those pesky Wraiths have finally broken through the barrier and us Neopets are being done away with. It's alright for now, of course, while their sights are set firmly on those Faeries (which is fine with me; I was never fond of them anyway). But soon … soon the empty eyes of the Wraiths shall turn on us innocent Neopets, and we'll not have the Faeries as bait protection.

Conspiracies of Crossing Over

There are some who claim that there are cases of certain pets, creatures regularly journeying between Neopia and Aiopen and even spending extended periods of time in either. The appearance of wraiths in Neopia has provided irrefutable evidence of their existence to the broader population, and the avoidance of questions by many authority figures, has only fuelled rumours. Do we have citizens of Aiopen living among us?

Other Stories
"Evil?" by reiqua
Adelaide had always been regarded as a bit of an oddity by her classmates. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she always wore a tin foil hat. Or maybe it was because she spent most of her class time staring aimlessly out of the window. Perhaps her unusual habit of leaving origami Cybunnies everywhere she went was a factor. But regardless of what it was, she was unanimously considered “weird”. People always said that Adelaide had her head in the clouds. Which was fitting, really, because she was painted cloud. No-one really disliked her. But no-one would voluntarily start up a conversation with her either. That is, not unless they felt they had time to listen to long stories about how Queen Fyora had secretly stolen Brucey B's lucky coin, and the way the Petpet Protection League were taking insufficient action to prevent the exploitation of Tigersquashes... One Friday morning, Adelaide was passing through Neopia central on her way to purchase some stamps. She was absent-mindedly bouncing a yo-yo as she walked. In her other hand, she held a book entitled Teeth Sharpening Techniques. She seemed to be totally immersed in her book. If Adelaide hadn't been quite so oblivious to the world, she would've noticed a clump of 'pets just up ahead. They were all clustered around the notice-board, forming a road block.

"Of Portals and Faeryllium" by opossumman
"Wraithland,” Stealth said, questioningly. The brown Grundo was fixated on the twitching of the strange Wocky’s left eye. “And you’re sure this guidebook will get me there?” “Certainly. Though the more money is left in this jar, the more likely it will be that the portal appears on that day,” the Wocky said with a cackle while rubbing his palms together. “Oh, that’s a good idea,” Stealth said as he took out another bag of Neopoints and set them in the jar. “So the portal will open in one day’s time, right?” But before he could get his answer, the jar, Neopoints, and Wocky were gone. “Oh wow, he really was magical!” Stealth had gone to Faerieland to secure some hard-to-find materials Jacob needed for his next project. Faeryllium was incredibly hard to come by, and fittingly just as expensive, but the material was necessary for replacing the plating on Moltara’s biggest boilers. But according to the strange and definitely trustworthy Wocky Stealth had met on the way, it’s much easier to find in Wraithland…wherever that is. Stealth could just imagine how thrilled Jacob would be when he heard that. “WHAT?” “I…take it you’re not happy?” Stealth asked. “Stealth…you got duped. Bamboozled to the highest degree. Wraithland, Stealth? Wraithland? I’d sooner believe in Jelly World!” The Christmas Kacheek gripped the top of his head and came close to pulling out some of his own hair.

"The Parchment Treaty" by platdragon
The Faerie Ruins plot had happened a while back. Platdragon (Sarah) and her pets were awakened at 5:30 A.M. NST on the morning of March 28th by someone pounding on the front door of their neohome at 82667 Island Crescent on Mystery Island. Bujutsu, a Stealthy Buzz, got to the front door first. GhostRider2015 (GR), a snow grundo, was right behind Bujutsu, as was Furaoe, a Dimensional Shoyru. Sryii, a Wraith Meerca, and Peftjaubast (Peft), a Pirate Draik, held back a bit in the living room. The person at the door was a Royal Messenger (a Pink Ixi dressed in a pink uniform) from Queen Fyora. He had a sealed message for Sarah and several of her pets. It was on pink royal parchment with a pink wax seal and was tied with a pink silk ribbon. Bujutsu removed the ribbon and carefully broke the seal. It was an invitation for Sarah and 3 of her pets to go immediately to Queen Fyora's castle in Faerieland. Sarah and 3 of her pets hurriedly dressed. She made sure that GR and Peft had plenty of food in the pantry some neopoints so they could do some activities while the neopets others were gone. They went outside with the messenger. Furaoe used his special abilities to travel dimensionally to just inside the Faerieland's castle courtyard. The surprised royal guards recognized the royal messenger and allowed the party to enter the castle. Queen Fyora was waiting in her personal chambers for them with several rolled parchments in her hand. Queen Fyora greeted them, "Hello, I have desperate need of a stealthy messenger Neopet, a Neopet with dimensional abilities, and a Wraith Neopet. Sarah, can you and your pets deliver these parchments to the Wraith King Aroyf in Aipoen?" Sarah looked at each of her Neopets and then said, "Yes, your majesty. We can do this for you. Just point us in the direction to go."

Come Visit!

This week's issue is brought to you by: Wraithland
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Queen Fyora was waiting in her personal chambers for them with several rolled parchments in her hand. Queen Fyora greeted them, "Hello, I have desperate need of a stealthy messenger Neopet, a Neopet with dimensional abilities, and a Wraith Neopet. Sarah, can you and your pets deliver these parchments to the Wraith King Aroyf in Aipoen?"

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