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Conspiracies of Crossing Over

by kelly_d60


Crossing between Neopia and it's darker counter part, Aiopen, has long been considered as an undertaking fraught with risks and danger. Some even claim that Wraithland, the version of Faerieland reportedly filled with wraiths in Aiopen, is simply fear-mongering as a result of the Faerie's Ruin incident some years ago. Most evidence for this alternative dimension is speculation and conjecture, and incredibly shaky, if not somewhat convincing at night. But, there are some who claim that there are cases of certain pets, creatures regularly journeying between Neopia and Aiopen and even spending extended periods of time in either. The consensus of researchers in this field is that this is fear-mongering to an extreme and not possible to achieve, perhaps for brief periods of time but not for years at a time. But, the appearance of wraiths in Neopia has provided irrefutable evidence of their existence to the broader population, and the avoidance of questions by many authority figures, has only fuelled rumours. Do we have citizens of Aiopen living among us?


Oblivion is perhaps the biggest piece of evidence for the citizens of Aiopen being able to spend more than a few minutes in Neopia. While officially brushed off as simply a grouping of wraiths controlled by Xandra along with most of the others seen, many have pointed towards the energy that it theoretically would have taken to control of huge numbers of wraiths seen over a very large area of Neopia. There is starting to be some admittance of of Oblivion as being from Wraithland and as being a singular being on his own, though usually as a singular case and not as being the norm. Though, Oblivion is usually named as an example of a sentient being crossing into Neopia with fears of a second crossing for Oblivion or even a mass crossing of such sentient creatures. "Snorklewash," as one researcher said, which seemed to be the general response to most of these examples of citizens of Aiopen living in Neopia.

Shadow Usul

Long debated, the orgin of the Shadow Usul has been shrouded in mystery and, pardon the pun, shadow. With emerging evidence of Aiopen, the debate has naturally turned toward suspicions of Aiopen being the Shadow Usul's true origin. This in turn, has of course lead to speculation of the Shadow Usul as evidence of some citizens of Aiopen living permanently in Neopia, even for decades or longer. Considering that no one seems to remember the Shadow Usul not being present in Neopia, this certainly seems to be a possibility, especially as the Shadow Usul is hardly available for questioning. Although, there are many mysteries in Neopia and not all of them can be solved with the idea of Aiopen.

Dark Novas

The contrast between dark novas and regular novas, supported by the common theory that everything in Neopia has a darker counterpart in Aiopen, has led to the belief that dark novas are the Aiopen counterpart to Neopia's light novas. The sheer numbers of dark novas in Neopia does cast doubt on this theory, as this some point out, would point toward multiple portals between Aiopen and Neopia that novas can easily use. Though this has been countered by the theory of smaller portals inaccessible for pets, but usable by the smaller, wandering novas. Although ultranovas and supernovas come to be a problem here as no counterpart for them has ever been reported.

Dr. Frank Sloth

Arguably the scariest theory regarding citizens of Aiopen crossing into Neopia is the idea of specific characters in Neopia having direct counterparts in Aiopen. While it may be considered a fun concept to use as a Halloween costume for some Neopians to pretend to be their darker self, this theory becomes much more frightening once it is considered that this covers Neopia's more powerful figures, including Fyora. While limited to a core group of Sloth's supporters, there is a theory that Fyora's counterpart in Aiopen is Sloth himself. While it has been jokingly suggested that all Neopians should wear pink and purple if Sloth ever shows himself again to scare him off, this has been brushed off as a ridiculous idea. Though, the supports of Sloth are very insistent of this and would stop at almost nothing to prove themselves and their theory.


Continuing on from Sloth as Fyora's counterpart, is the more mild idea of Ilere as being Illusen's counterpart. This has been argued in that Ilere has acted on the side of good, and while certainly neutral can hardly be considered to be purely evil. Many argue back that a darker version of Neopia does not necessarily mean an evil version. It has also been argued that Jhudora is clearly Illusen's counterpart, hence their animosity. It is never quite clear, even amongst those convinced that these individual counterparts exist, who exactly is the counterpart. Though it has also lead to the rather interesting theory of a nice Jhudora living in Aiopen.

Guardian of Spectral Magic

A majority of the research into the Guardian of Spectral Magic as being from Aiopen and even as a guardian of the rift in between them, has come from the rather insane Professor Kachevski. Hence, it is rather hard to keep track of the Professor's writings as they tend to reflect his personality, to put it mildly. One of the more complicated theories of Aiopen, this theory states that the dark of Aiopen is light. The light of Aiopen is simply part of the non-visible part of the light spectrum invisible to the citizens of Neopia and viewed as just being dark, and by some extension this has some how lead to the theory of the Guardian of Spectral Magic as being unique as a citizen of both Aiopen and Neopia. At least, that was the best translation that could be made of the Professor's work. The work could have also been talking about varying ways to fold candy wrappers, but he is not ever going to give a straight answer to any question.

The Three

The Three have existed in the deserted tower of Darigan Citadel for as long as anyone can remember. While not quite the same as wraiths, and with certainly recognisable pet and faerie characteristics rather than the formless wraiths seen during the Faerie's Ruin, it has been suggested that they are wraiths trapped in Neopia. Possibly even confined to the tower by an ancient curse that they are trying to break. Whether this is true or not, it is highly advised to not consider this to be a suggestion to think of the Three as more poor trapped citizens of Aiopen who need help. Seriously. We don't need a third Darigan versus Meridell war, although the Three would probably quite like to start one.


An ancient villain of Neopia, as appearing in the first Neoquest, Jahbal has been suggested as being one of the first examples of a citizen of Aiopen crossing for an extended period of time in Neopia. While time has certainly blurred the exact reality of Jahbal, it does seem to be a fact that he supposedly survived around a thousand years in the Two Rings valley. While the magic of the time isn't well understood now, this is usually considered to be an impossible achievement. This is rather a paradox, though it has sometimes been solved by the suggestion that Jahbal simply spent that time in his native Aiopen. But who knows? It certainly isn't a comfortable feeling of these darker counterparts being able to last thousands of years as a threat to Neopia, so we don't like to think about such things.

Mr. Krawley

The villain of the Tale of Woe plot, is certainly a shadowy character who has proven to be impossible to track down, even with multiple investigations of top experts. While he hasn't ever been strongly linked to Aiopen, rather he is usually considered to be a citizen of the Haunted Woods, who tend to like being sneaky anyway. Bright lights certainly aren't considered the norm in the Haunted Woods and everyone there is sneaky to at least some degree. Rarely, this has led to the greater argument that the Haunted Woods as a whole is from Aiopen. Though the idea of an entire society existing like this is hardly a theory supported by hardly any evidence. Perhaps the Brain Tree knows something on this, although he tends to attack anyone brining the subject up.


This mysterious cybunny can only be seen during Halloween, selling her odd masks. It's been suggested that the reason she is only present during Halloween is the idea that the gap between Neopia and Aiopen is at it's closest during Halloween, allowing more citizens of each to cross over. Though certainly Saskia seems to be the only example of a pet who does this regularly. Perhaps the gates between Neopia and Aiopen are simply hidden from the greater population, rather than a mass crossing over on Halloween not being possible. Maybe one day, we'll find out.

Whether or not any of this is proof of the citizens of Aiopen and Neopia living in different dimensions is completely up for debate. Although, the idea does still hang and certainly hasn't been disproved. So you can sleep well tonight.

It's not as if a portal to Aiopen will appear in your bedroom and certain creatures will step out.

Is it?

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