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New Series

Lupe Pack Detectives - The Kidnapped JubJub: Part One

It was approximately a quarter past one in the morning when Noel the Christmas JubJub woke up because of his growling stomach. He groaned and hopped out of bed, heading out of his room and downstairs to the kitchen to make himself a midnight snack. After he was finished his snack, he carefully put the items that he used away and headed back upstairs.

by lupe_hunter_7
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"Tula's Terrible Truth" by tallydepp
Story text goes here.The sun was setting over Faerieland. Tula watched as everything around her slowly became shrouded in a dusky light. She dipped her hand into the blue green water of the lake by the Faerie Caverns. Only minutes ago the water had been warm and welcoming - now, without the rays of the sun, it was already beginning to cool. "Isn't it marvellous?" Startled by the sudden, unexpected voice, Tula jumped, splashing water on to the lilac gauze of her dress. "Sorry, I didn't mean to surprise you." Tula smiled, a flash of perfect white teeth. She had the best smile in the whole of Neopia. You could say it came with the job. "Please, don't worry about it." She nodded at Illusen in agreement. "You're right, it is marvellous. So many new things we're experiencing now we live down here on the land." There was a slightly wistful tone to her voice. Illusen looked at her sympathetically. "You miss the clouds?" "Why yes. Don't you?" The Earth faerie laughed merrily. "I'm an Earth faerie! I love being down here, surrounded by trees and leaves and plants and earthy delights!" Illusen smiled kindly. She was holding a basket of large, ripe fruit. "I must take these to Faerie City and then get back to Meridell. Do come visit my glade, when you have the chance. No doubt you have a busy night ahead of you?" "Yes! Yes, of course!" Tula sounded far more enthusiastic than she was actually feeling. "It's been lovely seeing you, Illusen."

Other Stories


Visit To The Neopian History Museum
My steps echoed through the corridor, my paws cold from the granite. I stuck my paws in the pockets of my hoodie, warming them slightly. My owner stood next to me, walking me into this strange place. A museum, she had said it was. But so far, all I had seen was a long hallway. Jessa grabbed my arm.

by jrayeb3


Thoughts of a Pair of Edible Pets
Robin the Ixi and his adopted sister Sunset the Zafara, a pair of pets living a forest near Shenkuu, sat in a cave, watching the rain outside. Their suburban section of Shenkuu containing their owner's Neohome was not far from there and the rainfall was comparatively light; most pets would have simply braved the weather.

by mbredboy31


Wintery Games: Ice Cream Machine
Be careful with the flying scoops!

by royal_real


Neopian Zombie Apocalypse: Where to Hide
Have you ever thought of what you and your neopets would do if there happen to a zombie apocalypse here in Neopia? Well, think no more. I have come up with some places I think would be perfect for a long hideout in case zombies attack.

by yuri445


Faerie Quests
Fyora's quest is to finally get eyeliner on both her eyes ;-)

by milkbear


Unrecognized Smartness
When the rejected Grundo doesn't recognize your smartness and refuses to give you an avatar.

by simbologies

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