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Berry Bash Trophy Guide

by dark_rose_15


Berry Bash is a fun strategy game that with a bit of patience can easily earn you a nice shiny trophy for your userlookup.

Rufus the yellow kougra is acting as Grand Bogen and needs your help to unlock new Gadgadsbogen berries and ensure that all his guests have a wonderful time!

Set up

The setup for this game is pretty simple. In the centre of the screen is a long table that seats up to 6 customers. Customers will appear in a line at the bottom left corner of the screen and wait for you to click on them and drag them to the table. Next to the waiting customers are bushes where the fruits will grow. Below the waiting customers is a box, which contains your score and an outline of a fruit. This is the fruit meter and it shows how close you are to progressing to the next level.

Basic Gameplay

This game is a LOT easier when played using a mouse rather than a track pad or tablet.

Click and drag a customer from the waiting line to one of the 6 seats at the table. Then click on the customer to have Rufus take their order. A little bubble will pop up above their head showing the fruit that they have ordered and in the bushes next to the waiting customers that fruit will grow. Click on the fruit to have Rufus collect it and then on the seated customer to serve it to them. The customer will eat the fruit leaving a mess behind, at which point you need to click the mess in order to have Rufus clean it up. The customer will then leave happy and your fruit meter will fill slightly.

Above the customer’s head there are 4 hearts, which indicate the customer’s patience. They slowly empty as the customer is made to wait and if all 4 hearts empty completely, the customer will leave.

Every time a customer leaves unhappy your fruit meter will lower and every time a customer leaves fed and happy your fruit meter will rise. You will lose the game if your fruit meter empties completely or your waiting line is completely full. You will win the game if you get all 5 fruits and fill the fruit meter.

Customers and Scoring

There are 3 types of customers, which have different scoring, patience levels and filling the fruit meter. For each type of customer you are given points for seating them, taking their order, serving them and cleaning up afterwards.

Tourists: These are cute red Aishas and are quite patient. They give good scores but eat slowly and don’t fill the fruit meter very much.

Seating: 4 points

Ordering: 8 points

Serving: 12 points

Cleaning: 20 points

Total: 44 points

Mystery Island Natives: They look like the Tiki Tack Man and have less patience than the Tourists. Their scores are also lower but they eat fast and fill the fruit meter up more.

Seating: 2 points

Ordering: 4 points

Serving: 6 points

Cleaning: 20 points

Total: 32 points

The Elders: These are either Kyriis or Kougras and they are super impatient. If you seat them together though, they will discuss business, which increases their patience slightly. They score the best (Kougras more than Kyriis) and increase the fruit meter the most.

Kyrri Elder

Seating: 6 points

Ordering: 12 points

Serving: 18 points

Cleaning: 40 points

Total: 76 points

Kougra Elder

Seating: 16 points

Ordering: 16 points

Serving: 24 points

Cleaning: 40 points

Total: 96 points

Getting a Trophy Score

**** A Trophy score will take a couple of hours to get. This is not a quick game! ****

Play with a mouse and have the game set to low quality for best results. Lag is NOT your friend here.

Finishing the game will only net you around 4000 points and you’ll need around 30,000 points on reset day to get the gold trophy guaranteed. The way to do this is by NOT finishing the levels. In fact I rarely progress past the second level, as I find the Elders too stressful to deal with. Find a level that you feel comfortable with and stick with it. Lower levels will take you longer to reach your desired score but it’s easier to keep calm and on track.

On your desired level, let the fruit meter fill up until it’s almost full (75-80% is a good place to be) and then start not cleaning up after customers. This will still give you most of the points for each customer but they will get angry and leave, causing your fruit meter to decrease (Note: angry customers ONLY decrease your fruit meter and not your actual score). Natives are great for this, as they eat fast and their patience is fairly short so they decrease the fruit meter pretty quickly. If you choose to play on a level with Elders, they are also great for decreasing your fruit meter quickly. Tourists should always be fed as they have high patience levels and only fill up the fruit meter slightly.

Once the fruit meter hits around 50%, start pleasing everybody again and build your meter back up to 75%. Repeat this cycle until you reach your desired score. Don’t let your fruit meter empty at any point in time and always have a spot free in your waiting line, otherwise you’ll lose the game prematurely and waste all your hard work. Once you reach your desired score you can hit the end game button in the top right hand corner and send your score.

All three trophies show a honeyplume berry sitting on three leaves. On reset day, I got a gold trophy with a little over 30,000 points. Later in the month, 30,000 points is usually good for a silver trophy or high ranked bronze.

Good luck and remember to keep calm and always feed the tourists!


The five berries you can unlock during the game and their descriptions are:

Lemwart - A bizarre hybrid that is almost like a citrus apple.

Gruish Melon - If you can break through the thick hair, the fruit inside is simply delicious.

Honeyplume - Peel open this sweet Honeyplume. You wont be disappointed!

Banan - Nobody knows much about the Banan. The main explanation is that Bananas grew so close together they merged to become one big Banan.

Pluburb - Plurburbs are known to be filled with tangy and refreshing juice that explodes with every bite.

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