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Neopian Zombie Apocalypse: Where to Hide

by yuri445


Have you ever thought of what you and your neopets would do if there happen to a zombie apocalypse here in Neopia? Well, think no more. I have come up with some places I think would be perfect for a long hideout in case zombies attack. Please keep in mind that all these hideouts are locations I think would be great for a neopet to survive long-term. It doesn't necessarily mean that these locations would be your ideal hideout for your neopets.

The Idea:

I was reading issue 714 of the Neopian Times when I came across a drawing by Cherishtwilight and Sophieauditore titled "When Zombies Attack... and Fail". For some reason I found the title to be so intriguing that I started to think of what our neopets would do if there is a zombie apocalypse. I then thought of all the fantastic places to hide if there is a zombie apocalypse here in our sweet world of Neopia. This article is about where our neopets can potentially hide if there are zombies running around and attaching your neopets.

The Scenario:

Dr. Sloth, while misunderstood, has engineered a giant ray from Virtupets Space Station on his quest to take over Neopia. He beamed his ray on Neopia and now all the zombie painted neopets are infected with some sort of disease. By no fault of theirs Zombie neopets are going around looking for non-infected neopet brains to eat for energy. When an infected zombie neopet bites a non-infected neopet of any color, that non-infected neopet gets infected and in effect turns into a zombie neopet. I'm sure by now we all know how a zombie infection works. In the meantime, the greatest scientists in all of Neopia cannot find a cured. With that being said, let's look at different potential places a neopet can hide from a neopet zombie apocalypse. There are many potential locations to hide here in Neopia and below are some of the places I think are ideal for hiding out during a Neopian Zombie apocalypse for a single neopet to a whole group.

Food Shop:

Your neopet or a group of neopets can hide in any Neopian shop long-term as long as they are quiet and don't call attention to their location. If a shop is the closest option your neopet can find at the last minute, then I would highly suggest hiding out at a food shop. By this point your neopet needs to focus on survival and this shop is ideal for that. The best place to hide will be at a food shop. But remember that any place you decide to hide will need to be barricaded. That means that you can't go out, nor can anyone else come in for the most part. Your neopet shouldn't be tempted to go out for fresh air or to see what's going on if they hear disturbing sounds at night. Doing so can potentially cause your neopet to get bitten by a zombie. In a food shop there will be water, fresh food (for a short time), lots of canned food, and other things that can keep a neopet alive for a long time if rationed and hopefully, safe. Don't forget that hiding out at the pharmacy is a terrible idea because there is no food and it would force you to go out scavenging for food all the time. The same does for a battle shop. Although going to a battle shop is a no brainer, hiding out there is not. Getting all the weapons you think you might need to defend yourself during this trying time is the only way to go. Remember, barricading yourself in a battle shop or a pharmacy is detrimental to your neopet's health. A better idea is to first go to the battle shop and pharmacy, get the supplies your neopet might need, then go to the food shop to barricade your neopet.

The National Neopian Bank/Neohomes/Galleries:

Hiding out in the National Neopian Bank is be a good plan, but keep in mind that this is only temporary. The National Neopian Bank has some of the highest security in all of Neopia, so hiding there is a no brainer. But know that you will have to step out and look for food from time to time. A Neohome is also an excellent location to camp out if your neopet has enough food supply to last them. In a neohome you can be comfortable, know all the weak points of your neohome, and it can be easily defended it a situation arises. Like the bank, this is a temporary place to stay safe until the time comes to venture out to get more food. Galleries work the same as some of the shops on this list. A gallery is pretty much a shop, so barricading yourself there is brilliant. If you have a galley that specializes in food items, you're set for a long haul.

Hidden Locations:

These are many places in Neopia that are hidden for a reason. But please keep in mind that some of these locations are not necessarily hidden so much as it being difficult to find. So the Smugglers Cove, Faerie Caverns, Tarla's Shop of Mystery, The Neggery, Hidden Tower, Almost Abundant Attic, Secret Ninja Training School, and Igloo Garage Sale are all perfect places to hide during a Neopian zombie apocalypse. My personal favorite locations are the Smugglers Cove, Faerie Caverns, and Secret Ninja Training. Hiding out in a cave, Smugglers Cove and Faerie Caverns, is ideal because there are so many tunnels which heads to many nooks. Barricading and hiding in one of these nooks is perfect for your neopets until the crisis is averted. The Secret Ninja Training is also a great location because your neopet need to have a certain level before they can even enter the property. It is fairly secure so barricading the place shouldn't be a difficult task as long as you have enough food to keep you going. Again, don't forget that if your neopet decides to hide in any of these places, they would need to bring supplies with them if they want to survive until this mayhem blows over.

Space and Castles:

This is a no brainer. Kreludor and Virtupets Space Station are of course the best places to hide because the ray was only used on Neopia and not the location the beam was created, which is space in this case. So the best place to hide will be where the enemy is. Castles; Meridell, Brightvale, and Castle Nox are also excellent locations to hide during a Neopian zombie apocalypse. The purpose of a castle is to protect the people from outside forces and this will be no exception if zombie neopets do go crazy and attack. Castles usually have only one entrance and closing the gate is the best survival tool. Food and water are found in a castle, so a wise neopet should get themselves to their closest castle.


If your neohome is located in a place with a high population of neopets, then unfortunately, I don't think you'll make it past a few days. So beware if you live in Faerieland or Neopia Central. However if you live in a place with very few population and most importantly a farm where the houses are spread out, then your chances of surviving are excellent. A place to consider is the Meri Acres Farm. It is ideal because there is a lot of open land. With the farm being an open space, it is easy to spot unwanted guests. On a farm you don't have to worry about food and hopefully, water. Staying on a farm is a great long term survival tactic.


In my opinion, the ultimate escape from a Neopia zombie apocalypse is on an island. Which island in Neopia you ask? Well, not all islands are possible hiding locations. Going by paint brush colors, the best place to hide and keep safe would be on Mystery Island and Maraqua. Ideally the only pets you should find on Mystery Island will all be painted Island. This means that there are no zombie painted pets on the island. This island is the best place to hide because zombies can't swim, so being there is perfect for those that want to survive. There is always food and water available. I know Maraqua isn't as island, but since it is under water, I think it belongs under islands. Just like Mystery Island, only Maraquan neopets can be found there and finding a zombie under water is next to impossible. If you are a Maraquan painted pet or have scuba gear, you can survive until this whole situation blows over. Unfortunately not all islands are created the same. You cannot possibly hide on Lutari Island, Krawk Island, and Roo Island because these islands are species specific island and not paint brush color island. Therefore you can get infected if you find yourself stuck on Lutari Island, Krawk Island, and Roo Island.

That's it guys. If for some crazy reason all the Neopets painted zombies go on the attack, these are the locations I would hide with my neopets and wait out the Neopian Zombie Apocalypse. If you have any opinion about this article, please feel free to neomail me.

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