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Ok, sooo.. I was surfing the editorial archive a long time a go and I found... FLASH COMICS?!?! I didn't even know it was a possibility. But I'm also confused. Can you actually submit flash comics? I would love to submit a comic with animation and sound! I hope this gets answered.. ^^~mishncraig1
Sadly, our system can't accept a flash file butttt if you submit it as a GIF you can include animation!

Hello kind editor! *smiles sweetly* I've been a little confused about the use of lab ray cookies! I only have access to the lab ray on my side account but I would really, really love to use lab ray cookies for those extra zaps! I know we are supposed to only use cookies on our main account but the lab ray cookie doesn't give items or nps - just extra zaps. If I *only* have access on my side is it ok to use the lab ray cookie on that side? Please, your Kindness, let me know :)
Hello there! So if you only have access to the lab ray on your side account then yes it is okay to use your cookies there! However, if you have access to the lab ray through your main account then you have to use them on it! (Just throwing it out there...if you decide you have too many cookies I would be glad to take some off of your hands)

Hello! Recently I've found there's been an influx of frozen accounts. I was wondering why? Thanks!
Hello! We do our very best to protect all of your accounts, which sometimes involves freezing them for their own protection. On that note, it is very important that users don't give out their Neopet information to any outside sources or use any programs to alter the site experience, as these are often tricks to get into your account!

Hey, I was wondering if retired event NC Mall items will ever be released again. There are items that I really want to get from the old Altador Cup and Shenanigift events since I missed out on them (started playing late). Anyway, are there any plans to bring back to switch up the old items in the NC Archives? I feel there are a lot of people who would love to get their hands on items they missed out on that are really hard to trade for!
I understand your pain, we all love those items! We do re-release items at times in capsules, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! However, we will definitely look into adding some new items to the NC Archives, as well!

Just wondering if there's any story behind the coloring page ft. Jazan yelling at flying pizza. The guard's expression makes this look like a regular occurrance?~ lilytail

Well I don't know about you but I would definitely be angry if my pizza was flying away! I think that's a perfectly reasonable response.

Hi TNT, I love a lot of the new wearables you guys are giving us; but, I have noticed that some of new wigs are not removing the natural hair of species like Unis, Ogrins, Xweetoks, Peophins, Kyrii, Yurbles, Chias, Zafaras, or Morhogs. I've noticed this issue with both new and old, neopoint and neocash, wigs. Would you guys consider creating a tiny wearable, such as a bracelet, necklace or collar, that neopets can wear with their wigs, yet will also hide the natural hair? Thank you for reading my suggestion. ~ petthepest
Hi! So if you're noticing some issues where the natural hair should be removed, but isn't, please send a ticket to let us know so we can get that taken care of! If its not a mistake and just certain things you're looking to get rid of, some necklaces (like the Golden Key Necklace) will remove a pet's ruff/mane.

Editors Note: I have absolutely loved being the Neopian Times Editor and working with this incredibly talented group of writers and artists! However, it is time for me to pass the torch (Don't worry, I'm still around, just focusing on other things)! I've been training my successor for quite a while, so she's run normal issues, collabs, and holiday specials - as well as running some site content (you have her to thank for the return of the Pet, Petpet, and PPL spotlights!). I'm confident I'm leaving you in excellent hands! She doesn't have a formal staff identity yet, but you'll certainly be introduced during the upcoming Altador Cup staff tournament. Until then, you just keep creating wonderful works, you fabulous writers you!

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