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I got premium and when I created my 5th pet it was taken away and I got a warning? Do I have to wait for a certain time after purchasing premium before I can get my 5th neopets?? ~ poldsen
Hi there! There's no waiting period, as soon as your premium is activated you can create your 5th pet! More likely if it was taken away right away, there was an issue with the pets name, which your warning should indicate. Feel free to create a new fifth pet, just maybe reconsider the name :)

Hi, TNT! I noticed that I have two "Basic Gift Box" items in my SDB... that is, two different items called "Basic Gift Box", each in different quantities in my SDB. For the first one, I have two, and for the other, I have twenty. Shouldn't I just have twenty-two "Basic Gift Box" items? ~ lil_jen_aside
Sometimes items that you can get in different ways (like a Basic Gift Box) will have multiple item IDs, which would cause your SDB to see it as two separate items like that!

Do neomails and guild chats still get monitored? I have seen someone on the chat board tell people its OK to discuss non-neo topics such as personal medical issues through neomail/guild chat because they are no longer monitored. I disagree and think they still shouldn't be discussed on neopets and would like clarification on the matter. Please leave out my username, thank you. ~ Username Removed
Yes, they are still monitored and you can receive a warning (or worse if appropriate) for breaking the rules via neomail or guild chat. Sorry, but the rules are there for you guys!

Heya Country Queen! It's August, and as the experienced avatar collectors know, there's one we can get from the Cooking Pot this month...but it's still down! D: Any idea if the Pot will be back anytime this month? Please remove my UN, and thank you! ~ Username Removed
Many of you know by now, but in case you hadn't heard, the Cooking Pot is open once more! So if there were anything you wanted to cook up this month, orange you glad you can?

Hi TNT! Since your showed us the gorgeous new Royal petpets (Which I can't wait to be activated!) the Elderly petpets no longer exist. My Juma wants to have that wise look about him but it's now unavailable! I was wondering if you could reactivate the color :) Thanks! ~ xx_manners_xx
Hi there! They are activated now! Both the new royal petpets and the old previously activated petpets should all be available now! A few decided to go missing in action, but we've had the PPL on it, and I think they're all back where they belong now :)

Hey, CQ! *tosses question* Yet another Storytelling-related question that's only relevant to a select few. In this case - if you wrote and submitted a storytelling beginning that made it in, which then developed into its own story; could you later recycle that beginning and use it in the NT to start a completely different story (that doesn't borrow anything else from that storytelling, just the beginning), or is it no longer your 'property', so to speak? I ask only of beginnings you personally submitted, not anyone else's; work and ideas that are definitely yours, but were used elsewhere on the site already. I say this because there are near-infinite ways any single story can go, and you can have an entirely different vision of how a beginning could have unfolded that you don't quite want to let go just yet. ~ dianacat777
Hello! You can use the same idea as long as it is your own piece, you don't re-use others' ideas, and you re-write it some. We'd ask you not to submit verbatim the exact same beginning.

I love the new Coconut Drink Handheld but it doesn't work properly on my grundo. I think the meepits got it! Could you see if someone could correct it? Thank you! ~ deaana
Glad you like it! *Sips a coconut drink* They're a personal favourite of mine as well. Let me see if I can go track down where those meepits took your Grundos drink. After I finish mine of course.... *cheers*

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