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Hi TNT! I love the baby vandagyre, I think it's adorable! But, can it really not wear any of the older baby clothes? There aren't any previews for them anywhere. I get why normal vandagyres can't wear older wearables, that would have been a ton of work, but there aren't *that* many baby clothes and other newly released baby pets are able to wear them all, aren't they? Super sad if they really can't, because I would have loved to paint my vanda baby if I could dress it up :C Also please remove my username if you use this question, thankyou (: ~ username removed
Hi! We're glad you like him! Unfortunately, we don't retroactively fit any clothing items for new pets. I know there aren't as many baby items as there are for regular pets, but it is still a considerable amount of work to gather all the items, add them for another pet, upload, test, etc., which is why as a rule we don't do it. Sorry! But, I can try to add some baby favourites into the next Dyeworks, so at least your Vanda can be dressed for the holidays!

Hi there Neopets peeps! Do you have any information on where to still buy NC Cards? The stores listed on the Mall tab are not accurate...CVS, Rite Aid, Blockbuster(out of business), fye(out of business)Walmart, Target(being discontinued as I write this)ToysRUs, are no longer carrying cards...with the problems buying from the site, users are getting shortchanged...any advice or good news for where we can still get NC? Thanks very much, and please remove my username. ~ username removed
Whoa, Blockbuster? Yep, seems that page could use an update! I'll have someone look into it! For now though, some of those do still carry NC Cards, as well as some new ones not listed yet, they just may not have them at your local store. Target is not being discontinued (in fact, in a month, Target has a small bonus for their NC Card sales – stay tuned!) If none of your local stores carry them, there are multiple retailers who sell cards online as well, including Walmart from your list above!

Hello! I hope everyone's had a nice week. My question is about the Default Pet Pages. They have been the same for many years and seem like they're in need of an update. I feel like they might benefit from some new graphics and information; Neopets has changed a lot since those pages were developed! Are the plans in the works to update these pages or is it something you're willing to take in consideration? ~ forever_future
Hello! It's not something we're working on right now, but it is definitely something we're open to considering for the future, because, ya know… yikes! Thankfully, you guys are able to edit them yourselves until we get to it!

Could you please address the IP bans of officials recommended fan sites such as The Lost and Pound and, more recently, Dress to Impress? Many of us use these sites to have fun on Neopets, and it's really discouraging that there appears to be a misstep in communication between TNT and the fan sites that ends up adversely affecting users. ~ gameboyknight
Hi! So we totally agree that fansites add a lot to the Neopets experience for users! As we mentioned in the news on Monday, resolving the issue that came up over the weekend caused several fan sites to lose their access to us. This was necessary to fix the issue and keep you guys safe! As fan sites write in to let us know they're now having trouble, we look into the IP (we have to check to make sure there was no unusual activity from that IP because security) and as long as everything is normal, they will be unbanned, as Dress to Impress now is!

Hi Country Queen, I was just wondering: when we submit stories for the Times, is there a good way to indicate when we want something in bold or italics? Also what are the limits to the mark-up? I mean is it just bold, italic, underline or something fancier like strike-through or even coloured text? ~ kaioti
Hello! If you can do the HTML yourself, that’s the best way to make sure it shows up exactly as you want it! However, indicating in some way you want that text marked up will work just as well. Just be sure you use square brackets like these [ ] as other ones will get lost in the submission form! So, for example, [b] Your text here! [/b] is the best way to let me know how you'd like it done!

Hello there TNT and CQ. I was wondering, I know you guys are getting caught up on things, but have you guys had any discussions on upgrading the site, even backdoor ends to up-to-date and/or switching from Flash to HTML5? ~ neoshiddenhero
Hey! So we have had a few discussions on this (and by "we" I mean technical people who know enough to debate the different options, while I sat there pretending like I understand programming paid very close attention). You shouldn't expect to wake up tomorrow to a full HTML5 site, but it is definitely something we've got on our minds.

As much as I love the new Baby Vandagyre and finding silly glitches like this, I feel like I should let you all know that, for some reason, Baby Vandagyres don't have eyes anymore when they're sad. ~vizuete
A baby who can't cry? Sounds like the dream! But if you're trying to torture yourself… There you go! They can now cry their eyes out (but not literally anymore)!

Lets see: Scores galore? Check Lots of nice surprises? Maybe a bit heavy on the Polka-dot pets and a bit low on new Poogle colours (their pet day did get skipped), but having a bunch of surprise new pet colours, including that adorable Baby Vandagyre made for an enjoyable birthday week. Goodie bags with new Birthday Petpets? Check! Great job TNT, you pulled off a successful birthday bash for Neopets' sweet 16. ~ pikakeet

Hey! *throws muffins* I was wondering, are we allowed to get neopoints on side accounts just to thrive on that account, or do we have to get everything for our pets on sides through gifting an' stuff? Also, if you could, would you mind ending the editorial with either Nabile or Sophie? Thank you! :) ~ azara034
Everything you get for pets on your side has to come from your main! There is no earning Neopoints on a side, sorry! But, here's Nabile for ya!

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