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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"Are you ready to….EAT?” the announcer called. “YES!!” the fans cheered back. “Alllllrighty then, I give you… the hungriest, the baddest, biggest mutant chia there’s ever been….FLOOOORG.” An immense Mutant Chia tottered on to the platform, waving its paw to the crowd. “FLORG.” He announced in a monotone, as if to introduce himself. “FLORG HUNGRY.” The crowd’s applause for the arrival of their hero was masked by a large clanging sound overhead. Amity looked up to see the cage, now full of terrified looking petpets, wobbling slightly on its chain as it was lowered onto the platform. “This is our cue.” Amity said, and he pulled himself onto the platform with January at his heels. Horatia and Ralph followed less enthusiastically. At once, the crowd was shocked into silence. Evidently, no one interrupted Florg at dinnertime. “Err… What are you doing?” the voice over the speaker asked, sounding markedly less enthused than before. A slight screeching sound was heard as the metallic cage paused its descent. “I’m Amity, and we are the PPL field team.”

Foods with Flair to Enliven Your Holiday Table

As we head into the holiday season, my Neopets and I look forward to all the wonderful treats that these festive times bring. And when we are gathered together to enjoy the company of our Neofamilies, what better way to celebrate than with food! Imagine dinner tables teeming with delectable foods, savory and sweet. But if your faithful friend is weary of the ordinary, suffering from a case of NeoBlues, or simply craves something a bit bolder and more adventurous, then this article is for you. So presented here, in a categorized format for easy reference, is a list of Neopian delicacies that are certain to challenge, choke and gag this holiday season.

Perfect Pairs: Top Ten Tea and Cake Combinations

Every Neopian knows there’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea to soothe your soul after a long, hard day at work. Add a cupcake, or a buttercream-smothered slice from the local bakery and you’re all set for an evening of rest and relaxation for you and your Neopets. But how does one choose one’s evening indulgences, faced with such an abundance of flavours, styles and brands? So many vendors, each selling their wares; so many conflicting cravings! The struggle is real, Neopia, but fear not. This article is here to save you from such a torturous choice. To you we hereby present … the official Top Ten tea and cake combinations in all of Neopia..

Neopets Random Events

One of the most exciting yet also sometimes terrifying things that can happen to any player while lurking the pages of Neopets, is their sudden encounter with a Random Event message. Random Events have existed almost as long as the website has and they are just, as the name implies it, random events that could happen at any point and to anyone while going from one page to another in Neopets.

Other Stories
"Wishing for a Happy Birthday" by iciclefaerie05
Qtty was delighted! Her sister Theloni’s first birthday was coming up. Although Qtty looked the baby, she was in fact years older than her youngest sister. She was determined to make this the best birthday ever! She had her other sisters, Cuddlicious and Dylean, working on decorations, food, and entertainment. They already had Yes Boy Ice Cream signed up to play at the party! The baby Poogle was bouncing between the shops in Neopia Central. She had the most important job; she was in charge of presents! Her and her sisters had pooled their allowances to get the biggest, best gift their meager Neopoints could buy. She jangled the small bag of Neopoints – 5,642 Neopoints to be exact. Qtty had counted and recounted three times with her sisters. Quirking her brow, Qtty scanned the Bazaar jangling the bag of Neopoints mindlessly. ‘Would a gourmet chocolate be the right gift?’ Qtty asked herself. She took a whiff of the rich cocoa fumes coming from the Chocolate Factory and shook her head. Nope, her sister like most Alien Aishas, preferred the oddest combinations: mayonnaise and flies, fish and chocolate, ketchup and ice cream. Yuck! If the chocolate smelled good to Qtty, it probably was not gross enough for Theloni.

"Usuki Singing Stars #27: MORE Publishing Problems" by downrightdude
"Hey girlfriends!” Sparkles cheered as she entered the Neoschool cafeteria. The pink Bruce strutted towards her friends, took her seat next to Patricia and placed a copy of the Neopian Times open-faced on their table. “Look, I brought something for us to read while we eat,” she said with a beaming look on her face. Scary rolled her eyes. “Oh please,” scoffed the purple Bruce. “Sparkles, you totally reek of desperation…among other things.” Ignoring her sister’s comment, Sparkles eagerly opened the Neopian Times and flipped towards the short stories section. She smiled proudly as she gazed at the short story she was able to get published in the newspaper: The Princess of Meridell. Still bubbling with excitement over her very first NT submission, Sparkles turned to Patricia and asked, “So, have you read any interesting stories in the Neopian Times this week?” Patricia shook her head. “I was too busy babysitting my brothers to even look at the NT,” said the faerie Shoyru. Sparkles pointed to her story. “Doesn’t this look exciting, though?” “I never cared for princess stories before,” Patricia confessed.

"The Thing With Wings" by cherishtwilight
"Can we consider him a member of the undead?” Cornelius Blunt glared at the white Zafara with wings on its back, wearing a brown coat, sitting out on the Sanatorium porch under the pouring rain. His fellow newly-hired nurse, a mummified Ruki in hospital garb with a somewhat defective tongue, shrugged, saying: “Wreeeaaah?” “Yes, I know, Vanessa,” he replied, “I’m just saying it’d be proper if he was undead. Or at least a freak of nature. You know, like me.” Blunt stood in silence, before looking back at the figure outside the window. “Is he a freak of nature?” “Graaaeih.” “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. He could be one of those newfangled faerie pets.” Blunt folded his arms over his chest in deep consideration. Lightning struck, and it took a full thirty seconds for the thunder to follow it. “He might get cold out there. We could at least suggest shelter for him if he’d prefer it.” “Ayeeaha?” “Fine, you call Oppo and I’ll persuade him in,” Blunt groaned. “And make it quick. You better not have me waiting as long as the last time.”

Can You Make Him Laugh?

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